Friday, October 31, 2008

todays the day

today is the day.
i can't wait.
her flight gets in to great falls at 9:30 tonite.
i've got everything ready and puppy proofed at home.
now all i need is the puppy!
wicca is pretty excited about "the baby" (she loves to mother)
vito is indifferent (he still would like to be the baby)

and boone is hoping she'll like him (always looking for friends)


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

puppy no name

Her mom and littermates...

she who still has no name...

(she's squished in the middle)

Juno, Isis, Pixel...............

Some suggested naming her after something Halloween-ish- Jamie was one suggestion..I couldn't find anything else that I really liked at all with that theme.

I also looked up Florida type things- environment, rivers, lakes, mountains...nothin' jumped out at me...

I think part of the problem is that iI know so many dogs- I associate all the good names with dogs I already know!

Why is naming so hard!!!!

Names I liked, now I don't.....

I really liked the name Jinx- but there's so many of them
I like the name Quinna but I know dogs named Quinn, and Quinna!
Brew is too manly...
I like Macy but it just doesn't suit...

Some of my friends have said it will be easier when I meet her...I disagree. I think it will be harder! She has a name already that she knows so I am going to end up calling her that until I figure one out which is just going to confuse her...


I am picking her up Friday night! Expect an update Saturday! (with many, many photos)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a difference...

one year can make....
Tomorrow will be one year that I first heard about Boone. I picked him up and brought him home on the 31st. He was described as "really worried and scared" by the person who got him initially from his old home.

I met him at a vet clinic in Calgary- he even let me pet him. The first week was pretty rough- he was petrified. The second week was better- he started to trust me. By the third week I started to see all his little quirky bad habits start to pop up. And by week four we started training and teaching him real life skills.
I first blogged about him 4 weeks after I got him. We had already come a long way.

Now, a year later I can hardly believe it is the same dog sometimes.

He used to crawl on his belly across the street- he prances now.
He used to head for cover under the table at the first sudden noise- now he goes around poking things to make noise!
He used to be shy and scared of new people- now he jumps on them and demands cookies
He used to be too scared to do his tricks in public- now he has the confidence to do them anywhere.

I remember the first tail wag I got from him- and the first time I saw him play with a toy- even now when he pats the ground with his front feet I laugh.

Boone is one of those dogs that you get for a reason- he really needed a person who had the time, patience and experience to help him, and I really needed him. I am not sure what I would have done without him.
There are lots of things still that we have to do, and he of course still has the odd issue pop up here or there, but for the most part he is a great dog- with lots of heart, and willingness to try.
I love this dog.

It has been a great year with him- and I am excited to see what the next will bring for us!

Monday, October 27, 2008


With this new puppy coming I was thinking last night about all the things that have changed since I started agility.
When I first started training with my old, old dog Tina things were done pretty much one way. Even in agility you were taught to just run along side your dog and tell them where to go. Blind Crosses were all the rage. I don't recall backchaining ever. Weaves were taught with push and pull and then the channel method started popping up. 6, on side weave poles in Starters.

By the time Kate came around there were some options- I was introduced to clicker training. Agility had moved forward and now things were taught a little differently- wires for the weave poles, 2 on 2 off contacts were common (not in Kate mind you!) and handling was improving. Front and Rear Crosses appeared at the masters level. We started seeing 12 poles in starters- on side of course...

When I started Wicca things got harder. 12 poles were taught with no "off" side. Obstacle Independance was at it's peak. Discrimination, and Handling were things you taught right from the get go. Jumping too started to be thought of as important to teach. At trials you started seeing off side, hard angles even for starter dogs.

Agility seems to have a life all its own- one that grows and changes constantly. There are always new and better methods than the ones previous. New concepts and ideas to better your dog, and yourself. Of course there are "new" ideas that don't work for everyone- but I still like to learn all about everything I can and then I can choose what to try for my dogs.

