Thursday, September 30, 2010


I don`t know if all Collies are like Kort- but he is the most gentle dog. Even when he is playing or tugging he is a gentleman about it.

see how he has the toy just in his front teeth. I had to let the guy win!

on the other hand he is not the most graceful dog... :)

Probably the worst photos I`ve ever posted but....

I`d say that they are evidence of things back to normal. lol

Forgotten Photo

photo taken by Paws on the Run. :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

an a completely unrelated subject..

i was on hold with telus for like an hour the other night and had to listen to whatever they pump into the background.

You know when you're not really listening, but you hear just a few words here or there? Well, imagine you hear the words "I could watch you in your room if I was invisible..." Does that not sound crazy stalker-like?

I had to find the lyrics to share. What are people thinking when they write songs like this? lol

Whatcha’ doin’ tonight
I wish I could be a fly on your wall
Are you really alone
Who's stealin' your dreams
Why can't I bring you into my life
What would it take to make you see that I'm alive


If I was invisible
Then I could just watch you in your room
If I was invincible
I'd make you mine tonight
If hearts were unbreakable
Then I could just tell you where I stand
I would be the smartest man
If I was invisible
(Wait..I already am)

and if you really want to torture yourself here is a link to the video...

c r e e p y.

Like a bad dream

40 Hours 38-52, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

Someone told me the other day that it will take longer for me to get over it than it will for him. I would say that's pretty accurate!

Last night he jumped up on me for attention
Last night he cuddled on the couch while we watched Glee
Last night Boone slept in bed and cuddled like normal.
This morning he rolled around in bed and snorted and snuffled like any other morning.
This morning he spun (slowly mind you) for his breakfast.
This morning he barked at the neighbors cat in the yard.

and all I can think about is that he may never have done any of those things again. I am in complete amazement that he is home and doing so well.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Home. 39-52, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

He is a little jumpy, and still sore but otherwise doing well. He was pretty excited about breakfast and supper today. :)

40 Hours of Hell

Well. I have had time to digest and think about the last few days. I am still emotional about. And I can`t stop looking at him. It is so incredibly awful to think that he could still be out there- scared, in the dark and cold alone.

There is a difference between a dog that ran away and a dog that is running scared. Boone was running scared. Probably frantic the whole time. One of the sightings I got of him was from a girl who said he ran laps around the soccer field for three hours while they practiced. What kind of dog runs in circles for three hours. I think that he was confused and scared the whole time and it makes me so sad that he had to go through that.

I still have no idea when or how he got out. He is not a dog that runs away- he is off leash all the time with no problem. Even when he`s scared he will come to me. My theory is that something REALLY spooked him and no one was there to comfort him so he did what he does best- run. Away. Until he was calm, and then he was lost. He traveled a lot- probably non stop. I am hoping to have time to make a map to publish here- of all the sightings, and where was eventually found. Dogs are amazing. But it`s no wonder that he`s exhausted!

I am so grateful to my friends. Sunday night every where I looked there were people out looking for him. It was strange and and heartwarming all at the same time. I don`t know what I would have done without them.

And of course my dad- who walked and searched until I told him to go home. He got up at 6 Monday morning to go to the schools while it was still quiet- and waited until the kids showed up so he could ask each of them if they had seen a grey shaggy dog. I am surprised he wasn`t arrested. :)

I am also surprised at the amount of great people in the world. Strangers, who had never met me (or the elusive grey shaggy dog) were more than willing to look for him and spread the word. It is an incredible feeling to know that there are people out there who will go the extra mile.

I am not an emotional person and can`t count on one hand- okay half a hand the amount of times I have cried in public. But this about killed me. Sunday night I broke down more than once as I walked the dark alleys. I almost cried again when the woman on the phone said that she might have found my dog. And I did cry as he crawled out from under the van towards me. I love my dogs. A lot. And Boone holds a special place in my heart- the dog no one wanted, and who has worked so hard these past few years. So there should be no surprise that I am still crying. He just means so much to me.

As dog people you all understand.

So thank you all- for being with me for the past few days. It is nice to know who your friends are. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Story.

Saturday night 9:30-10pm. I go to let the dogs outside for a pee and can`t find Boone.

I walk the front streets calling. And then I called my Dad, Sarah, and Wendy. And then I stopped breathing.

