Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's always something...

Sunday afternoon Wicca started walking around on three legs. Her back left leg was tucked up and forward- not even a toe touch.

Since Sunday was spent packing I know that she couldn't have done anything to it on the day. I gave her some metacam that night and hoped that Monday would come and she would be fine.

Not so much. (the video is the day after metacam...)

So I emailed my vet in Calgary and then started making plans to get there. In case you haven't heard Calgary recently experienced record breaking flooding. The clean up has started but there are still whole neighborhoods closed and of course main roads throughout the city. We made it to our appointment- despite fog so think I couldn't see where I was driving, and a few detours in Calgary.

Many adjustments later, and some X-rays it was thought that the limp was caused by one of her many physical issues, and the actual swelling of the foot is a secondary problem with an unknown cause.

The X-rays of her foot and knee showed nothing out of the ordinary. Which is good. So just some ice and rest for that.

The limping is a different story- who knows why she is continuously broken. Cause I sure don't. I mean yes, she runs around a bit. But we do no fetch. She is not allowed to jump out of the vehicle- although when I was trying I leave her loose in the house she did jump off the kitchen table at least once...

In any case she was very sore- her back, neck, a rib, her sacrum. All sore and out it one spot or another. Poor girl. She had many adjustments, some laser, some acupuncture, some B12/traumeel injections with something else in there this time, and another supplement to take home.

It was a long appointment. And even longer drive. And an even longer day. I am exhausted today. Lol

I am lucky to have this particular vet in my corner. I believe she really has given my dog a quality of life, and some tools for pain management. Although it was costly she is worth it. Wicca is worth it.

This morning she is feeling much better already. She will be on limited activity for a while though- I want to make sure her body has time to heal before she does something stupid to it again....

Sunday, June 23, 2013


While I was cleaning/tossing/organizing/packing I stumbled upon Leo's vet record folder that came with him from the shelter. It turns out his 3rd birthday was on the 10th of this month!!!

So happy belated birthday mr.wonderful. here's to many more. :)

I've discovered in life that sometime the best things in life are unplanned. 
He is definitely one of those.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday Hodgepodge

I am becoming a horrible blogger! I'm busy being busy these days. It seems like life is just a constant rollercoaster right now. I'm not complaining really- I like to be busy. But I need to make sure to make time for me. And the dogs.

Today was one of those days. I cancelled my lesson this morning and did things I wanted to do.

*random baby fox, doing what it wants to do. ;)
 One of those was agility. I went out to a friends place and used her equipment. Leo did great- a little more excited than he is at home but stayed focused and engaged. We did just small little handling bits and some a-frames. My approach with Leo is pretty relaxed. I have a clear plan, and an idea of what I want. But I'm trying new things, and going with the flow. I want to see what he wants/needs- and not what I want. I decided on a running a-frame even though I don't have access to it all the time. It will be slow to train because of this, but we will see what we get.  I was hoping to get some video of Agility Leo, but I left my video camera in the car. Next time! He's pretty fun!

The other thing was some herding. I whipped out to Louannes. I was just going to go to the farm, but it took hardly any convincing to go to Phantomridge instead. lol. Okay, no convincing. I believe the text was "want to come work dogs?" LOL. I'm so used to driving, driving, driving that it didn't seem out of the question.   Both dogs worked well- Leo was good and is learning his flanks. He is really coming along quickly. Brit had some nice deep outruns, and had no trouble covering the run-aways. She is an expert sheep holder now, so we had fun doing that for Louanne. I have noticed she is tiring a little faster than before, and I'm having trouble keeping weight on her. I think a trip to the vet might be in order just to be sure everything is a-ok.

All in all a pretty great saturday. The dogs are all tired and asleep at my feet. The little dogs also had a busy day- a nice run in the wet coulees this morning, another run at agility, and then spoiled little Pixel spent the afternoon hanging out at Jo's house. I wish I was as tired as they are! For some reason I am not tired at all now! Might have been the cappucino on the way home tonite. lol. Tomorrow is my official "packing" day. I can't remember if I've said here- but I'm moving. Not away away, just to the house next door. Really. lol. But believe me when I say it's an upgrade. lol.

*Random baby Fox is one of two babies I saw while at Phantomridge today. They were SO cute!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Obedience Weekend

This past weekend was the Kennel Clubs first stand alone Obedience and Rally show. It was quite a lot of work but well worth it.

I had a fun weekend and was thrilled with what Pixel gave me. We didn't get that last leg - but the improvement from last time was 200%. Her heeling was as good as in training! We lost only 1 and a 1/2 points on our heeling and figure 8. For my non obedience readers- that is pretty darn awesome. We failed the drop and she went down on her sit. In three trials. Lol. At least she's consistent. I've got some ideas for the drop and just need to go back and work on the sit stays. I was so focused on the down stay trouble that looking back I don't think I practice many sits. Despite the NQs I really had a lot of fun with my dog in the ring. I was barely nervous and it just felt really good. So I'm not in any hurry- not sure when the next trial will be. Fall probably.