I am excited to see what new things this puppy will bring.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mine. Wicca's Version

Vito was having a great time playing with an old toy this morning..

racing around happily...

and then Wicca stole it... and wouldn't give it back

Halloween Parties....

Yesterday I had TWO Doggy Halloween Parties to host and attend. It was a pretty fun day. First was my work Party- Paws on the Run- I have uploaded photos to Flickr for you all to see.

And then Go Dog Go had a party- but the only real difference was that the go dog go gang had liquor :o)

Both parties had a costume contest, weiner dunking, and other fun games.

This year Wicca won the weiner dunking contest! Officially de-throning Jane.

Wicca is a little on the chunky side right now as she has been eating more than her share of food- we had the diet talk in the morning so I am sure she was just trying to get in as much food as she could before the diet started!

I took a lot of great photos- ever seen a Weimer-doodle? Tea was dressed up as a poodle which was funny for many, many reasons...
In the end I didn't even bother to dress my guys up. Seemed like a lot of work and I was busy running around anyway. Boone played Musical Mats, and Barrel Racing though, oh and Vito got to come out during lunch and play with Gyppie.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I got an email from Rita of Cornerstone Cardigans that I am approved.
So this fuzzy bundle of cuteness will be mine.
I can hardly believe it. She is coming all the way from Florida! On a plane. Hopefully Thursday.


Her name right now is Pixi, and she is 13 weeks old. She was born on the 24th of August.

This is her mom- CH Cornerstone's At A Glance ROM Bronze "Peekers"

and her dad DC Cornerstone's My Dear Beli HXAsd HXBs HRDIII "Beli"

he is a herding dog extraordinaire! (which is what all those titles are for)

Wow. I still can't really believe it. What plans I have for this little dog.

Thank you Rita, so, so, very much!

Friday, October 24, 2008's a secret

I applied for this puppy.

Ladies Man...

Vito is a real ladies man at work...

He knows just what to say to tick them off!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Fever needs a name

Working with rescue and being a part of naming most of them has taken away some of my favorite names. So I have been doing lots and lots of name grabbing for a while now and have composed a list of names I like and would use on my own dog.

Naming is hard, and when it comes to my own dogs it is much harder. With a rescue it seems easier as I won't have to live with the name for more than a few weeks so it doesn't matter.

Wicca's name was picked out before I brought her home. I wanted a "Magical" name and after searching I came across Wicca. It is perfect, and suits her to a T- she is very witchy :o)

Sam was named when I got him and I couldn't think of anything to call him! I had thought of Spencer as I really like the name but he was Sam through and through.

Vito was Jack when I first got him, and stayed Jack for a while until I realised just how many dogs, and people there are named Jack. So Jack had to go. Vito is the perfect name for him.

Boone was Blair- and well, that had to go for a few reasons- reason #1: I didn't like the name. It was weird. (no offence if you know someone with that name, or like the name)

reason #2: he needed a new start, what better way than a new name! I like the name Boone and had it on my list from way back when

and now I want to get names ready so that when I see my puppy I will just know her name. I want it to be an unusual name, one that is easy to say and pronounce. I have been looking up names by searching meanings, and I have been looking for names that are still with the "magical" type theme.

Here is my list so far:

wiccan deities

Notes: Roman version of Greek goddess Hera, goddess of marriage, retribution, fairplay, fiery and temperamental

Notes: Replaced Gaea, later adopted the characteristics of Cybele.

Female, color - gold, Animal - none
Notes: Goddess of Fire, keeper of the sacred flame.

and other magical names...

Jinx- spell
Nissa- friendly elf or fairy
Brew- (as in witches)

and other non-witchy names I like:


Micah (can't use with Wicca as I think it sounds too similar)

Bryna "strength with virtue"

Cita (Latin) [mf] "happy" " the fast one"


Anyway, those are on my list so far, it seems I find a new one every few days that i like and add to my list so it grows and changes a lot...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

12 weeks

Wicca @ 12 weeks old

I did say it was a serious case of puppy fever didn't I????


