Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New CD!!

Brit earned her CD this past weekend at the Camrose Dog Show. 

She needed two legs and came away with exactly that. :)

Her first day was definitely her best yet- 191.5 with 8 points off for missed sits!!!!!  
Regardless of the sits I just can't get enough of the video. I've watched it a few times. Lol

Second day she was a little more sloppy but still very enthusiastic. No signs of big stress and just having a great time in the ring. We got a 182... Lots of forging. And no sits. ;)

The third day she broke her sit stay. Which is unlike her. I wonder if her back was bugging her- which explains the no sits on the heeling as well. I'll post the video later so you can see. She tries to sit and then changes her mind. 

I am so proud of her though- she did just as well in the ring as she does in practice and that's a good feeling be chase I rarely get that with Princess Pixel. Lol. 

In fact Proncess Pixel failed all three times on that long sit. Once just as I was coming back!!! Which is a huge improvement. But I still can't help but be disappointed. We've been working very hard! More work is needed obviously. Lol. Despite that Pixel was very happy in the ring and we actually got the drop on Sunday too! Yay for hand signals!