Saturday, November 11, 2006

agility stuff

Well, lots has happened in the past few weeks. I guess I'll start in order

Agility Trial- Balzsac
-Sam Q'd in Jumpers. Wicca ran really well, still blowing me off on contacts, missing weave entries, but had good start lines

Private Lesson with Shannen- Was awesome! We had a blast and Shannen always has really great ideas for stuff- She suggested I actually put a command to a "tight" around a jump for Sam and Wicca, and also had some really good reminders about being consistent with the little things- treating low on contacts, demanding a nose touch etc. Also she showed us the "gates" on the weave poles and I am totally going to try that with Sam- he has been the hardest dog to teach weaves, I think this will just help him to "get" it. Overall, It was very worth the drive and Sarah and I are going to do it again on the 25th of Nov.

Have been practicing alot lately, Sam offered 6 poles by himself, no gates, and I was about 8 feet behind him. He is really starting to get it, I am so excited! Wicca is doing awesome with her contacts and start lines. I feel that we are finally getting somewhere. There are moments of brilliance in this dog- of course she usually burst s my bubble by promptly [plowing into a jump or something stupid.

Nov 11- AAC Agility trial- Calgary agility
We went up just for the day and my dogs did awesome. No Q's but huge improvements with both of them.
Sam weaved 12 poles in Adv. Std. It was amazing- he nailed the entry and stayed in the whole way! He was a very good boy all day and had some great runs. I think I may have to be more clear with him what I expect for the contacts though. With all this confidence his speed is way up and he missed two contacts today. And I need to start incorporating the spread and the double more into training- both dogs knocked those today.
Wicca had rock solid start lines, and STUCK EVERY CONTACT! I am so happy with her, she was really really great today, she nailed a few weavepole entries and overall was jsut a really great dog today.