I have videos (thanks Jo!) that I will add in later when I get to a computer.

The show itself was great- it ran smoothly and we had some awesome help. I love how dog people always step up to the plate to work. I mean, I even asked my agility friends (many of them I haven't even seen much of) and they totally came and worked. That is awesomeness.

The only dark spot over the weekend was how some people treated their dogs. Some styles of training is just so beyond what I would ever do. It floors me. And is actually quite disturbing. The things people will do all in the name of a high score and a title. The worst part of it is that they are rewarded- because the dogs are VERY good and perform brilliantly. There was a perfect score in open. And it was beautiful. But what you don't see is how that was trained. I saw enough at the ring rental on Friday night to know that it was not my cup of tea.

I realise that not everyone is going to train the same and for the most part I just go about my way. But the more positive trainers were outnumbered this weekend... So there was a whole lot of collar pops and corrections going on. Impossible not to notice, and it left a sour taste in my mouth.

Oh well. I guess just knowing that my own dogs and my students dogs and my friends dogs do not get treated like that has to be enough. It certainly gives you a different perspective after a weekend like that...

I'll take my happy bouncy naughty little Pixel and just keep working. We will get there...eventually. Lol

Oh and I should add that Scenthurdle was awesome. Lots of fun and our team had some great runs. Brit earned enough points for her Scenthurdle Dog Excellent title!! Go Brit!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Detours and the Road Less Travelled

This past weekend a friend and I took a chance and headed off down an unknown road in search of a lake for the dogs to swim. We found the lake, and although it was over an hour longer to get home it was a great day. The unknown road made us a little nervous- I'd never driven somewhere and not known where we were going to end up. It turns out that my friend isn't a great navigator- but that's okay. We saw parts of our little piece of the world that we've never seen before! Who knew that Alberta had rolling hills, and a lake that took a half an hour of driving to pass!

Although I was pretty sick and tired of driving by the end of the day- it was a pretty great experience. One that quite literally mimics my life right now. A road I've never been on before. Not quite sure really what will happen, or how things will work out. Interesting, New and kind of scary all at once.

The only thing you can do on an unknown road is keep driving forward- you're bound to end up somewhere! There comes a point when turning back isn't an option anymore.

A real life lesson. In more ways than one.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Countdown begins

Next weekend is the kennel clubs first ever Obedience and Rally only show. I'm super excited about it as its something that I've really had to work at to make happen. Lots of planning and work and thankfully lots of help and support from fellow kennel club members!

Aside from the planning portion of the event I've also been working with Pixel nearly every day. Just little bits. Keeping it fun and light with a high rate of reinforcement. She's doing really well- so I'm hoping that all our hard work will pay off.

The plus side of being so busy with this event is that I haven't had time to be sad about missing this years Agility Regionals. Distraction is good. But Im feeling good about agility and I'll be back. And on the plus side I have lots of friends and past students running and I'm excited for them. For some it is their very first. I reminded them to breathe, and to enjoy the experience. :) You only get one first time!

Speaking of agility Leo is rocking the 2 x 2's. He lights up when it's his turn to train. Love the feeling of training!

Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Key to Tired Dogs

is equal opportunity. ;)

Today after the farm chores were done, the border collies and kelpie worked we let the "other" dogs each have a short turn on the sheep. Last year I was too afraid to do anything like that myself. But now I know at least the basics enough to keep things safe for the dog, and for the sheep. Each dog got a few minutes, and boy did they have fun!  I wish there was video.  It was freaking hilarious.

the shorties waited patiently in the yard most of the day...
 Wicca went first and I only let her go for like two minutes because she was pretty fast and furious. You can see how she hurts herself... In any case she thought it was pretty great until I tried to kick her out off the sheep, and then she decided poop was better. Which is what she started doing long ago when I was actually trying to train her. lol.

Vito did the best! He gave the sheep space (for the most part), found balance, and switched sides fairly easily. He had a fantastic time and I even got a few downs out of him. I might putter the odd time with him- he really enjoyed himself.  Despite his short stature he had no trouble keeping up, or covering...

Boone is a dork. I have no idea really what he was doing. It took longer to catch him after than it did to work him. He had fun though... well, I think he did.

ummm, not quite sure what happened here. lol

Pixel refused. ;)

Cindy's dog Sunar did pretty great too-similar to Wicca though- as soon as the rules were imposed she was done with that. Corgis hate rules.

So now I have a WHOLE HOUSE of tired dogs. A day at the farm, some sheep fun, and now a nice relaxing sunday evening....