So yesterday someone walked into my work and stole my purse from behind the desk, and a work video camera. I was really, really ticked off.

I mean what kind of person walks into a business and steals. Slime, that's who. Lethbridge is slowly but surely becoming the kind of place where you don't dare walk after dark (without dogs) or leave your door unlocked- even when you're home. It's kind of scary.

At work we have a light and buzzer that tells us when someone comes in- I saw the light and headed for the front right away- I saw a man in a plaid blue coat leaving. Weird. So I followed him out and was just in time to see him hop on his bike- my bag hanging from his arm.

I called the cops, and reported it- I was told that his fellow had done something similar previously in the morning. Great.

I then called my boss, arranged to have the locks replaced at work (my keys were in the purse), and then called the bank to cancel cheques, etc. What fun.

The police call me shortly after- they have found the man but my purse was not with him- however the video camera was. Great.

Remember all this is happening at work- Wendy has hurt her back and was off for the day so it was me and Jolene all afternoon.

The police call again and say they will be by with the man as he wants to apolagise. Uh Huh.
Apparently he is a total crack head (maybe Natalie's neighbor??!!) and was looking for quick cash. Oh, and he remembered where he left the purse.

So they come by half hour later with the creepy man and my purse- sans wallet. The cheque book, debit card and other assorted purse crap is returned, as well as the keys.

Of course the lock guy has already changed the locks. Swell.

And then the police are at the daycare for 45 minutes during the busiest time of the day- dogs leaving, people asking (of course) if everthing was okay, trafffic was stopped. Great.

All because some slime ball of a person thought it would be a good idea to steal a freakin' purse.

I went home last night and washed the purse, and was going to throw it out but couldn't do it as I reallllly like that purse. But I might put it away for a while before using it again.

The dogs and I had a good night in- I didn't leave the house after 8pm and just hung out and played fetch.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Fever Continues- What I am looking for in a Puppy

A Girl- Wicca is out numbered and I really do like a girl dog personality more than a boy.

A dog with an edge- I want the bad puppy, the one that gets into everything, and is trouble from the start (Wicca was that dog as a baby...oh who am I kidding she is that dog now!)

Blue, Black, or Red- I am not a brindle person, and from the photos I have seen it seems that the brindles are bigger...There are always exceptions though and color is on the bottom of my list. Blue is my preference.

A Small Dog- I really don't want a big boned Cardi- lots, and lots, and lots of those out there, mostly those seem to be the ones that are bred purely for the conformation ring, I want an agile corgi. So a small female is high on my list of priorities.

A Multipurpose dog- although above I said I don't want a big boned dog I would like a dog that I can do anything I want with and if the fancy strikes me to put her in the show ring then so be it. I showed Wicca briefly- no competition and I gave up. It was kind of fun...

A dog that is sound- here is the catch 22- I want a dog that is built well. Wicca has a bad top line, and although as of yet it hasn't hurt her performance or athleticism I would like a dog with a nice topline, a good front, and of course one that is a good mover...

A dog that will fetch- toy drive is very, very important and I need to have that in a puppy right from the start, it will make training that much better.

And most of all I need a good work ethic- I need a puppy who loves to learn, and wants to play.

That shouldn't be too hard to find....right?

The Fever

Okay, so I am having HUGE puppy fever. Like I think about it all the time kind of puppy fever. Bad News. I really do not need a puppy right now and am planning for one next year. But I am really itching for one.

To hold back the puppy fever I have started the process of searching for the right breeder. It is going to take a while to find the "right" breeder, and then the "right" puppy. I am looking for another Cardigan. I had considered getting a baby Pyr Shep but my heart really is pushing for a Cardi.

I have contacted and spoke with many breeders, and have been looking at website after website. I don't think I have ever researched a breeder so much but I am looking for a very specific type of dog so I want to make sure I make the right choice! I have found that most Cardigan breeders I have talked to are great- they get back to you right away, they answer questions, and all in all it has been a really great experience so far. There are a few who haven't returned emails, or not bothered to call back but that is okay as at least it helps to weed out the breeders I don't want to deal with!

