Sunday, July 29, 2012

Perfect Evening at the Farm

I took Brit out to the farm tonite to work on our outruns and such some more. We are making some good progress so I want to keep up on it. We went on Saturday morning but the bugs were bad so didn't work much. Tonite was much more fun, and we got a lot done. 

I convinced my dad to come along- I told him he could watch for wildlife. lol. 

See, a bird! :) He had fun though- and he was helpful in blocking the escape of some naughty ewes who wanted nothing more but to run back to the barn... Doesn't he look like someone you wouldn't want to mess with? :)

Vito tagged a long too- mostly so that I could try and get my 52 weeks photo. Turns out I could have taken the photo at home. lol. But he had fun and had the opportunity to eat some sheep poo which he always loves. ;)

Brit and I worked on Outruns- equal on both side. With me sending and walking (with meaning) towards the sheep. I'm adding a "steady" which should stop the RUNNING INTO THE SHEEP when she reaches the top. So far it is working nicely. ;) 

Brit had a great time- she really is in her element out there. I love that. A Lot. 


Oh yeah, and there was a new baby Lamb. I wanted to squish her but she wouldn't let me.

And one more thing- Watkins. Watkins is the best bug repellent ever. I had a nasty reaction to a horse fly bite from Saturday. My whole hand was swollen and itchy and actually hot to touch. It finally is almost normal tonite. I didn't want to do that again so picked up some Watkins to try. And it is amazing. Not one bug bite. It was fantastic!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thursday, July 26, 2012

We love getting mail!

Our fancy new Utility Articles came in the mail today! I'm pretty excited. The ones I have are too narrow for Pixel so we haven't done much with them. These ones are from and are super! They are made really well, and I even got a custom bag. :)  Service was fast, and friendly! I definitly reccomend them!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pixel's Birthday Present

LOL! I'd say she approves!

I can't believe she's four!

How is she four years old!!!

Happy Birthday to the cutest Pixely ever. ;)

Monday, July 23, 2012

What's better than a day of Sheep?

A day where the sheep poo and pee on your shoes and try to escape rather than be forced into the very scary chutes for needles and yummy dewormer shoved down their throats!

Brit and I spent yesterday helping our at Phantomridge. Louanne has a lotta sheep. And sheep need things like vaccines and deworming. As you can imagine they just don't stand in a line waiting their turn either.

It was fun- I like stuff like that. Farm work interests me. It was not so fun to get pee'd on- and I do mean pee'd on. As I'm using my knee to push a Ewe forward into the chute she decides to pee. That and the sheer volume of crap. lol. Sheep crap a lot generally- but when they are stressed they crap even more and it's not all solid if ya know what I mean. ;)

Brit was a helpful farm dog too. She got to ride in the back of the ranger and then we used our pretend driving skills to get them to the chutes. And then we used our pretend driving skills again to get them back to the field. Except the sheep are smarter than I and we took a detour. lol.

After that fun, (and slurpees with our lunch!) we went to Louanne's friends to work sheep in her big field. It was a recently baled hay field so the bales provided pretty things to look at aswell as obstacles for the dogs. The sheep came busting out of the trailer like Kangaroos- springing into the air and taking off down the field. I thought to myself that this would be interesting with Brit. lol.

They did settle really nicely though- as they were happy to just to graze. They were Barbados Sheep- and looked kind of like Gazelles. Brit thought they were real fun and was excited. A little too excited. We need to work on a steady. Her outruns are getting better- I need to move towards the top as I send her to remind her to stay out. But otherwise she is mostly finding balance. The problem was the 100mph when she walked  ran into them. It sent them flying every which way. Brat. I enjoyed watching the other dogs work- I am learning lots just from watching! How too much stop makes the dog sticky, and how too much go turns the sheep into torpedoes. ;)

The whole day was a lot of fun. My only regret is not wearing my boots. My shoes will never recover.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

More Photos from Blazingstar ;)

These are all from yesterday morning when Jolene came for a walk. Today was spent getting much more smelly and dirty. More about that tomorrow !

Did you say something???

Boone and Salander. ;)

Jo and her most awesome river clothes.

One toy, five dogs...

Vito- chasing birds...

Vito and Pixel- chasing shore birds.

Boone- smarter than I give him credit for sometimes! lol

my little giraffe.

a group shot that was unplanned and frankly I was surprised that the weiner, and the pyrshep both stayed. lol

thanks Jo for coming out yesterday and thanks Liz and Andy for letting me stay at your place!!! The dogs and I had a blast.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Summer day in Photos

The dogs and I had a great day at Blazingstar today- perfect weather for lots of walks, and fun at the river. I took a couple hundred photos today. lol. I'll post more tomorrow!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another Fun Filled Weekend!

