Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring it On! (2011 that is)

LOL, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

I am so looking forward to the New Year. This past year has been great, and I have nothing really to complain about. My dogs are all happy and healthy, and I have a great support system of friends and family. All is good. But I have high hopes for an even better 2011.

Wishing all my friends and family good luck and good health in 2011. :)

p.s. My dad is awesome. lol

Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Stats and Year in Review

Looking back on the year was hard! First off, I am not the most organised person in the world I really had to dig around for the information, and sencondly it has been a year of ups and downs.

The downs were not so fun to look back on. Boone's apparent stress about agility resulted in not playing for most of the year, Wicca's on again off again lameness and constant worry about that. Regionals. That was a horrible weekend for me, and my dog. I try to learn from each experience, and that one gave me the biggest lesson of all. Focus on my dog. Period. Focus on what I am doing. We were off all weekend and it wasn't her either. It was me. I was distracted, and thinking about things that should not have even been in my head at a regional event. Live and learn I suppose. Pixel's breakdown in the Obedience ring because she wasn't ready.....

The ups have been fantastic though. Pixel's first trial in which she rocked. :) Wicca's first masters jumpers Q in more than a year (followed by a second, and then a third...), The girls did a great job at the cardigan specialty. I am so proud of Pixel and the dof that she has become. Boone's happy return to agility.

Now, on to the fun part. This is the part that took forever. Good thing AAC and Canuck dogs keep track of these things! lol

CKC Rally
4 Weekends= 3 RAE legs and 2nd place Cardigan Welsh Corgi in Canada for 2011

CKC Obedience
a few atttempts in Open and nothing. damn those stays. lol

CKC Agility
2 weekends- (one in edmonton, and one at the Cardigan Specialty)
1 Q- her Novice Standard title

AAC Agility
24 Q's (7 Steeplechase)
7 Trials + Regionals (2 Steeplechase Q's)


AAC Agility
20 Q's
6 Trials- and only a few of those full trials. Mostly 4-6 events a weekend.
Earned Three titles- Starters Game title, Agility Dog of Canada, and then Advanced Agility Dog of Canada.

CKC Agility
High Scoring Cardigan at the Cardigan National Specialty
1 weekend- 7/7 Q's.
Earned her AGNS and AGJNS

CKC Rally
High Scoring Cardigan at the Cardigan National Specialty
2 Weekends- 4 Q's
Earned her RN

CKC Obedience
5 Trials (two weekends)
3 Qualifying scores
Earned her CD


AAC Trials
4 Q's in Two Trials- (Jan and Aug)
Not sure how many trials he was actually entered. But I would say 4 or so- although I am pretty sure he wasn't entered in full trials.
Earned his AADC
He had a weird mental breakdown, stopped doing the frame, and then didn't want to play, and then drifted away constantly on course. We've been rebuilding though and he is doing much better.

CKC Rally
1 Trial, 1 Q(one advanced rally)
Earned his RA title.
#1 Pyr Shep in Canada (the only one)

:) No stats.

I will do a goals for 2011 post a little later on, but I do want to say that this past year has been pretty great as a whole. I think that my handling and training has improved even more, and that my dogs continue to improve because of that. I am so proud of my dogs I could burst. I love training- Agility and Obedience and am looking forward to next year.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


This is the time of year that we often look back and think about what we've done, what our dogs have done, and where we want to go next. 

 I also use this time to reflect on just what my dogs mean to me.

  I love them regardless of performance and titles.

 When it comes right down to it my dogs are my family.

 more than just pets, and more than agility dogs.
 they are my life.

and for that I am thankful.

photos by Sarah Novak

Monday, December 27, 2010

Learning to Play

Davie is improving by leaps and bounds- he has conquered his fears of the furnace, the kitchen floor, and doorways. He knows that toys are fun, and loves to play with things that squeak. He doesn't quite understand tugging yet, and drops the toy as soon as you reach for it. All apologetic- it's funny. He has also discovered that dogs are wonderful. Especially black and white ones. I think he will always be a border collie snob. Seriously- he sees a black and white dog and his tail starts wagging, the flirty ears come out, and sometimes even a whine.

I met with my friend Jen and her BC Neena this morning for Davie's first off leash play. He did fantastic. I am not sure what I was worried about! He checked in with me frequently, and never once wandered off. The exercise was great for him- (still trying to work out the weird unbalanced muscles from running in circles on his tie out). And he is tired now- sleeping on his bed by the door.

I took a ton of photos- here are some of my favorites.

