Friday, February 26, 2016

The Queen

Always in charge. Even in her old age. <3

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Pretty much every day our walks look like this. Full out fun. The dogs are certainly well exercised since our move to the country. Lol

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Growing Up Siren

Siren is going to be 6 months old in a few days. She is such a fun, easy, puppy! She just fits in the household like she's been here forever, and is one of the crew.

I've been mostly just letting her grow up. We do lots of running, and playing, and learning games, but haven't taught much in the way of actual usable skills. I like to let puppies be puppies. She hasn't seen a tunnel, or a jump bump, or anything really. She does lots on the peanut ball, and on the perch, and on her mat. She can do all the basic obedience stuff, and knows how to use all her body parts. She mostly recalls, and is always eager to learn stuff. We are working on some tricks this week. Her high five is pretty adorable.

Most of her life is spent just runnning wild like some sort of prairie creature. She loves to run, and hates to lose. I think she will be a really fun agility dog one day!