Here are the links to some of the ones I have taken more than a "second look" at.

Foggy Bottom

There are others of course- I am sure that I have looked at everything on the internet that is Cardigan Corgi related- BUT these people/dogs stick out in my mind.

That of course could change, but I thought I would admit finally that yes, I am in the market for a puppy in the next year.

I will continue to update you on the progress of my Puppy Fever :o)

Pee'ing in Public and Loose Dogs

So last night I was giving a lesson at a local park- this particular dog is a Pitbull x who has some dog issues but is a really great dog. we meet at a big park in the city that surrounds a lake- it is a great place for this type of dog to put her newly learned obedience to test. There are loads of people, dogs, bikes etc for her to look at and then choose to act appropriately or not....

Last night we met a little later and it was darkish and cold. While I was waiting for my student I saw TWO off leash dogs...I knew this did not bode well for our walk. My student comes just as the second off leash dog goes by. We get her dog out of the car and warm up with some obedience- and then we see a little dog running as fast as his little legs would carry him- right towards us. Yikes! The owner is walking casually about 20 feet behind him. I step towards the dog to grab the dragging leash and the woman rushes up and says something about him being friendly- I tell her that this dog is not- and she takes her dogs leash from my hand walks a few feet away and drops it again- the dog trots on ahead.

And then coming right behind is a baseball team from the neighboring ball diamond- out for a warm up run or something. We start walking and then one of them veers off the path and takes a piss- IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARK! Who does that?????!!! As he ran to catch up to his team mates he looked around to see if anyone had saw. Of course I am sure the whole freakin' park saw him. Geesh.

We move to a big open area and put the dog on a long line- to practice recalls and such. We are almost finished up when we spot not one, but two off leash dogs- the owner walking behind them, leash in hand....we move farther from the path and hope they are either well behaved or don't notice us. Well they didn't notice us- thankfully!

Back at the car we put reactive dog away, and she brings out her other dog to take for a walk- we turn around and see the same man with the two off leash labs heading in our direction. So of course they head on over to check us out. One dog heads back to his owner when he rounds a corner but the other goes into stalk mode- hackles up, intense staring...the works. Great. So does the guy come back and get his dog. No. For five minutes we waited and the dog stood and stared. I finally took a step towards the dog and it spooked and ran around the corner. My god why are people so dumb.

People really annoy me and I find myself have less and less patience for stupidity.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Bear with me here- this is a long post with no pictures- but it is well worth the read!

So last week Wendy booked the hotel room for the weekend and said that we have two dogs. Uh Huh. We actually had five. So we get there Saturday night and realise that it is "hotel style" and not "motel style" meaning that we have to walk the dogs through the lobby to get to the room. (which is conveniently located on the main floor right next to the lobby) And then upon checking in it is mentioned that they have a STRICT two dog/room policy. Uh Huh.

So....I shoved all three of mine in a large crate and we dragged them in through a side door- we were almost busted but thankfully my dogs kept their mouthes shut just this once! It was pretty nerve racking. Wendy just walked her two in, no problemo.

Her dogs haven't stayed at a hotel much before. Mine have, and although Wicca reallllllly had to pee by the morning they were pretty good. (minus Boone hacking up all the dust and dirt he'd ingested all day!) Wendy's dogs not so much. First off Lacey pooped under the table. Nice. :o) and secondly Coulee thought it was her job to "protect" us from the evils outside the room.

We all slept great.... :o)

The trial itself was great- Training Troop does a good job- more than 350 runs and we were done by 6:15 on Saturday! Woohoo!

Because it was the Howl-oween trial there was a costume contest. Sarah and her dogs won. It was the best costume- ever. I thought people were going to pee their pants. Sarah will be dressed up again this weekend at our own party so I won't spoil the surprise. I promise to take pictures next weekend!