I love his smiley face. He is a very happy guy when he is relaxed.

Neena- looking for trouble no doubt!

Watching where you are going is over-rated. He ran like this almost the whole time. lol

that's a bit better. Eyes ahead Davie.

handsome. he's such a good looking dog.

he can be fiesty when he is in the mood. he and neena had a great time biting and running together. it was very cute.

very proud of the ball. he just recently has started seeking toys out in the house- and this is the first time he played with a toy with another dog around.

now he is teasing neena with the ball....

the border collie stare. neena had the ball.

i am not sure what this is. lol! neena is in the air and davie is ???

We are looking forward to more off leash walks with Neena!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Nothing says Christmas Spirit like...

a big 'ol body slam....

Christmas Eve day, and today Jolene and I have met for walks. It has been just awesome. The dogs have all gotten along really well, and come home and nap. It's perfect. :)

Jolene (onecollie) has posted more photos from the walk the other day, and then I am sure will post from todays walk aswell.

I am enjoying my holidays very much. Only doing what I want to do. It's perfect.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Simple Christmas 51/52

Simple Christmas 51/52, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

Only one more week for Boone's project!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays

this photo is still awesome a year later so I had to use it... :)

Best wishes for a happy holiday season to all my friends, and family!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas and Holidays

Christmas is a big deal in my family- always has been. When we were little it seemed even more magical, but even as an adult I really do appreciate the season. Spending quality time with family, the meals, the laughter, and just for once everything seems so perfect and peaceful.

The last few years have been hard- since my Grandma died things haven't really been the same. I still miss her every day. And this year my Grandpa won't be here either. He moved in the spring to Winnipeg. My brother and his family won't be here either- but that we are kind of used to now. It will be strange this year as we are missing almost half the family. But we will still celebrate as always- my sister and her family, my parents, and me. We are a small bunch, but we know how to have a good time!

I am also looking forward to the holiday aspect. I am sick right now- mostly due to the fact that I have been soooo busy lately that I haven't really been taking good care of myself. I am sure that is why a simple cold has knocked me on my ass. My head feels like it is going to explode.

We always close the daycare over Christmas and New Years. So this year that means 11 days. 11 DAYS! I am stoked. No classes, no schedule, nothing to do each day. It will be wonderful- and much needed.

Davie will finally get a bath, and I will get some good training in with my dogs. I will read, and nap whenever I want. Watch old movies, and hang out with my sister. Walk the dogs, and just enjoy their company. The weather is supposed to be great so it is looking like it will be a great holiday. :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

Boat Trick

Just something funny I thought I'd share...

This is a dog from work. Milo. He is a Golden Retriever who I think is brilliant. But he is seriously ADD and is very hyper, and more than a little wild. But aside from that brilliant.

I taught him this trick in one afternoon. It has taken him a bit to get it on cue, but is pretty reliable now. He has lots of other cute tricks I've taught him but this is my favorite. I was pretty excited to get video...

I love this dog. He totally makes me laugh. If you listen carefully you will hear the little whistle of the horn honking...

Crazy, Comin' at ya!

Crazy, Comin' at ya!, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

Pixel looks especially cross eyed in this photo....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Afternoon Walk...

Jolene and I went for a quick walk after training today. It was wonderful! It was cold, but not too cold and the snow is so beautiful right now. My plan was to get some nice "wintery" photos of Boone (for his 52 weeks project) and some new snow pictures for Jo.

There was a lot of this... (I had to include a peeing picture as that is mostly what I got of Tate...)

and this...which led to below...

hard to take a photo when they are a million miles away....

lots of sniffing for good stuff. We saw a few deer, but luckily the dogs were oblivious

there was also plenty of snow eating...Jolene called it her "glacier" lol

the boys had a good romp together...after Kort body slammed him...

and Boone was always around somewhere, usually at my heels or too far away for a decent photo. :)

It was a pretty great walk though- I got some good photos of Jolene's dogs- you'll have to check them out on her blog, and I got a few candidates for Boone's project. Only two more weeks left!!!! I can't believe it is the end of the year already. Kinda sad how times goes by so fast...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dave- Update

Dave has settled in- and was the best he's been so far today. I am sure in thanks to Neena (my friends BC that I am watching overnight). He saw her and was instantly in love. They have been playing non stop since she arrived. It's very cute. I wonder if he likes her because that's what he's used to seeing....

