Friday, April 06, 2007

I can't believe it is APRIL!!!

Wow! It has been a while. I can't beleive I haven't posted anything since december.
Actually if the blogger people care most of the reason I didn't to begin with was the new google thing. Everytime I tried to log in it would freeze my computer. Ticked me off so I stopped trying.

Where to start.
There have been a few trials since December. Lots of fun training. A seminar which was awesome. Oh- and I have a new dog!

I can't remember the trials very well. I will have to look back in my record book to see how we did. Training wise we have been doing a ton. Wicca and I are doing well. I am learning -still- how to handle her and I have seen a lot of improvements in her. We have been doing lots of jump work- still- and I dropped her to 6" specials in AAC. I was getting really frustrated about the one knocked bar thing and I really think that part of her problem is her build. Although we had Kim Collins here for a seminar in march and she disagrees completely- she said that it is me (of course) and Wicca not knowing how to jump. Which I kinda disagree with because we have done jump work- but not enough I do admit to that. So anyway- 6" is better for her physically regardless.
Sam was doing fantastic. He is such a good boy and we were working hard at getting some more distance work, better discriminations and jump patterns. And then he went lame. It sucks. I was very sad. I have since realised that he IS okay and will not die. nor does he particularily feel alot of pain so it is okay. It took a while to say that really. Anyway- it was a week before the seminar- I noticed he was a bit lame on a monday- put him on full rest for a week and he seemed to be better. Did a few things at the seminar with him and by sunday afternoon I knew something was definitely wrong. I waited a week- again lots of rest. Took him to the vet- he gave me anti-inflammatories and said no stairs, no jumping. It is for sure his right hind leg- but the vet could not diagnose the actual problem. We did xrays which showed good hips, good knees and no obvious problems. A week later and he was still limping. Again to the vet- a different one this time. She gave me more anti-inflammatories and strict crate rest. Sam is very unhappy. He is grouchy and miserable therefore everyone else is.
Last week however a dog physio lady named Genie came to see Sam and the difference is amazing. He is doing SO well. She has come a total of four times now and she really knows what to look for and what to do with him. We have been strictly following vet orders of crate rest, and between that and the physio he is doing well. He will be off his feet for at least another four weeks and off agility for at least 3 months. It sucks. He wants to play and really puts up a fuss when he is left home. Poor Guy...

On to other news, I have a new dog. There, I said it. I HAVE A NEW DOG!
His name is Jack or Jackson or Jack @$$, depending on the day. He is a border collie, corgi cross who is very adorable. His story is a typical one- he was purchased by a family with four children two of which have no idea about how to play with a puppy. So by 16 weeks old little Jackson had taken a few chunks if face off them and was a very suspicious and angry little puppy. I took him to foster. But after the first few weeks he has grown on me. I am a sucker for "problem" dogs I suppose. Jacks issues are food possesiveness, he can be a bit snarky with other dogs, he isn't always friendly to people and he really hates being told what to do!!! Besides all that he is a doll and I am growing more and more in love with him. He is a genius- really. He is very smart, very food motivated and has this border collie sweetness that I don't realy have with the corgis. I am in love, and Jack is staying even though I really don't need another dog, and I really didn't need a mutt, but oh well. :)

So that is my life the past few weeks in a nut shell. I have been working my tail off to buy a car, fix a car, insure a car, get a license etc. and then had to shell out the majority of that money for Sam.....some things never change I suppose.
Now that my computer seems to not mind the whole google sign in thing I will be back to posting on a regular basis.