The actual agility portion of the trial was great. Boone was only entered in four things- 2 per day and did great. He weaved. 12 poles. at a trial!

His first run was Advanced Gamblers and he did it! He got both mini gambles and the main one! I was so excited for him. He got 74 points which is pretty awesome for Boone.

His second run was Starters Standard. I can't remember what we did but we had faults. Oh- I know for sure I made him redo is a-frame contact so that might have been it....

Sunday he ran a Starters Standard and Q'd!!! Go Boonie Go! It was a great run- 12 poles, great table, good contacts. His tail was going the whole time. What a good boy!

He finished off running team with his Pyr Shep friend Cheetah. Chee was having an "off" weekend (he has tunnel vortex syndrome, and a serious case of the zoomies) but Boone ran his half great- he did a great job with the poles but I pushed him a little too hard and he missed the last two. I didn't make him go back as I wanted to make sure to end on a positive note.
Overall I am very, very impressed with him.

Wicca and Vito both came to hang out- Wicca was pretty ticked, she sat at the gate of the x-pen waiting for her turn. It was sad. I had her looked at by another canine rehab person and I got the same diagnosis- some different exercises but basically the same advice- keep her off agility equipment one more week- and than slowly rebuild- start with just jumps, keep her away from weaves and the a-frame for a few weeks longer and she should be good to go.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I know, it's not a corgi...or really anything resembling a corgi...but Bosley is pretty darn cute and last night at class he shoved his big nose in the camera so how could I resist???

you can read about Bosley and his sister Maggie on their own blog- life with berners

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Follow Up Visit

So Wicca had her follow up visit to the Canine Fitness Center today- and it went great! There is definite improvement- more than 50% and Margaret feels I can start doing light agility with her again- slowly build back to where we were before.

The left side of her neck is still a little ouchie- but more neck traction will clear that up. Also her left bicep is still tender- but no where near as bad as before. Yay!!!!

So we will continue the stretches and she will be as good as new in no time!


Sometimes I forget how weird Boone can be. I mean mostly he is a normal dog. And then other times not so much. Last night I brought him along to do the last outdoor class (last week it snowed and we had to cancel) I thought it would be a good opportunity to get in one last training session before the trial this weekend.

We started out good- he even tugged a bit on a new toy, a few jumps, and then all of a sudden he melted. Just like that. Shaking, trying to get away, running away to the crates, wouldn't even give me a nose touch. Ugh.

So I put him away in the xpen for a few minutes and read through an old clean run- watched Sarah run her dogs, and then brought him out again- on leash.

Nose touch?
What's that.

No thanks, I'm too scared.

Happiest Place? I think not.


So we sat and watched the scary traffic for ten minutes. I rewarded him for looking away from the scary traffic and at me. It only happened twice. Ugh.

Some days it is really easy to get frustrated. Which I know gets you no where.

I made him follow me around while I taught the first half of the class- treating him when he paid any attention to me. Near the middle of the class I put him in a crate- and he barked, and barked, and barked. At pretty much anything that went by- he's pretty brave when he's in a box!

At the end of the class while we were packing up I brought him out one last time. Hotdog in hand I asked him to weave- and he did. I jackpotted and asked again- and he did. 12 poles- at the scary field. Who knew such a Chicken could be so brave. :o)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More walk photos

mouse?? where's the mouse?
Vito looking over his kingdom...
Ivy- I love this photo of her, it looks like she is laughing...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Weekend

Saturday morning my friend Kim and I went sheepherding at Scott and Jenny Glen's place. I took just Boone and he did great! He is really learning how to read my body language better. He had a great time- I love seeing him boss those sheep around. Kim's dogs- Maggie and Bosley (Bernese Mountain dogs), did pretty good and they had LOTS of fun! I think that Kim should for sure take them out more....once she works on Maggie's self control...that is :o)
Sunday was spent puttering around my house, cleaning etc- we did a little training in the yard but otherwise didn't do too much fun.
Monday- Thanksgiving Day- Natalie and I took EIGHT dogs down to her in-laws farm for a nice run. The dogs had a blast- Wicca did great- no sign of a limp. Vito of course got disgustingly dirty- he LOVES cow poop :o) Boone had fun chasing leaves and running around. It was a great way to spend the morning. I borrowed Wendy's camera and got some great photos. Here is one of my all time favorite ones of Wicca. The group shot...see little white dog- that is Shady, my little foster dog- isn't she cute?

