Sunday, June 15, 2014

Well Hello Again and the ABC's

Horrible Blogger. That's me. I blame facebook. It's just so easy. Slap a photo up, a few words, a joke, a story. Post. And done. I'm lazy. That's really the problem. The other problem is that I have SO MUCH TO SAY. And feel as though I can't, or shouldn't say them here. So then I don't.

So here is stuff that I can say.

A) My sister is having her baby any day now. I am excited. To be an Auntie again. Kids are awesome, when they aren't yours, or annoying. ;)

B) I missed Leo's Birthday. I feel horrible about it. Not that he cares. But it was June 10th. I will have to make it up to him. He is Four.

C) I am so busy, which is funny because I am actually trying to be less busy. I've cut down on the amount of teaching I am doing. Especially private lessons. It helps to have someone decent to refer people to now. Makes me feel less guilty about not helping.

D) I've recently learned that I can say No. But I still say yes! or sure! far too often.

E) Boone can feel a thunderstorm long before the weatherman says one is here. Maybe he could go work for the weather network!

F) Brit is still lame. It's a mystery really. I don't like mystery. I like definite diagnosis. But that's my luck you know. Sciatica, sort of. Two treatments in two weeks- this time was much better- her sacrum actually was good, her neck and back too- but her tail. That is still a mess. The vet thinks now that there is an old trauma... In any case it's hard to do much with a dog who ends up on three legs after ten or fifteen minutes of exercise. It is depressing.

G) You know what else is depressing? My car. It's broken. And I am still poor. So this should be interesting. I will find out tomorrow what the scoop is.

H) Was too personal. So I deleted it and was too lazy to re-letter everything else. lol (See V)

I) Wicca is amazing. Even more so than in her younger days. She is my heart. Still.

J) Pixel did NOT get her CDX at the Obedience trial. She had a good time, and had the best heeling score I've ever had. Losing only 1.5 points between her heel free and figure 8. Amazeballs! And my students rocked it, and totally made me so proud. All of them, Q's or not. It is just amazing how good they all are.

K) I realise that I do indeed miss agility. And am really looking forward to trialing with Leo this summer! For the first time in a few years I actually have an "Agility Night" Super awesome. Can't wait.

L) Further to K, Leo can now weave in sequence, and sort of do the teeter in sequence too. Yay for training. lol

M) The countdown is on to the Herding Clinic/Trial in Vernon. Only a few weeks away! I am stoked!

N) Leo is a rockstar. Really. I enjoy him a lot. I am sad that I missed out on a whole year of actually owning him and training him. I mean, he lived with me. But as a foster- which isn't the same.

O) I looked after a Dalmatian baby for a friend. I loved him. He went back to his breeder on Saturday. I miss him. I could have a Dalmatian if it was like Sport. Such an awesome puppy. And actually it was two spotted puppies. Started with black spots, and then traded for liver ones. ;)

P) My cat got into a fight with the neighbor cat and has a puncture on his foot. Do you know how much fun it is to convince a cat to soak his foot in Epsom salts and warm water? Not fun at all.

Q) I volunteered at the AAC AB/NWT Regionals on Saturday. It poured buckets all day. But it was still a great time. Lots of talented dogs and handlers.

R) Not as awkward as I thought (see Q)

S) Vito is old all of a sudden. I mean mature, and old. He is lazier than ever, and is constantly on a diet. lol. This morning he didn't get out of bed until he heard the kibble hit the bowls.

T) I am obsessed with clouds lately. I blame my sister.

U) And this. I am trying. Really, I am.

V) But this. Lazy. That's part of my trouble. Between putting things off for "later" or "tomorrow" and just not caring enough to do some stuff it is really putting me behind.

W) That's a wrap. I will try and be a better blogger. If nothing else but for me! How else am I supposed to search back for photos, and results, and "what did a I train for in July 2014?". So yes, better blogger.