We looked for hours. No Sign, no nothing. Kaleb tracked him for a while, and then lost the trail (or became confused by Boone`s spinning)

I did not sleep. Instead I called the Animal Shelter every two hours.

Sunday. I got up, searched the area. Made posters. Called friends. Called the animal shelter every two hours. Searched again. More. Got a few calls- searched new areas. Searched well after dark. Went home.

Didn`t sleep at All. (called the Animal Shelter instead)

Monday. I worked a few hours in the morning. Well, maybe worked is too strong a word. I was at work pacing by the phone for a few hours while keeping an eye on dogs. And then I rode my bike around town for a few hours, walked the dogs a few hours. Did some calling and emailing for a few hours, and then searched some more.

I made a pretty map with different search areas, and assigned all my awesome friends to an area. And then I got a call (5:15pm).

A woman who thought she had my dog under her van. OMG. I nearly passed out on the spot. I was frantic and not really making sense. Somehow we managed to get there even though I told Jo to go to Scenic, instead of Stafford. Good thing she was just following my directions and not actually listening.

I was so nervous- was it him. would he still be there. what would i do if he ran away from me.

I was out of the van before it was stopped. Calling him. I sat on the ground and as soon as he saw it was me he crawled out and into my lap. I cried. It still makes me teary to think about it. I just held him and told him how wonderful and brave he was.

He tried to bolt away from me so I had Jo bring me a leash. We loaded him in the van and then headed to work where I cut the majority of the burrs out. We gave him water and timbit.

Once home he settled. He is sleeping now in his crate, with an extra bed. I`ve fed him small amounts every few hours and I think he is content now. He is VERY stiff and sore. I`ve given him some Metacam, and will give him a few days before I stress him out with a vet visit. (and a bath!!!)

I know that it is going to take some time for Boone to be okay. I think he will heal physically within a week or so. Mentally not so much. He is nervous dog on a good day. He was forced into survivor mode for 40 hours. I know there will be some work ahead of us to get his mental state back to where it was. But I am confident it will come, and have no problem giving him the time he needs.

I am still in shock really. So hopefully I got all the stuff right. I was going to wait until tomorrow but I know there are some really caring people out there who want to know the story.

Thanks again to all my friends who drove, and walked for hours. And of course thanks to all the positive thoughts and well wishes. I cannot put into words how much your support means to me.

So thank you.

He`s Home!

Boone is home. And I can finally breathe.

No Boone yet...

It has been two nights and it makes me sick to think of him alone cold, and scared.

It seems like we are running circles around him, missing him by a few hours, or even an hour at one point last night.

I have never been so tired. I can't just sit and do nothing though. Although at this point I am just waiting for the phone to ring for another lead.

The dogs and I have been walking everywhere. I went on the bike today to cover more ground. Talk about frustrating.

I just wish he'd show up on the porch, or that we would see him walking down the street...

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Boone has been missing since last night. It is the worst feeling in the world.

UPDATE: Monday, September 27th.

Still hasn't been found, although there were a few sightings yesterday. Keep thinking of us!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pixel's Awesome Adventures...

Pixel is an escape artist. Not even kidding.

When she was a puppy she climbed out of an xpen at a dogshow. She was having a good time running around until someone caught her.

This morning Jolene came over and was greeted by Pixel in the front yard. Running down the sidewalk actually. I have NO idea how she got out of the yard. There is a fence board in the back that is often loose, but I am not sure how she fit. Regardless I screwed it shut.

And then this afternoon she got out of a soft crate, and then jumped out of the van window. No kidding. We were at a funmatch and I just kept my dogs in the car to keep it simple (and quiet) in the building. I came out to get Pixel for her turn and there she was running around the parking lot.

Now, keep in mind this is in a rural area with no traffic, but still, a little scary.

She's such a little monkey.

Oh, and the funmatch was great- Pixel did great in rally, so-so in Obedience. Wicca did AWESOME in Obedience- like pretty flawless actually. She did go down on her long sit though- so for the long down I opted to do a sit again and she stayed. That's great progress. Oh, and she was awesome in Rally too. Unfortunately I forgot a sign. :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Must be the trainer...

So Pixel is two years old and doesn't really understand stay. And Wicca is six, and still has trouble with stay. The boys have an okay stay- Boone's is the best of my dogs, and I didn't teach

Must be me eh?