Vito smearing some of the cow poop off his face :o) Gross, I know.

And now I am ready for turkey dinner! The dogs will all get a bath after dinner sometime- there is no way they are sleeping on my bed smelling the way they do!

Friday, October 10, 2008


Check out

It slurps words from your blog and makes art. :o)

winter training

Our Outdoor training season is coming to an end. This past week was the last week for outdoor classes- and for the next two weeks we will be training on the odd weekend, or early evening. But- the exciting part is that we've found a new, heated arena to train in.

Last year the arena we used was beautiful, but a little chilly...okay, a lot chilly. Most nights we froze our fingers, and it was not very fun for the shorthaired Weims and Vizsla that train with us! This year we'll have heat :o)

I like winter training- the temperature and weather is always predictable, there is no wind to blow the jumps all down and you don't have to worry about the weeds and grass being too long. Oh, and there is no traffic.

Boone still is a little weird out at the training field, and sometimes it is a struggle to keep him focused and having fun out there. Indoors I won't have that issue. Which is just fine for both of us!

I have put together a basic training plan for each of my dogs for the winter. The barn is a great opportunity to focus on those little things, and hopefully improve some bad habits.

We'll start with Wicca,

Handling- I need to go back and do some basic handling drills- threadles, serps, 270's, 180's, and of course pin wheels. I need to feel more comfortable with a threadle. I also want to work on her go on's up a straight line.

Weavepoles- we are going to avoid repetative weave training for a while due to her shoulder injury but there are some things I need to work on. wicca is a strong weaver but I need to proof open entries, front cross after poles, and independence.

Jumping- jumping, jumping, and more jumping :o)

Contacts- I won't be running Wicca alot on contacts for a while as I am sure that is what caused her shoulder injury initially. But I do want to work on curling, and proper position- I am going to go back and do backchaining of just the end behavior and insist on a nose touch. We'll see.

Startline- Wicca is becoming more and more sassy on the start line. Barking, hunching over, just being a jerk. I am going to work on this- alot.


Handling- he needs to better understand me. Lots of cookies and repetitions for him! Pinwheels, 180's, 270's and serpentines are all on his list. He needs to do lots of coming in to me- as he tends to drift a little :o)

Weaves- work up to 12 poles. he is at 8-10 now and doing well. He still will pop at pole 4 on the off side so more work on off side is needed. He also needs to work harder entries, and I would like for him to drive through a bit faster. I might go back and work some three and five poles for speed.

Contacts- backchain, backchain, backchain. I am not entirely happy that he still isn't understanding what I want. We need to work on driving into position and then add the rest of the obstacle. His dogwalk is better than his a-frame typically. I am going to go back and work on some happiest place games with him too.

Jumping- he is a good jumper for the most part but I'd like to do some grids with him, and work on "finding the line"

Warm up games- I need to make a longer warm up so have been teaching him some tricks and incorporating some front and rear crosses on the flat. Now I need to put it all together.

and Vito.

Weave Poles- learn them.

Contacts- happiest place, run. fast. :o)

Jumping- grids, drills, and small sequences

Equipment discrimination- at this point he doesn't have a clue :o)

and I'd like to build up his stamina a bit- he only likes agility in small doses and I'd like to change that.

