Friday, February 29, 2008

Kathy Keats

Today Wicca and I attended our third seminar with Kathy Keats- and it was a GREAT day!

I am pretty tired but here are a few highlights:
Don't "push" when you are with the dog- be either behind or ahead
I really need to work on push throughs
I need to use my shoulders more, and my hands less.

We ran a ton of sequences- lots of challenging stuff. I got a lot of information in just one day. Wicca is actually tired, and I am beat as well.

I will have more information and stuff tomorrow when I can think better!


Okay- my head is clearer now...

One of the biggest things I got out of the day was "Don't "push" when you are with the dog- be either behind or ahead "
This made huge sense to me as I could really see the difference in the video when I was parallel to her and trying to push her out over a jump- when I was a few steps behind or even ahead she really drove forward and took the direction much better. I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner!

Also, I learned that I really need to work on push through's with her. We totally sucked and it all comes back to my dog not wanting to come into me....So- I have some ground work to go back and do for a few weeks! I am going to work on half-front crosses aswell as teaching her to come in on a shoulder pull-

on that note it was also pointed out that I over-use my arms and under-use my shoulders. I depend on an arm cue to push her out, send her around, and just generally depend on it for distance. I rarely use my shoulders for anything which is why we sucked for the push-throughs....

I will put the sequence on the CRCD program and post parts of them so that you can better see what I mean. They were very challenging and it was really neat to be able to look back at the video right after a run. We got lots of great advice that way as we could see what she was talking about.

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Yesterday at work the back was essentially a mud pit.

Vito had to have a little rinse at the end of the day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Last night as planned I took Wicca and Boone to the barn. I worked Wicca in the first set- practiced front crossing while she is in the weaves, our "go on" (I never really taught this on a cue- she just drives ahead but to prevent curling and confusion I am teaching her what the verbal means) and startlines. I have struggled with FC in front of weaves as she will sometime pop out when she loses her concentration- last night she had no problems at all! We worked huge distance with them as well and I am happy to report she didn't miss one entry.

I used Boone for the rest of the night and I am so proud of him! After his meltdown a few weeks ago I have worked hard with him teaching him it is okay to be wrong and to try again. Last night we had no issues at all- even when I made him retry a few times!

We have been working on 2on2off at home with my plank- using a target and teaching the "happiest place" game. He LOVES the contact board now as it means lots of food. He is learning that I want him to have two feet on the board and a nose touch to the target. We just recently switched to a clear target and this is causing a little bit of problems as he isn't Looking for it very hard and is targeting the floor instead. Anyway- last night we backchained on the a-frame and he did great! I am making a concious effort to reward with his head low and close to the target. He is beginning to understand and will catch on quick from here I think.

I was paired with some young/more novice dogs last night so we worked on finding a line and teaching "go on" I used Boone for this as well- he has pretty good jump commitment but is reluctant to move ahead- he will move away if I ask him- but likes to stay close to where the cookies come from! He loves his goodie container and will follow that thing anywhere- so a few times I threw it and other times I had a helper surprise him at the end. We did a 7 jump sequence and he was flying! I was so happy with him- he worked very hard and did great last night!

Yay for Boonie!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am thinking about spring today- the snow is melting, the sun is out...It's almost t-shirt weather....When I think of spring I think of puppies...and when I think of puppies know.
So I thought it would be fun to show you all how cute my dogs were when they were babies.....

Kate- at about 12 weeks

Wicca at about 10 weeks- (with her favorite toy the tomato)

I didn't have Sam when he was a baby- this pic was taken around the time I got him. (He was about 2 years old or so)

Baby Vito- around 16 weeks.....wasn't he adorable???!!!
Baby Boone- his previous owners sent along pics from his puppyhood....Cute Eh?

the weekend ahead

Nothing new to report today- we are at the barn tonite which should be fun- I am bringing Wicca and Boone. Wicca needs to work on her serpantine and directionals. Boone is going to work on contacts and jumping in general. (That's the plan anyway, we'll see when we get there!)

It is going to be a busy weekend- friday Sarah and I are heading to Calgary for a Kathy Keats one day seminar. I have been to her seminar before (twice actually) and really enjoyed her. I am taking Wicca and I am sure that we will learn lots of good stuff. It is going to be a small group on Friday so we'll get lots of work done!