I seriously hate teaching stay. It's so boring. Yes, my dogs know "stay" for practical purposes, but I am talking about Obedience long sits and downs. I admit that I suck at stay, and practice it as little as possible. I have made more of an effort in recent months to teach Pixel- but really am not into it. Apparently I don't have a need for Pixel to get a CD anytime soon!

It's funny, as an instructor I often see people with multiple dogs who end up having the same issues over, and over and over again. You know that when the second (or third) dog has the same problem as the first that it is likely something the handler is doing. I am quick to point this out and generally we try to overcome the crutch. Not so in my own case. Yes, I admit it. But I have not done anything to change it.

So what's the point of my early morning rambling?

There is an Obedience funmatch this weekend that I am contemplating going to. Wicca would have fun, and Pixel could use the ring experience. But maybe we'll skip the stays. lol

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The story of her life...

My friend Kim had this on her video camera from the weekend. We had such a good opening, and the gamble was a cinch for her. And then the bar fell.


Thanks Kim for the video!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Technology for good and bad...

So I finally sent my sad little iPhone back yesterday. the backlight stopped working a mere few weeks after I bought the thing. :( I just got the box last week to ship it back, but have been putting it off because even though it doesn't work great it's still something! Hopefully I will get the new one back in about a week or so. In the meantime I have a borrowed phone, but it's just a phone. Nothing fancy.

To keep me entertained however...a new toy! I saved up for a while and finally had enough to buy myself a laptop! I haven't had a computer at home for a few months. It was even on sale and came recommended to me by a computer friend. My internet won't be hooked up until Saturday- but I've still had a good time learning Windows 7. My work computer is a MAC, and my old PC was, well old and crappy. :)

The great thing about having a computer at home will be photos. I can take and upload photos as often as I want. :) So we all will benefit.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Supa' Stars..

Wicca- the good, and the naughty....we had some rough spots, but mostly I am pretty happy with her this weekend.

Pixel- just jumpers for now. Masters Jumpers. I am amazed.

Weekend in a nutshell

2 masters jumpers q, an advanced standard q, and a advanced snooker q....

masters snooker q, some really awesome runs, and one really naughty run...

and bed bugs.....


Pixel is amazing. Seriously. She is such a good girl. She just does what I tell her to do. I can't get over it. She got not one, but TWO masters jumpers q's this weekend. Masters. Like 20 obstacles with serpentines, and threadles, and push thru's.

Wicca was fantastic. She is running really well and I feel that we are really connected. She had some "almost" clean runs that I was proud of my handling, and of my dog. Even in the really naughty jumpers run on Sunday she had some pretty great moments.

I will have video later today.

Oh, and the motel we stayed at had bedbugs. Thankfully I brought my own sheets/bedding but now have to freeze, and then wash everything that was in the room. Ugh, Seriously gross.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Last night we had a 5 year GO Dog GO Party BBQ and Potluck. It was lots of fun- and one of our students surprised us with this cake!

Isn't it incredible?

It was so realistic that there was even a bar, who was blamed for that do you think?

Agility Weekend II

This time to Medicine Hat. It should be a fun weekend- although it is supposed to rain, rain, rain and rain some more. I am not looking forward to being cold and wet for two days. But the agility part will be fun. Kim C is one of the judges so her courses are sure to be tough, and technical.

I have just the girls entered- the boys will stay home this time. Where they will be warm and happy all weekend...

Thursday, September 16, 2010


just over 5 years ago Sarah and I decided that we needed a change. she bit the bullet and bought a set of agility equipment and the rest is history. when we first started out we had a handful of students who came with us. Now, five years later we have over 60 students and friends. It is pretty incredible to think about.

so thanks. to all our students, and friends for supporting Sarah and I in this venture. We appreciate it!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The things we do for agility...

For something that really is a tiny part of our lives with our dogs I sure find myself thinking about Agility a lot. Trying to figure out ways to be better, to push myself, and my dogs more. In the whole scheme of things Agility is just a game, a fun weekend away, a night out, a puzzle really.

In any case there are a few things that need to change in my dogs lives that will make them better agility dogs. And really by "them" I mean Pixel. Pixel is a funny dog. She is quick, really quick. Not as fast as Wicca but still fast. Why then does she trot around the course at agility? Well, why should she when she has fun for free, and toys, and playing, and wrestling whenever she wants.