As always nothing is written in stone and this is just my guideline for each of them. There are always little things that pop up- but I find it is important to know what you need to work on, and where you could use improvement. The sport of agility is a complicated thing- and it takes lots, and lots of training to keep you and your dogs "in the game" so to speak. But mostly, it is fun, and what else would we do in the evenings and on weekends besides train?! Oh, and it's fun too.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So my quirky, groomer friend Jolene is about the funniest person I know.
a few memorable comments from a 15 minute conversation this afternoon
"I have to stop at Safeways" - instead of Safeway
"So today when I was picking up Tate's poop I thought of you....."
"I think I do have some compulsive habits...."
and the kicker- she has a kids coloring book that she got in 1960something...I kid you not. She even had the thing rebound a few years ago. Uh Huh. You can see it on her blog

I can't even find the book I finished reading a week ago- let alone something from 40 years ago!

I do keep some things- like I have my High School Diploma thingy, and a short story I wrote about "The Easter Pig" in grade 6. And that's about it.

I also have kept things of my dogs- things that I will hopefully always have to bring back memories- Tinas' old chewed up dumbbell. (ask Wicca why it's chewed up) her first ribbon from an Obedience funmatch (It's paper!) and a picture fom the first Paw-Z-Tracks/Calgary Agility Association Challenge. It's all in a little box with her name on it. I re-found the box when I had to pack up my bedroom this week for the new stupid carpets.

I also have Kate's Canine Good Citizen Certificate- something that I laugh about everytime I see it. You see, Kate is most definitely NOT a Canine Good Citizen- going into the CGC ring she lunged and growled at a dog walking by, and was constantly a pain in my butt. I still love her :o) though, but really, we did not deserve that certificate. I also have Kate's puppy kindergarten certificate. I mean, how cute is that?

But isn't it a little weird to have something that dates back to your early, early childhood? Who keeps those things, and how do you not lose something like that? Oh, and she also has her Brownies outfit...uh huh.

dirty dogs

I have lived in the same house for two years now- when I first moved in new carpets had been installed on the stairs, and in the livingroom. The carpet is a light grey color (i.e. dark white). As you can imagine with my "many, muddy paws" I keep the floor covered with an assortment of unattractive area rugs. It doesn't look so great but has done a decent job of protecting the floors.

A month ago my landlord decides she wants to put new carpet in the bedrooms. Ugh. So, my dear, dear dad helped me empty each room and pull up first the carpet, and then the underlay. The day for the new carpets was yesterday.

Guess what color they are? C'mon guess. Uh Huh. Off White. So yesterday afternoon I went around to all the major stores (Canadian Tire, Zellers, Walmart etc.) in search of cheap, ugly area rugs. I was quite content with the ugly green rugs that were in there before- at least I didn't stress out about them!

Because even this cute, innocent dog gets muddy feet!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dressing Up

So Halloween is coming up- and although I am not normally a Halloween kinda girl, there is an agility trial the week before, and two Halloween Dog Parties that I have to dress my dogs up for.

Last year they were bugs- Vito was a Ladybug, and Wicca was Bee, or Wasp :o)

This year I have to think of something new as I don't think they should wear the same thing twice....

Any ideas? I will have Boone aswell, but I am not sure how he feels about dressing up. I was thinking a theme would be cool...maybe food. I could dress Vito up as a hotdog! :o) Anyway, I am open to suggestions!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

One Day Results..

First off I have to tell you all how unhappy Wicca was- to get there, and be all excited, and then be banished to a crate and not allowed to play. She protested, loudly.

The boys had a good day though, and it was really nice to get home at a decent time last night.

The first class was Gamblers- Boone is in Advanced and did a really good job. He had good contacts- his a-frame was much better this time around, and he had very good jump commitment. He didn't get the gamble- you had to turn them off the dogwalk (from a few feet away) into a straight tunnel about 15 feet or so. He wasn't having any of that :o)

And then little Vito got to play in Starters Gamblers. He did pretty good- and kept doing the dogwalk over, and over, and over again :o) He realllly wanted a cookie! But he didn't get nervous about the judge, or anything like that and I think had lots of fun- even though he was freakin' slow!

