Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Updates all around

So much busy. I can't seem to keep this blog updated at all. I blame facebook and how easy it is. However, I really do need to keep better track of the dogs training stuff!

So here are some updates on the crew.

Leo is so awesome. Herding wise things are really coming together. He is a very good boy, and still knows far more than I do. The plan is to enter Open in the spring, which is terrifying. lol. We need to work on shedding, but otherwise I think we can handle it.  The only other thing we've been doing is obedience and rally. I have him entered in Novice Rally this coming weekend. He is such a phenomenal heeling dog- I hope that he can keep his head and focus. I am excited to try this with him!

Boone is old. I know it's not news. But he is definitely showing and acting his age. He is rickety, and slow to get up, mostly deaf, and also incontinent. Half the time he is the same old Boonie, so at this point we are just going on as normal. As long as the good outweighs the bad, we will just keep on. I won't lie, I have started thinking about what the end will look like for Boone, or rather, the when. It is hard to know, but in the past I have been lucky enough to have the strength to decide for them. I am not ready to say goodbye to my scruffy little weirdo, so I am going to do my best to make sure he is pain free, keeps his dignity and is comfortable and happy. <3

Pixel is great. She just never changes, and will forever be four years old in my brain. We have been doing lots of Nose Work, which she seems to really like. As with all things Pixel, she does it on her own terms. lol. I am not sure that we will ever trial- she is hit and miss, and it's an expensive sport. Such a brat.  She still loves Scenthurdle and recently earned some sort of big title. I can't remember what, but I was impressed. She is so consistent and joyful. She is fun to run. I have her entered in Rally next weekend- an advanced/excellent combo. She is fun to work, so I am looking forward to that!

Vito is as always the grumpy old man. His birthday is coming up. He doesn't act it all though. He isn't stiff, can hear (when he wants to), and is overall just the same old jerk. I love him to bits though, he is getting even sweeter and cuddlier if possible. His hugs are the best.

Wicca is aging. As much as I would like to deny it. She overdoes it sometimes, which means metacam and robaxin. I don't have her on anything long term- just when she needs it. She is only painful if she does too much, or runs in deep snow, or too much fetch. So I try to just keep that stuff down to the minimum. When she is feeling good she is the same old Woo. Bossy, Opinionated, and Sharp. She mostly still rules the house, and keeps everyone in order. Siren does challenge her sometimes, but if I see it, I make sure to back her up. I took her to a barn hunt thing- she had a good time. She does love to critter! 

This dog makes me laugh. She has this infectious personality that just draws you in. She is sweet, and affectionate, and smart, and quick as a whip. We have been training a lot- little bits of everything. She has a great work ethic- and impresses me with her focus for a young dog (and a terrier to boot!) I have her entered in Rally this weekend- wish us luck! She can be a little sensitive to her environment, so it will be interesting to see how she handles it. I am going to start some nosework with her this winter. I think she will enjoy the challenge! She loved barnhunt, and I am excited to try Earth Dog in the spring!

Jack is so fun. He walked into my house like he has been here forever. Aside from some house training issues, it has been a seamless transition. On sheep he is really just so cool! I am having a lot of fun working him, and am only slightly terrified that I will ruin him. lol. I am lucky to have help  friends to keep me on track. Off sheep he is playful and sweet, and a typical sucky border collie. He loves to cuddle, and likes to just hang out. I adore him, and am still counting my blessings for getting so lucky! Jack turns one today actually! We have a birthday hat, and some sheep time planned for today! 
Brit has been learning Nosework and she really likes it! She is also quite good at it! We sort of jumped right in, so I've got some holes to fill in. But I took her to a fun day, and she passed all three elements of the DOT. (so did Pixel actually)! It is a good sport for her- no jumping, and little chance for a sore back. I discovered that she is considered a vet now- so in Obedience she can jump lower! I entered her in Open this weekend- so we will see!

In other news life is good. Busy. But mostly great. :)