Monday, October 23, 2006

Fun Weekend

We had a great time at the Training Troop Trial in Blazsac this weekend. I had Wicca entered in the whole trial and Sam in four games- Snooker, Jumpers, Gamblers and Team.

Wicca had a great weekend- she ran really well for me- getting the masters gamble but not enough points...She had some moments of Frenzy but I only took her off early once. Her best run was a standard- We had a great start line (the no leash thing works amazing!) and made it half way around the cours with no faults and the whistle blew- the timer malfunctioned- so we got a re run- we had some faults (two bars I think) and I made her redo her dogwalk but it was smooth and felt good. She had a good jumpers run aswell but I was too far behind from where I had planned to be and didn't handle it very good. Snooker was a bust (as per usual :o) ) She right off the bat changed my plans but I thought quick enough and salvaged the opening- we were just starting the closing when instead of taking the tunnel she took a jump that was beside it...too bad....The last run of the weeekend (literally)- Std 3- She and I worked really, really, well together. I was where I needed to be and I thought that we did really well. Her bar knocking this weekend wasn't bad at all- maybe one or two per run but she is getting much better about it.

Sam had a good weekend aswell. He got the Gamble but ran out of time so didn't Q- but it was still a great run. Snooker was really fun- He did really well but dropped a bar in the closing...
His Jumpers Run was amazing- he ran fast and took direction really well. He had a bobble at the tire (refused it two times before taking it) but he still had the third fastest time in the class! So now he moves up to Advanced Jumpers at the next trial. Team he was a little wild! He ran really wide over jumps and out of tunnels so had a few off courses- but.....he weaved 12 poles! I was amazed...he did it with very little help from me and was pretty quick about it!
I am going to start entering him back in standard runs soon.

Things I need to work on:

- tight turn on jumps
-tunnel/tunnel discriminations

-contacts (sticking)
-weave commitment

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


The dogs have been doing great lately. I changed jobs a while back and now work at the Boarding Kennel where we keep our agility equipment- Which means a) that the dogs get to come to work with me! and b) that we get to do even more agility!

In even the short time I have been here I have seen noticable results. I work the dogs every time I bring them for about 15 minutes. This is on top of our regualr practices.
Wicca's weaves are very much improved- no frustration, hitting entries and she is nailing contacts and we also practice "stay" she has to stay while Sam is working and it almost kills her but she does it....mostly...I think that this will really pay off at trials.

Sam is doing really, really, well- he is such a neat dog. He is in advanced standard now- which means he has to be able to weave without me- so he didn't get to play at the last trial at all and only gets to do a few games at the next one....So weaves have been a major project but I am happy to say that with the extra practice he's finally getting it....I have him entered in Nov in one advanced titling so we'll see how that goes.

We are off to a trial this weekend in Calgary and then there is another one In November, and I entered Wicca in an Obedience trial at the Canine Center for Nov29.....aaagh! We have been practicing alot and she is doing really well so hopefully we can keep it up and come away with a leg or two!