So all the toys are going away in the house. And by all the toys I mean anything that can be perceived as a toy- old bones, boring yard toys, etc. She needs to see value in toys, and wanting to be with me and this is a quick, easy way to do that. She is going to hate it and will be very confused when she discovers that Lambie, Rooster and all her other favorites are not in the toy box. It may even be a little sad...but how excited will she be when she sees lambie at agility next week?

It is something I recommend to students a lot. And have done in the past. It seems pretty mean, but really they do just fine. :)

I will also be enforcing the "no wrestling in the house" rule. Wicca's gonna be mad.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Forest 36/52

The Forest 36/52, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

not only was the trial fun, but it was beautiful and provided me with some new scenery for Boone's 52 weeks project. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday, September 12, 2010


What a great weekend I had. It was probably the best agility weekend I've had in forever.

Not only did I feel connected with my dog (Wicca) in every run, but we had some AWESOME runs, and Q'd in Jumpers. In Jumpers! Do you know how long it has been since we've had a Q in jumpers? January. Serious.

I am so proud of my dogs I could burst.

I will have more time tomorrow to do up some video, but for now here is the breakdown.

Gamble- Q- 94 pts. Tough gamble- a turn off the teeter out to weaves. This is her 13th gamble Q.
Std 1- one bar. serious.
Std 2- one bar. serious!
Jumpers- one bar. omg serious!
Std 3- 15 faults. a bar or two? and something else? can't remember.
Steeplechase- Jolayne tried to run her and the weiner ran to me! I ran Tag and Q'd. :)
Snooker- Q- 47 points. Super fast path- thanks Sarah!
Jumpers- Q. FASTEST TIME OVERALL. 28.19 Seconds. Serious.

I am so proud of her- she listened SO well, and tried very hard. The bars were my fault, not hers. She worked her butt off. I have a very great dog.

Std 1- 5 faults- dogwalk contact....
Std 2- Q! This is her starters title! ADC
Adv.Gamble- it was a little too tough for her- a turn out of the poles to a jump.
Adv.Jumpers- Q! She moves to Masters!!!! Not even kidding. It is pretty unbelievable!
Adv. Std 3- 5 faults- i think a refusal
Snooker- she was a little naughty and we got tweeted on out closing.
Steeplechase- clean, but we had to redo the weaves, and were over time.
Mas.Jumpers- clean, but overtime. (4 seconds) She was pretty tired after the weekend and was definitely slower.

I am so proud of this dog- she seems so young, and inexperienced to be running such tough courses. It just blows me away. We have lots of work to do though, and lots to improve on. Mostly speed, and motivation. :) Oh, and those contacts and weaves.

No Q's, but lots of pretty great moments. He had a bit of a rough start on Saturday. Very disconnected, and flighty. Didn't leave the ring or anything, but was certainly doing his own thing for parts of the weekend. I was thrilled with his contacts and weaves though- he has improved so much with those. I've decided with Boone that part of his issue is that he becomes overwhelmed on long courses (i.e masters). I am going to run him FEO in starters for a bit, and build up to longer, tougher courses at trials. At home I am only going to do tough stuff with him, with lots of rewards, and hopefully it will make things seem easier for him.

Some random photos
The lethbridge Go Dog Go'ers...we took up half the trial almost!

We had a great potluck BBQ, and campfire Saturday night. It was a great end to the day!

Videos Tomorrow!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Go Team. :)

Our Scenthurdle team. It's amazing how far all the dogs have come in a short time. I'm pretty excited about it. Our first official race will be in November.

Aside from the dogs on the video we have four more who are still training fetch and discrimination. Pretty Cool eh?


This weekend the dogs and I are heading to Kimberley BC, for an Agility trial. Should be a fun weekend!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

People Suck, and that annoys me.

I seriously am amazed I can make it through a day without swearing at, hitting, or punching someone. People are dumb. Seriously dumb. They don't listen, and generally do exactly the opposite of what you've told them. It annoys me, and makes me grumpier than I am normally............