Saturday we are going herding again, I am really looking forward to it. I have been working with Vito on his downs for the past few weeks and he is getting much better. We'll see how Wicca works when she is tired from a full day of Agility!

Sunday I am going to Calgary just to hang out and watch a CKC show. My friend Liz wanted company so I figured why not...I'll get some shopping in at least! And it will give me a good chance to watch some obedience...The dogs are all staying home so it will be kind of lonely for me- but I am sure there will be a dog or two that I know there !

and yes, I know it's only Tuesday and I'm talking about friday already.....

Monday, February 25, 2008

nothing specific

We had a pretty boring weekend around here- and didn't do anything super exciting. I brought Vito to the "indoor dog park" at work so that he could meet some new people and he did really well. I was pretty happy with him, he was a little nervous at first but settled down and was relaxed enough to play with his dog friends.

We did a little bit of training at home this weekend- I worked on Boone's "finishes" and am teaching Vito some new tricks. (to be announced later) Wicca worked on stays (how boring) and on the turn and sit portion of a go out. Sam is learning all the names to his toys- he knows how to pick up toys and put them away and I thought it would be fun to be a bit more specific as to which toy I want him to pick up...

On Sunday I took Wicca, Vito and Boone all to the off leash park, I went with Wendy and her two dogs, and Deirdre with her two- so we had 7 dogs between us! It was pretty fun. Boone had a blast and did great with the other dogs and people. He never once went into panic mode and was relaxed and happy the whole walk. We worked on random recalls throughout the walk and I was pretty happy with him! Vito and Wicca are total buddies and it was cute to see them play their chase and wrestle games. Vito sure can cover a lot of ground!!! Sam stayed home with a yummy buffalo bone...

I also took Kate and my parents dog Drew for a nice long walk in the afternoon- Kate LOVES to fetch a ball so we did that for a while at the park. Drew is not a "quick" dog and only attempted to get the ball a few times before just laying at my feet...he's not a very active guy and mostly likes to tug or de-stuff toys, not fetch them!

Oh and on Sunday I got my new car...I didn't take pictures as it seemed a little geeky, but this is the same year and model, but mine is "cinnamon" in color....pretty's a 2000 Chrysler Neon...plenty of dog space, without being a mini van or a huge SUV...It will be just perfect for for the hard part.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Uh Oh, and other thinking games...

I work with each dog individually every day- sometimes a few times through out the day- depending on my schedule. We work on little things- heeling, fetching, sit/down/stand, targeting, go outs...all sorts of little things done in the comfort of my living room! It is quite amazing the amount of work you can do in a small space!
I am working hard with Vito to build a fetch. We have clickered a go up to it, put it in my mouth, and carry it.....but the carry it part is very brief. I have, however, been very good about making sure I catch it when he drops it....He still will take off with the toy if I am not fast enough- we are working on fixing this using two toys- and trading. Bring me one, and I will throw the other one. He is good for about 4 reps.

Boone is on his way to becoming a tugging maniac. I was told that he liked to tug but had yet to see it. I tried my fur tug, the fleece tug, and the ball tug- with no result at all. But lately- he has been tugging anything- his leash, my clothes (I know, very, very bad) and his most favorite fur tug...He gets SO excited about it. I am also teaching him how to be wrong and not melt- the excitement over the toy is so great that I have started using my "Uh Oh" non-reward marker. He is handling it very well!!! I start by revving him up pretty good- sits/downs/stands/touch etc.....always giving him the tug as a reward...and then I ask him to do something a little harder or out of normal order. When he makes an error I say "Uh Oh" and withhold the toy. The first time he gave up and walked away...the second time I stayed in the "ready to work" position and kept my body posture excited- he tried again and we had a mini party! I was so happy for him...this is really difficult for him so we do it every day now (in the morning) and I have started to sometime use food as well- his breakfast is very highly motivating and I have found he works great for it! I will continue to build value in the "try again" attitude and see where it gets me.

I think I gave up too soon on Kate in this aspect- she is a dog that HATES to be wrong, and instead of teaching her how to try again I just made sure she didn't know she was wrong- what I ended up teaching her was that when things get difficult stop trying. I basically taught her to shut down. I see this now of course when she is almost 10 years old and retired....