Dave had one accident last night (lifting his leg on a jacket on the back of the kitchen chair...) but other than that has been a perfect gentleman. I've given him more space, and mostly just ignore the weirdness. It seems to make him settle faster. I still reward verbally, and physically for any sign of bravery or confidence, but am not in his space about it. He comes in from outside on his own although if I am in a hurry I will still tie him so that I can reel him in. Otherwise it is like a 10 minute ordeal to get him in the house.

Tomorrow I am going to take him and Wicca for a walk together. Wicca is ultra confident and loves people. Hopefully we come across a few. I'd like to take him to class this week at least once, but not sure he will be up for that yet.

In other news only a one week left of work and then I am off for 10 days!!! SOOOO Excited about that. I really, really need a break.

Vito killed Santa

Vito killed Santa, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

and he's not sorry.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Two Stepping..

Not literally of course. Anyone who knows me knows I don't dance. :)

I was waiting until i had some pictures to share to blog about him- but maybe some border collie person or a person with an overly sensitive dog will have some good advice to share....

Davie (the border collie) is having a hard time adjusting. The smallest little thing will send him into a panic and he takes F-O-R-E-V-E-R to recover. Like a whole day it seems. I am okay with this of course as I expected issues. That is of course part of the reason he is at my house and not at the farm.

Day 1 went pretty well. He had a mini melt down going into my house, but once in he settled and walked around. Sniffed the dogs, and picked up a toy! Crate in the kitchen.

Day 2 he was still pretty perfect, and very obedient. I got a tail wag, we did our first little training session, he learned that his name meant good stuff was coming his way. He and Pixel played! Very curious about the TV, but not startled or scared by it. Met my dad- no grumbling but very suspicious.

Day 3 moved the crate into the dog room. I thought he might like the company of the other dogs during the day. played in the yard (i.e actually ran a bit). Slipped on the floor going outside. Met another female dog (Piper) totally loved her. Lots of flirting...Started to learn Sit, and nose touches. tried to go for a walk- had a melt down five houses away. We went home after I got him to nose touch once at the "scary" spot.  He slept in my bed. yes. in the bed. I was going to let him sleep loose in the kitchen but he found my bed...didn't move at all.

Day 4 seemed more nervous. reluctant to come in the house from the yard. had to go out twice to get him. put a leash on to drag around. worked on sit and nose touches again- he gets sit pretty well now. the heat kicked on and he panicked- i wonder if it has been bugging him all along and I didn't notice? wouldn't come into the living room- took him half an hour of sitting alone in kitchen to build up the courage. took him for a walk in the neighborhood- he did awesome. Took cookies. Grumbled at a person across the street, but ignored two others. Curious about the lawn ornaments, and fire hydrants.
Attached a long line to him in the yard as I felt that me moving towards him was making him more nervous. Wouldn't take a cookie at bed, and chose to sleep by the back door.

So that's it so far. I am wondering if I should just let him "be" a bit longer. Do you think I am pushing too hard (with the walks, and little training sessions). He still seems kid of robotic with his emotions- like flat really. It's strange. I was starting to see little glimmers of Dave and some goofiness, and then yesterday he was completely different again....

I will try to get photos today. I should have time. I think.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pixel- Agility Update

Pixel continues to impress me. She is such a good girl and often does better than I expect. Guess I need to raise my expectations eh? Her overall speed is improving and her understanding of handling cues makes me so happy. All that foundation training has certainly paid off!!!

Here is the set up from last nights class. Pixel ran each of these sequences.

Set up #1 (top)
I initially walked it a little differently than I did for Wicca- giving her a bit more "help" to find the backside of 3. I shouldn't have worried as she had no problems. We did have a few minor blips in the weaves- not the entry but in the middle. She still doesn't have a solid rhythm so often gets too far ahead of herself.

Set up #2 (left)
I just did the first and last part of this exercise and didn't put it together. The weave entries were tough for her so we just did three poles- so i could reward for the entry alone. It worked well and after a few times she was driving for the entry.  Off the dogwalk was the hardest one for her- esp. since I am still rewarding heavily for a solid 2on2off. Speaking of dogwalks we had moderate success last night. She is at least looking ahead and will stop about 80% of the time- visible target plate or not. So the progress is there- just wish I had more opportunity to train...

Set up #3 (right)
She rocked this- had great (confident) teeters, and had no problems with the threadle to a front cross at 8-9-10. Happy, Happy.

So yeah, I am pretty pleased with the progress in her training. We still have some weak spots- weaves, contacts, and distance- but it's all improving so I am happy.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Photos of Pixel not herding...