Tomorrow is Friday- this week has flown by!

This weekend is a combination of sheep, and relaxing. Kinda like last weekend but without the dog show. ;)

I am looking after a friends Acreage this weekend- The Blazingstar Flatcoat gang has headed to BC for their National Specialty. They asked if I wanted to stay for the weekend to water the gardens, and keep the cat company. Of course I said yes!!!

Blazingstar is an amazing place. Wild Prairie on the edge of a coulee with their own private River Access!!! The dogs and I are going to have a great time! I've got my camera packed and charged and my river shoes ready to go.

  Combine that freedom with some Sheep Fun Friday afternoon at Altapete. ;) I am excited just to go and watch the big kids train. And get some ideas of what to start working on with Brit.

Saturday will be spent at Blazingstar relaxing, reading, and swimming. ;) Just what I need!

And then Sunday I'm heading to Phantomridge to help out with some farm stuff. Something about helping to vaccinate and do feet on a whole lot of sheep....It will be fun- I think. lol. Ask me on Sunday night.

I am having a pretty awesome summer so far!!! I'm pretty lucky to have such great friends!

A little talk about Love.

Sweet, Sensitive Vito <3
I assume now that most of the dog world reads Denise Fenzi's blog. But if not- you should. Really awesome stuff gets written there. Things about life, and relationships, love, oh yeah and dog training. She is an obedience guru but mostly she is just a really good at playing with dogs and communicating with owners and said dogs. I've never been to a seminar but one day I hope to. In any case. Her blog post yesterday is important enough to share over, and over and over again.

She talks about love. Loving our dogs. Spending time with our dogs. Not just time training. But time with our hearts. I really believe in that.  I think it is important to just forget about training sometimes and focus what is really important- our relationship with our dogs. You can't fake it, or force it. You just have to let it be.  All of my dogs love those moments- and will even ask for it. Pixel is the busy-body in the house and even she will come up and just sit close. Asking for attention and pets. She leans in to me while I whisper to her how wonderful she is. She loves it. I love it.

My dogs are first and foremost my pets. I spend more time just hanging out with them- loving them up on the couch, laying on the floor with them, and laughing at them while they play- than I do actually training. I'd like to think that I have a pretty good relationship with my dogs and they certainly know I love them.  I've learned that the most important thing is not what the dogs can do, but who they are.

This wasn't always the case- I've really grown as a person, and as a dog trainer in the past few years. I once was consumed by the all important goal of titles and competing and training. I spent LOTS of time training- too much really. Always looking ahead to the next trial, or competition. Always with a goal front and centre.  Not that there is anything wrong with that- but for me it created stress and pressure. I focused not on the moment, but on the big picture. And I lost all the little moments. I think about all the great things I've done with my dogs up until this point- and the fact that I can't really remember the journey to get to that point makes me sad.

I am much more present lately- enjoying the little things. The training in my living room, in the park, and in my yard all still happens- and we still have goals. But I'm not in a rush to get to them. I'm enjoying the process. Having as many "moments" with my dogs as I can. I cherish Pixels little kisses, the Boonie hugs, and Vito smiles. The silly ways of Wicca, and Brit's exuberance. I'm focused on the dog, not on the stuff. It is a very different way for me to be. But I'm loving it. It has been the best change in my life. And I'm sure the dogs would agree.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Little Sheep Action

walk up

driving- crooked like. lol

on the move

oh dear. perhaps I should put the camera down and yell at my dog.

settled sheep.

ready for more

that's a better pace.

I love Sheep. And my Dog. And Lambs.
This past weekend was really great for me mentally. I little get-a-way. I feel refreshed. I'd love to have my own Sheep Farm one day. Maybe I should start looking for a rich farmer now. lol.

On a sheep herding note Brit did her longest outrun ever. It was almost the whole length of Louanne's training field (whatever that is). She was still a bit tight at the top but the sheep were close to the fence so I let her finish anyway. I video'd it on my phone. Cheesy, but I was pretty excited!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A weekend in photos

Pixel thinks a CDX is over-rated

this weekend there was much chasing

and yelling.

some sly looks when I'd try to call them in...

barking at stuff...

on high alert
and of course lots of fetching and playing

and finally, the token group shot

I have four tired dogs, and I just picked up a happy Wicca. She had a good weekend at Auntie Cindy's house. Keeping her dogs, and cat in line and hogging the bed. ;)