Friday, August 25, 2006

End of Summer

Well it is almost the end of Summer. I have been very, very busy. Every weekend I have either worked or attended some sort of dog event. The dogs are all doing great- and they have all done alot over the summer. I will just sort of highlight what has happened.
Starting with the most recent
August long weekend- AKC Show
-Sam earned a leg on his Rally title with a 205/210
-Sam earned a NADAC Tunnelers leg
-Wicca ran both NADAC and CKC- was a raving lunatic mostly but we had some really good runs.

Paws N' Effects Trial- beginning of August....I think
Wicca ran pretty well. I need to be a better handler for her but we are working better over all as a team. Sam did really well. He is very consistent and is learning what dog shows are really about- fun!

Shannen Jorgensen Seminar July sometime
Awesome! It was a very good seminar and I learned alot about my dogs. It was a great weekend and it was really nice to have some feedback on Wicca and Sam. She had some really great advice that seems to be helping a bit with the bar knocking and teaching her that there are consequences for her actions. Also learned some really handy things for teaching weave entries and such....

Kate has been really good- she hasn't been out to any of the above events but I have taken her a few times out to agility and have jsut enjoyed being around her. I'd like to find something that her and I can do together but unfortunately I just don't have the time or the means right now...

Those are the highlights- And the stuff that I can remember off hand. Now that my life is hopefully slowed down a bit I will be back to keeping track of stuff here.
When I have time I will come back and type exactly what the dogs did and stuff.