Wicca and I work on stay- every day. I really want a CDX this summer- and unless I train she isn't going to get it. Right? Right. So every morning she gets put in a stay in the laundry room while I get their breakfast ready. Every night she gets put in a stay at the top of the stairs while I play with the other dogs. I have stopped relying on her great "boundary" stays (she will get up on a chair and not get off ever if I tell her, or if she is on the step she won't break a stay) Sarah helped remind me that she isn't going to get better if I don't train it....Funny how that works?! We are also working on Go Outs...which Wicca finds highly amusing...She will now run and smush her nose into the stick, turn and down.....she is supposed to sit...not sure when the down happened but now we have to go back a few steps to fix this....

Sam gets to do a fun shaping exercise every morning. I used to do sit/down/stand speed games but on bad days he can't do that very well anymore. So- I pick on object and we will spend about 5 minutes doing some pure shaping things...He really enjoys it and all that thinking tires him out!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Barn Night

For last nights session Sarah designed two courses so everyone could get a chance to run a course. We don't run courses often as it is hard to actually train on a full course- we do lots of sequencing but some of our students hadn't actually run a course in a few months. So- last night we did just that....and although they were pretty challenging they were also very fun!

This was the first one- a "Novice" Course.

So- when we first walked this there was much discussion about the best way to handle 2-6....I initially walked it using a rear cross to the weaves. After talking it over it was decided that a lead out to the tunnel and two front crosses was the best route. (it is a serpentine afterall)

It ran very smooth when handled like that and I am happy to say that Wicca nailed the weaves both times I ran it. Surprisingly 7-8 was difficult. Wicca REALLY wanted to take the chute and it took some convincing to change her mind...Otherwise it ran smooth and fast!!!

The second course was actually much easier than the first!!!

8-9-10 was a little tricky as the number 9 jump wasn't quite set like that so the dog was blind as to where they were going and if you had a really fast dog and couldn't be there to show them the correct tunnel it was a little bit difficult. I am happy to say that when we finally got there she did it perfectly. 11-12-13 however was a nightmare.....Wicca apparently disagreed with me about the fact that it was a serpentine and did not pick up the cue at all. It took three reps of that before we finally got it....I have now moved serps to the top of my training list....Great weaves again.....And, Wicca got taken off for not sticking her contacts. Once she released on a wrong word (I was proofinf her on the a-frame) and the second time she release on my motion. I picked her up and she missed her turn. I brought her out at the end so we could run the rest of the course and she behaved perfectly (except for the whole miscommunication about the serpentine cue...)

Anyway, it was a pretty interesting evening- we surprised Sarah with an AtchC cake that was very delicious and it was nice to see everyone on a course- it gives us all an idea of what we need to work on!!!

Lost Q's and Relationship problems

Sarah discovered that there are some Q's missing on Wicca's AAC Stats page- and as of yet I haven't been able to track them down. Somewhere along the line I have lost two Advanced Standard Q's and and a Masters Gamblers Q....I am not sure where to look for them so will go back through all last years trial results and see what I can find.....
On another note Wicca and I have a problem. The problem being that she doesn't like me much.

There, I said it.
Wicca has always been the kind of dog that likes to do her own thing- never cuddly or overly affectionate. On her own terms yes, she will come up for a quick kiss and be on her way. I have come to understand and even appreciate her independance but- there has to be a line somewhere and unfortunately I think we crossed that line a long while ago. Wicca doesn't come to me for anything- ever. She won't come to me because I asked her- after I have called her she will sit and decide if it is worth it to her or if she thinks I am mad at her enough to go and physically get her.

I made a lot of mistakes with Wicca when she was younger- I put too much pressure on her - I had a young pup who would do anything I asked her- the teenage stage hit and suddenly she didn't want to do any of that anymore- so I made her. And when I couldn't make her she didn't get to play. I created a dog that when she hears me call her will either a) check out her options- do I have a cookie, a toy or agility equipment b) run away or c) slink to me with her tail tucked.
Nice Eh?