The next class was a Standard- Boone was entered and did well. He had a few moments of no focus, which led to an off course, and he jumped off the table, but overall he was a good boy. We really have to work on our table.

The last class was another Gamble. Boone did great and I was very, very proud of him. The gamble had a set of 6 weaves and I wasn't very optimistic about it but he got the entry! I was so excited for him. Of course he didn't weave the other four but he finished the "hard" part of the gamble with no problems.

Vito was one of the last dogs of the day and he was sooooo cute! We had to wait on the line so I flipped him over and rubbed his belly- which he hates, but it totally got him pumped up. He was super fast (for Vito) and we had a great start. He got spooked by a pole setter who peered around a corner at him, but recovered enough to do a mini gamble- and then he promptly ran out of steam. The end. I couldn't get him to even take a jump... :o) But he was still cute, and we ended on a tunnel and lots of pets and cookies so I think he had a good experience.

The worst part of the day was measuring Vito- he had a pretty bad experience and was very scared. He even pee'd poor guy. And, he measured over 12 inches- so I ran him at 6" FEO but he'll have to eventually run 10".

The best part of the day was Boonie's warm up. He did a whole warm up with just a tug- no cookies. I was thrilled. He was a tugging machine, and was super excited. What a good boy!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Lost Photos

Here are some photos from our walk last weekend....

You can see that the tail pulling monster has made a come back...

getting ready for the attack- you can see the Boone is oblivious
going in...

and the tell off!

I love how sassy Boone gets when he plays. It is super cute...

Vito- soaking wet.....

And this is why Vito needed TWO baths when we got home!


I love one day trials. You go, you get set up, you run three class, you haul everything back to the car, and you get to sleep in your very own bed. I am excited.

Wicca gets to tag along but she won't be running. She is not tolerating her exercises well, I have to really force the issue and it ends up being a huge battle. She hates to be manhandled but tough luck for her. She is going to be pretty upset going to agility, and not playing. I may have to keep her in the car for most of the day- I am sure that everyone in the building doesn't need to hear her near hysterical shrieks when I run the boys. Poor Girl.

I have Boone entered in all three events. He is in Advanced Gamblers now so I don't have much hope for a Q for him in two of the classes. The other class is a Standard. He has been weaving very well at home, and even out at the field. He is up to 8 poles, which is not 12. So we'll see. I really don't expect him to weave at a trial yet so if he does I will be thrilled. I do expect good contacts though- we have been doing lots of reinforcing on the contacts, and lots, and lots of fun backchaining games. I have been teaching a "go on" at home with my two jumps so hopefully I am able to put that to use tomorrow as well.

And Vito, my goD, I can hardly believe I have him entered. It is just so weird. Anyway, I expect him to stay in the ring with me and have fun. The nice thing about Gamblers is that I can pick his path- so we can avoid weaves, do lots of contacts, and maybe even a mini gamble or two. It should be fun. Worst case senario is that he runs up the judge barking, or he gets the zoomies and runs laps around the ring. Either way, I will have to work hard to get him "back in the zone" so lets home he doesn't do either!

I will be sure to post Sunday about how they did. Maybe I'll even have some video. :o)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Faster than a speeding...

Vito is entered in two events on Saturday. Can you believe it? I can't!
I have him entered in Gamblers- and I entered two so I could pick the best one for him and run only that. I have slowly been doing more and more with him and I think that this will be a good opportunity to see how he will be in a trial setting. I don't think he is actually ready to trial yet or anything (seeing that he isn't weaving yet...) but it will be neat to see how he handles a trial.
I think he will have fun- the setting itself won't be new as I have been hauling him around since he was a baby- but it will be a whole new experience for him to be in the ring- with a judge, and pole setters, and a ring full of equipment. :o)
I am pretty excited for him- it will be completely different for me as he is quite a bit slower than the other two- and needs a lot more coaching but hey, we're in it for the fun so at least we'll be entertaining!