Monday, April 27, 2015

Pro Novice

We headed to Stirling Acres Stockdog Trial this past weekend. The dogs and I were entered in Pro Novice for the first time. I went with the goal of getting around the course with Leo. 

A few friends and I booked a cabin right next door and it was fantastic. So much fun!! We had a great time together and it is hard to come back to reality after such a fun weekend. 

Brit surprised me and actually did the outrun on both runs!!! I was pretty surprised as she has not been working well for me lately. She did struggle with the drive but the second run we made it to the cross drive before she would not push them anymore. We will keep puttering away- she is not really a trial dog but as long as she is having fun...

Leo had a disappointing first run when he couldn't find his sheep. The field is very flat and was big. He didn't see them at all so I walked out to help him. He was surprised to see them out there... His second run was really really good though so it more than made up for it. 

We got a 76! Which is the highest score I think I've ever gotten. He had a beautiful outrun and fetch. And we only had a few bobbles on the drive. He took almost every stop and was very kind to his sheep. I'm very proud of him. And to make it even more awesome we placeD 5th in a class of over 30 dogs!!! It's an intimidating class- experienced people and dogs. But I was so done with the lower level classes. And we were ready for Pro Novice- which Leo proved. 

We have lots of things to work on before the next trial-flanks on whistles, hitting panels, and squaring out those inside flanks... Oh and driving. ;) 

All this comes at a great time as my Altapete friends have hit the road so I have the awesome job of farm sitting. Which means plenty of sheep time. Can't wait for the weekend!!

A photo of the score breakdown. And a photo of Leo by the talented Kristi. ;)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The road less travelled.

That would be me. 
Finding my own way. 
Doing my own thing. 
The hard way more often than not. 
It's interesting. 
And often overwhelming. 
Figuring myself out. 
One step at a time. 
There aren't words really.