So the plan of action; work on improving our relationship. I have to change my mind set and not be so stubborn about things, and she has to learn that I am fun. The hard part is that Wicca has to think it was her idea. This dog is amazingly smart- but as I have learned cannot be pushed to do anything. I have actually gone through something similar to this with her already. Again- I had a dog who loved to heel, I moved through the steps too fast and soon had a dog who had no interest in heeling. I painstakingly started again from scratch- this time without skipping steps or pushing too hard. You'd think I'd learn!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Fun in the Sun.....err Snow

It was a beautiful day today and I took all the dogs to the daycare to get some new pictures. Even Kate made an appearance! I haven't been able to get any decent pictures of her in a long time- so I took some time today to do just that....

I took a ton of photos so did up collages of various stages of play...
The Corgis (and Boone) having some good wrestling and chase games...Kate, in all her cranky glory! She hasn't been allowed to run with them for awhile- as she gets a little heated pretty quick- but she did great and only had one moment of *itchiness. Like I mentioned I used the time to get some new pictures of kate- she is aging pretty gracefully- and doesn't really act like a 10 year old!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Great day and a new title

Yesterday Sarah, two of our students and I all went to Calgary for one day of an AAC Trial. We had a GREAT day and everyone did awesome.

I will start with Wicca's brag- she Q'd in three out of four runs!!! She did amazing and I couldn't be prouder of her. Her first run of the morning was Masters Gamblers- and we Q'd pretty easily. The gamble was two jumps that you had to send your dog out to a tunnel and then straight out to two jumps, and end with the tunnel towards you. It was actually pretty simple for a masters gamble but a surprising number of dogs couldn't do it. This was her last Q needed for her Masters Gamblers title....this from a dog who still doesn't have a starters snooker Q!!!!

Her second run was the standard run- she did well but flipped out to a tunnel off the dogwalk instead of coming to me like I told her to- the rest of the run was beautiful great weaves and control. It was one of our best runs despite the off course!

Her third run was Team and it was beautiful! Wicca worked great and had no blips, bars or other problems. We were paired with Gyppie and Sarah. (more on Gyppie later)

Her last run of the day was the best we had all day! Steeplechase is proving to be Wicca's best class. She was amazing and ran it in 34 seconds! Clean- Amazing weave poles and really was listening well.

I am so proud of her- not because of the Q's but because she tried SO hard to do what I asked. I think that all the training is really starting to pay off and hopefully we just continue to improve- I have finally entered snooker again in both March and April. We have been practicing so I am really hoping that we can at least get out of starters!!!

Now for everyone elses weekend-

For any of you who know Tag you know that Jo has had to work VERY, VERY hard with him. He is a typical high drive, full throttle Border Collie who has taken a ton of work to get to where he is at. He did great yesterday and he and Jo actually connected on course for the first time. It almost made Sarah and I cry.

Maggie ran the best she ever has and Kim should be so proud of herself and her dog- Maggie is a Bernese Mountain dog- and although it is hard to picture an athletic Berner- Magggie is it. She is a fabulous dog who has enough heart for 10 dogs. She and Kim are a great team and we are very proud of them!

And then there is that Flatcoat! ;o)
Kaleb earned his ATCh yesterday- and his Masters Game title, and his Masters Gamblers title. What a Dog!!! He is an amazing guywho I really do love- despite his annoying barking, heavy breathing and chronic hapiness. That dog has never had a bad day I swear!
Sarah has worked very hard with Kaleb and they make an amazing team. I am so proud of them- he has not been an easy dog and I admire anyone who has the patience to work with a dog like that!!! Nevermind the fact that he has a millon other titles in a millon different sports- K gives it his all every single time- and it shows just how much he loves his Momma!

Sarah's other dog Gyppie has only just started trialing late last year and has taken the agility ring by storm- Gyp had yet another amazing weekend and earned her Advanced title!!! She didn't have a great start in life but with Sarah's hard work she is turning out to be a pretty damn good dog!!!

All this talk of hapiness makes me want to cry or go get a drink!

Thursday, February 14, 2008


So a few of you were wondering what Boone's fancy gentle leader looked like- this morning he graciously modelled for me ;o)

Last night at Rally practice he wore it for the first time in public and did great with it! He has worn it quite a lot in the past few days so is used to how it feels now.

