Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wicca Update

Wicca continues to be most awesome.  She is doing pretty well and is just happy doing her thing. She still comes on walks- we just take our time. She still is bossy and sassy and likes to play. Her appetite is great, though she is having trouble keeping weight on. I'm switching her to raw after much persuasion from my friend Cindy. She loves it of course, but it's a pain in the ass. But anything for Wicca!!

She has definitely aged lately. It makes me sad a little. But she is still well and I am very thankful for that! I hope she continues to do so well! 

Wendy took her out last night to check out a location for a photo shoot. She took a ton of photos but here are my favorites!!

Monday, June 08, 2015

Brit- first Open try, and Excellent Rally

Entered Brit in Open for Saturday and she rocked it! She was happy and eager and had a great time. She anticipated the recall and walked the broad jump. So we failed but I was happy despite the errors! Such small things for her first time. The afternoon didn't go so well. She was worried and I ended up stopping mid heeling pattern to give her some support. She didn't really recover and we muddled through. 

Sunday I entered her in rally instead. Because of the melting Saturday, and the fact that I trial so rarely- I didn't want her last memory of the ring to be stressful. 

It was just the thing and we had a fantastic time. She earned a perfect score the first time and we had another 100 going until I mis-cued the moving stand and she dropped instead. Costing us 10 points. So a 90. My error, not hers! Now we need one more excellent leg for her title. She seems to really like rally so o think I may focus on that with her for a while.  Good ring exposure, without a ton of pressure. While we work on training for open. 

Thanks to Liz for the great photos of her open debut! They are great!

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Pixel CDX!!!!!!!

Pixel earned the last leg for her CDX today!!!!! I'm just so thrilled!

We have been struggling for a few years. Yea. Years. With the damn sit stays. Throw in the odd broad jump, or drop issue and well- you spend a lot of money on entries and do a lot of training. 

But finally. She got it. And I think actually understood she needed to stay in place. Her drop on recall was beautiful and she was happy and enthusiastic.

It was a crappy score though. Not gonna lie. Lol. She anticipated the finishes and dropped the dumbbell at my feet. Not even kidding. It's like they just make things up to mess with us. 

In any case am thrilled. Way to go Pixel! Super excited about utility!! We have some stuff trained. But have a ways to go! I'm looking forward to new challenges and failures though! ;)