I don't know why I even bother doing rescue anymore. I can hardly stand to talk to stupid people, and just when you think you've weeded out the losers. BAM. Loser. Major Loser. It's frustrating, and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Missy is a great little jack russell who we've had for FOUR MONTHS. That's months folks, not weeks. She is a great dog- happy, obedient, great in the house, loves all people. Her hang up? Dogs. She is aggressive and cannot live with other dogs. She lived with mine perfectly fine because *I* am the boss, but it was important that she go to an only dog home (and no cats....). So, finally- the perfect person for her applies, everything is great. I tell her all about the dog and what her issues are, and how she will never be the kind of dog that can live with, or engage with other dogs. She can tolerate them as long as they aren't in her space, but you have to be on her. All the time. So what does this perfectly capable, smart person do only two days after taking her home? That's right. Introduce her to her friends dogs. "They only wanted to play" were her words. She was horrified at Missy's behavior and now wants to return her. Of course we will take her back. But seriously.........WHY DON'T PEOPLE LISTEN?!

I just don't get it. Perhaps I should have re-worded dog aggressive to "will try and rip off other dogs faces if they approach her..."


Blast from the Past

Baby Vito. Before I decided to keep him. Seriously cute.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Early Morning Ramblings..

Pixel has been the easiest dog I've ever owned to train. She is just so smart, and wants to please me (which is where she and Wicca differ the most). Everything I ask Pixel to do she does without question, and with gusto.

She earned her rally title in three straight attempts (although spread out as I don't trial much). She has been to two full agility trials, and one day- and is only one Q away from her Starters Standard title. She is in advanced in everything else, and only one Q away from being in Masters jumpers.

Is the dog a genius? Or just a well trained dog, handled by an experienced handler?

Yes, she is smart and she is a very good dog. But her success is due to her training, and my handling. When she was a puppy I knew what I wanted, and devised a plan to get there. With the exception of her contacts she is exactly where I thought she'd be at this age.

With a different trainer and handler Pixel would be a very different dog. I truly believe that our dogs are what we make them. Yes, there are some dogs that are brilliant despite their owners, but imagine how great those dogs would be with good training!

I think that all dogs have potential to do great things- and that we as owners need to step up our training for our dogs. If I had known then what I know now Wicca would be incredible- not just a fast dog that flings herself around the course. But of course we all need to start somewhere, and with each dog we become better trainers....or so we should hope!

I am looking forward to great things with Pixel. She not only has natural ability, but she has had great training. As long as I continue to do my job, she will do hers.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Relaxed and Refreshed

I had a great long weekend with the dogs. Mostly we laid around the house and went for walks. I did the odd rescue thing, and did some training. But mostly did whatever I wanted. Yay for Long Weekends!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Impending Collision...

Collision..., originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

I laughed out loud when I saw this photo. Not great technically, but a great story.

Oh, and Wicca (whose nose you can just barely see on the left) got the toy....

Friday, September 03, 2010

Sibling Rivalry

Sibling Rivalry, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

Wicca ALWAYS gets the toy...and Pixel always chases her, and Boone always chases Pixel, and Vito is rolling around on the grass behind me completely oblivious...


I took all the dogs to the park near my house and had a great time with them. I sat on the grass and enjoyed the sun, and the dogs ran, and ran, and ran, and ran some more. I have tired dogs now.

Happy long Weekend everyone!

Vito's video...

this dog makes me laugh so much. he could NOT focus on what I wanted him to do, and all I could do was laugh at him.

here is the non music version as youtube is being weird about the song...the song really makes the video though, you will all just have to imagine Hootie and The Blowfish- All I wanna do is be with you....

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Happy Birthday Kate!

It's hard to believe she is 12 years old. She still looks pretty awesome for an old Shepherd. She's been dealing with Pannus for a year now and it is under control and not bugging her much. She still beats up Drew, and plays the odd game of fetch. Mostly though she likes to lay in the sun at my mom's feet. Her mobility is getting worse and worse- she is pretty unsteady on her feet some days, but she is happy, and can get from A to B although slowly.

I am grateful that I still have her at 12. I go and see her as often as I can, and cherish the moments we spend together. She still adores me although I think that my mom has taken over as "the one whom must be followed". She has been a great dog- one that has taught me a lot. She is still funny and playful- she can de-squeak a plush toy in under five seconds, and de-stuff it in ten. :) She doesn't listen at all anymore, she is not deaf- just selective. She is quite the princess in her retirement....

I love this dog. Happy Birthday Kate.

Thank you to Wendy for the wonderful photos.

This post is a day late (but not forgotten, just couldn't find the disc of photos and then forgot them anyway! !)

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Photos Galore!

Wendy set up shop on the weekend as the trial photographer and got some GREAT shots of my dogs. There were LOTS to choose from, so I made a collage of a few of my favorites of each dog.