Boone is a great candidate for the Gentle Leader as he tends to gawk around alot, and when he gets to the point where he stops listening I have a hard time reconnecting with him. The Gentle Leader will allow me to gently take control of him and make him look at me. Kim Collins had a really great message about them and although I (like many others) previously didn't hold much regard for head halters it really make sense. Kim believes that head halters are better than nagging at your dog all the time, are a great control device, and teaches your dog work ethic- as when the halter is on, you are working. I was skeptical, after all I tried it with Kate with little success, but when I got home from the first seminar I started doing more research into it and decided to give it a shot. And of course I couldn't have just any only GL- it had to be a pretty one....(we have the far left one...the other two were a litte girlie I thought)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

the sky is falling v.02

Last night we had training at the barn- it went really well and I was pretty happy with how Wicca did. I didn't do a lot with her- in preparation for the trial this weekend I worked on Startlines, weave poles, and jumping. She will still knock the first bar- and did so last night two times in a row. I was not happy and she knew it. Wicca is a funny dog in that she will not hesitate to make a mistake the first time, but will try extra hard the second time to do it right. It drives me wild- if she would try even a little bit the first time we wouldn't have the problem....

I took Boone last night, and gave Vito the night off. I worked on targeting with Boone as he likes to give half assed nose touches and will actually go half way and expect a cookie. I also worked on the contacts last night with him. I haven't done a lot of contact work as I wanted to be sure he understood what I wanted before I put him on. He did great on the dog walk and a-frame- I did some backchaining to begin with and I was overall pretty impressed with him...You can see that he still kind of guesses about what he should do at the end but he is learning that I want him to stay in that position....And then at the end we had a little melt down. I tried to send him to the tunnel under the wall and he took the wall, I withheld a reward and just said "Try Again" well, you would have thought I kicked him!!! He went completely loopy, and would not look at me, couldn't sit still, and just kind of stood and shook. It was very strange. We were all a little surprised at how he went from happy to scared in a matter of seconds. It took a bit of work and some nose touches to get him to focus back on me- we ended on a few jumps with a jackpot and he seemed fine. I was talking to Sarah about it later on the way home and she thinks that I need to make a point of actually teaching him how to be wrong, and that it is okay.

I have decided on a NRM of "Uh Oh" and will start with him this week. I also bought a Gentle Leader on the weekend (with a really cool design) to use for Boone. I am excited as he tends to be over stimulated in new situations and it will be good to have control of what he is looking at. We started last night and this morning getting him used to having it on. I am going to get one for Mr.Vito as well.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Brothers and Sisters

Wicca and Vito LOVE to wrestle...the problem with them is that it gets out of hand and a little heated rather quickly....Usually Sam is around to tell them off, but these pics were taken at the daycare today...Of course they stopped when I told them but it made for some really cool pics....Look at all those teeth!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Brain Overload, Denial and Other things

What a weekend! My brain is still in a fog and all sorts of things are rattling around in there. We had a GREAT time at the second Outreach Weekend and I must say that I have LOTS of things to work on.

Overall I think that Wicca and I have improved alot already- even in three weeks Kim said she noticed a difference- which is great, and makes me feel better about my training. We did lots of challenging things this weekend and I am happy to say that Wicca did really great at most of it. Her weaves were amazing- she only missed one or two entries all weekend, only knocked a few bars and just was a really great dog! The thing I struggle with the most is my off arm and flipping away. Kim talked to me about that at the first outreach and I disagreed and was convinced that I would still continue to use it. Well....after a few weeks of thinking about it, and disagreeing just on principal ;o) I decided that yes, of course Kim is right and yes, my dog is confused, and yes it is my fault, and yes, I will change.

So now, no more off arm flipping away. Instead I am going to be more clear with a verbal cue to help in the gamble, and also teach directionals. So Wicca and I are going to be reteaching Left/Right (we taught this a long time ago but never used it) and Out and Away. So- Out means my dog is going to turn away from me- the same thing my flip arm told her. And Away means move laterally away and take the second (or third) farthest peice of equipment. Sounds complicated right? Why, yes, yes it is. But- I think in the long run it will help. Already I am struggling with how I am going to get my dog to do a gamble without that arm. It will be interesting next weekend for sure!

Vito came to the novice session- all that work for teaching him to back up and we didn't even do it. It was the same in high school ya know- the one time you do your homework and the teacher doesn't even want it....

He did great though- we worked on teeter games, did lots of plank work, rule outs, We did some perch/stool games, and he actually got on the ball. I really like the way she teaches a table and although Vito is pretty good on the table (I am sure it's his favorite thing- food and rest!) I can see how her method will improve it.

