Sunday, May 27, 2007


So it is the end of may- and I haven't posted anything at all...

Sam is still lame- he does not seem to be really improving lately. It is pretty frustrating and I am not sure what I need to be doing now. I am going to contact a second canine rehab person- one that deals with dog sports. Maybe she might have more ideas or suggestions.

Wicca is great. She and I went into the Open ring for the first time a few weeks ago in Medicine Hat and it was pretty good. We didn't pass neither times, but her heeling was the best yet and she was pretty excited to be there! She broke her stays- and she walked over the broad jump once. So we have lots of things to work on. Agility wise we have been doing quite a bit. I went to a Terry Simons seminar and it was fantastic. I felt pretty good by the end of the weekend- usually I feel like I am not a good enough handler for my dog- but at this seminar I felt just the opposite! I did a damn good job with my dog and I am pretty proud of that.

I changed Jack's name to Vito. He came with the name Jack and I wasn't going to bother changing it but I know a few human babies named Jack and when I started thinking about names and the name Vito came up I knew it was him!
Vito is an amazing little guy- he gets cuter as the days go by. He is VERY border collie-like. He may be short but his little brain is hardwired to be a border collie! He is very smart and will pick things up after a few repetitions. Vito is sensitive but can be quite a little jerk all at the same time. He has been really fun so far to work with and he is becoming a toy maniac!!! He will tug just about anywhere and will actually work for a toy now. Vito is pretty much over his weirdness from when he first came. I have taken him everywhere with me and he is now running up to people and is pretty outgoing MOST of the time.