Friday, September 16, 2016

This blogging thing is hard

Blogging is getting harder and harder. I still love to write. And actually miss watching my thoughts come across the computer screen. But I'm busy. Lame, I know. I'm also unmotivated. Also lame. 

But I hate thinking about negative stuff, nevermind writing about it. So I'll spare you all my worries and real life issues and instead write about my new dog Jack!

Firstly, 8 dogs is a lot. I realise this. It's not my ideal number. But my old dogs are in pretty good health and I wasn't about to wait for them to die. 

Alright- Jack. 

I've been looking around for a few months for a started or trained sheepdog. My budget was small (I'm
Poor) so it definitely was a process. I mean if I had unlimited money or at least more money then I likely would have bought a trained dog almost right away. But back to Jack.

Jack is 10 months old and was barely
Started. Like, on sheep a few times. But he has a super nice pedigree and is cute.

I know, cute is not really a factor. :) 

Seriously though- I had him for just over a week to play around before I had to decide. In that week he really came along and showed me a lot of the qualities i like in a working dog. And he is a lot of fun. Also, fit into my household. 

So after some feedback from friends, I bit the bullet and bought a dog! 

Some things about Jack the Sheepdog
He is very intense
He is fast 
He has a lot of eye
He has a tendency to go wide on the right
He has natural feel for his sheep
He likes to stop on his feet

Some things about Jack the regular

he loves toys and insists on carrying one during walks, in the house, and in the yard 
He is very silly and playful
He has no house manners and has 
jumped on the counter, peed on my
Bed, and is generally everywhere he's not supposed to be
he is smart and I've started doing some training with him to work on the above things. 
He gets carsick. Massive amounts of
Drool. Every. Single. Time. I hope he grows out of it.  
He and Siren are best friends. They play a lot and not in a weird border collie way. 
He is handsome. And cute. And I totally love him already