Here are some photos Sarah took from Border Collie Land yesterday....

Showing some interest....

Some avoidance (notice the insecure body language)

More avoidance...Sniffing Laddie's butt.

Some encouragement...from inside and outside the pen

Some confidence with the leash...

Some interest!!! Look at the tail. (and Jenny cheering her on..) We looked like total dorks trying to get her interested...haha.

the real thing. This handsome lad is Lad... :) He's Pixel's hero.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Herding Washouts..

Sarah and I went out to Border Collie land today for a few reasons- for sarah to do some massage work on a few dogs, and for pixel to get a chance on sheep again, and for me to pick up a washout..

The term washout basically means that the dog couldn't, or wouldn't do the job it was required to do and was moved on to a different career or home. In the sport of herding-  dogs are washed out all the time- not enough drive, too soft, too crazy, not enough instinct, not enough "oomph" so to speak, and some just aren't interested.

Pixel was not having any of it- which totally surprised me. I expected her to be straining to get in the pen, and be eager and focused. What I got instead was lots of insecurities- lip licking, smiling, sideways ears, and poop eating. She did trot after them a bit but barely. It has been a long time- like more than a year since she has been on sheep- and in that time she has done lots of obedience and focus on me work. Jenny wondered if it had do with that. I am not sure- but I will try her again a few times. I know that instinct was there once- she just may need more frequent exposure to sheep!

I brought home a dog too. :) Davey is his current name (although that is changing). He is a two year old handsome guy who just isn't cutting it. He is at my house for a while to learn how to be a city dog. He has never lived indoors before, and has lots of learning ahead of him. He will be available to the right home in the future. He is seriously the most handsome Border Collie I've ever seen. Temperament wise he is on the softer side, but has a quiet confidence about him. He walked into my house with no problem, sniffed my dogs, and picked up a toy. Not many dogs enter my house without a fuss like that. I think he will adjust to being a city dog in no time. I don't have any photos of my own yet- but here is one taken at Border Collie land...
Stay tuned for more of Davey's Grand Adventures....

Saturday, December 11, 2010

A year of Facebook

one of those app things on facebook. it looked fun. 

Friday, December 10, 2010

Flatcoat kisses, screaming children, idle chatter, and border collie land...

I have a busy weekend ahead- it's going to be over before I know it.

Tomorrow morning I am going to a fun craft day at Blazingstar. It's always fun- with homemade mocha's (and other yummy treats), some craft making (or in sarah's case christmas card signing), and visiting. Lots of visiting, and dog talk, or and flatcoats.

I am guaranteed to get some flatcoat kisses from a certain liver dog.... :)

In the afternoon I have my nephews birthday party! He is two years old- which just seems crazy. There will be lots of kids, screaming, playing, awkward silences among the adults, and some very yummy food. The sugar, and the promise of good photo opportunities is what is gonna get me through.

I love my nephew, but don't really like other kids. But it will be fun. He is at a super neat age right now- able to communicate better, and understands more. And he is very cute (not that I am biased or anything!)

taken two years's been a long time since Pixel has seen sheep!

Sunday I work from 10-1 at Indoor Dog Park, which is always nice because it's a chance to actually get to visit with clients. And then am off to Border Collie Land! Just a quick trip- Pixel is going to get to chase, I mean herd, some sheep. And I may, or may not be bringing home something black and white...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Bunny?!, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

Wicca is all better and is back to her normal self. We are all very happy about that! We still aren't sure what she had, some sort of virus or something.

She is taking the week off from classes and such, but will be back next week!

On the Lookout...

On the Lookout..., originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

for the escapee. With the mild weather we've been having (well, mild for winter) the cats have decided that they are no longer house cats. Robbie tries to sneak out every chance he can get. I have no problem with him going out- eventually. I just worry about him being young and stupid.

So for now we are all on lookout for cats on the verge of escape. Both doors are equipped with water bottles...and I am putting a collar with a bell on mister bad ass....

Bruce can go out if he wants- but the little one needs to stay inside for a few more months....

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Kitty Watching 49/52

Kitty Watching 49/52, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

Kitty Watching is a full time hobby around my house. Inside they are always on the lookout for Bruce and Robbie, and outside they look for the neighbors.

Everyone is actually very good with our cats. They totally respect Bruce, and because Robbie is unafraid they leave him alone aswell. It is actually quite funny now because Robbie will walk right up to the dogs and swirl around taunting them. The dogs have no idea what to do. It cracks me up.