And now- for what I think is the most exciting news of the weekend. Boone came along. Yes- out in public, new place, loud barn, new people, new dogs and he did GREAT! He was wagging his tail and completely relaxed when he met people, and easily turned on to "work mode" when I asked him. I was thrilled. He stayed in a box stall- yes, a stall- while I worked the other dogs in the seminar and although he was a little stressed about that he didn't fall to pieces. I was very proud of him.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Handsome Boone


We have the second of the series of Kim Collins Outreach this weekend- and with only three weeks in between seminars we had LOTS of homework. One of the things we had to do was time our contacts and weave poles- somthing I had been curious about at one time or another but never really done. So last night- stop watch in hand we timed the a-frame, dogwalk, teeter, and weaves.

Wicca's contacts are very solid and I am very proud of that fact. Her weaves can be great, or they can be crappy- she has been very good lately with her entrances but gets "stuck" around two or three poles because she is going to fast. It was interesting to see the difference in time when I was close/behind/ahead or what piece of equipment we were coming out of or going to after.

3.34 - over jump, run with
2.88 - out of tunnel, run with
3.40 - send ahead on flat
4.56 - send ahead out of tunnel- crept last 6" checking back then put foot down
4.20 - over jump- slowed/checked in

2.03 - run with
2.40 - small hesitation with me behind
1.78 - ahead of her
1.69 - ahead of her

2.00 - out of tunnel, run with
2.31 - off jump
2.19 - out of tunnel parallel with
2.47 - lateral (15ft) with
2.84 - send ahead from jump

Weaves (12)
3.79 - "stuck" 3 times in poles,
3.25 - running with
3.50 - 90degrees into poles over jump
3.03- behind

So now I have to do the rest of my homework- get my notes all cleaned up and in order. Sarah was appalled at how disorganised my notes were so I can imagine how much Kim will like them.
I also am working on teachin Vito how to back up. It isn't going well.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sheep Fun!

Saturday morning Sarah and I braved the cold and went out to Scott and Jenny Glens place again for a morning of sheep herding. We had a blast and it was neat to see how the dogs progress each time.

Wicca was first- and she was excited the instant she was out of the Rav. We worked first on teaching her that when the sheep run she has to stop and wait (lie down) So we worked her on a long line- to make sure she understood. We spent quite a bit of time on that. After we let her off the line and gave her a chance to "be bad" to bring back the excitement. She was great and had really fast downs- Scott explained to me that she doesn't neccesarily need to lie down- but stopping is more important. I told him that Wicca is one of those give an inch, take a mile kinda dogs- we agreed that making her lie down was in both our favours!

Gyppie's turn was next and she was GREAT! She set right down to work and only had a few moments of trying to decide between Pete (he barn cat) and the sheep. In the end the sheep were more fun. Her progress on her lie downs were very noticeable- as Sarah had worked hard on that using toys and excitement.

I brought Vito out to watch half way through Gyps turn and he was so excited. Instantly he locked onto the sheep and started whining and barking. I told Scott that I wasn't sure what he would do with sheep as he'd never been exposed to them or anything- for some reason I thought he wouldn't be that interested. Boy was I wrong! Vito LOVED it. He was on a long line as I knew he would not lie down with this much excitement- it was a good thing because he was completely out of control. I'd never seen him run so hard. Because his lie down was almost non-existant we worked on that at first- making him listen and only releasing him after he'd lie down. We also started to teach him to move to the outside of the sheep- which he did great. Scott used a rolled up feed bag to put some pressure on Vito to move out- Vito didn't appreciate that and started to lip curl whenever Scott would move in. It was funny...(but not really, I know) I was very impressed with him- he moved out around them better than Wicca did! (first timers excitement mostly) But wow! He did it and was having a great time.

You can see the pictures Jenny took on her blog:

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Sesame Street Personality Quiz

You Are Oscar the Grouch

Grumpy and grouchy, you aren't just pessimistic. You revel in your pessimism.

You are usually feeling: Unhappy. Unless it's rainy outside, and even then you know the foul weather won't last.

You are famous for: Being mean yet lovable. And you hate the lovable part.

How you life your life: As a slob. But it's not repelling as many people as you'd like!