Monday, November 09, 2009

A Year of Trialing

Well, I ended up pulling the dogs from the agility trial this weekend- which is just aswell because we wouldn't have gotten in! The entries filled up super fast. I guess it was meant to be.

Anyway, this means that the Training Troop trial a few weeks ago was our last trial of the year. :o( It seems like this year just flew by. I find it amazing it is already the middle of November almost!

It has been a great year trial wise. The dogs and I have really started to work together. I've finally become the handler my dogs need me to be, and because of that they are doing better than ever.

Most noticeable to me is Wicca. I am not afraid to handle my dog. I know how to do stuff, and am mostly confident in my abilities. We've had some really great runs this past year- the clean jumpers round at Regionals, the clean run at Nationals. The gambles, the Snookers...It's been an amazing difference compared to the years before.

Boone has also come a long way- he has moved up from starters so quickly, and is really coming into his own. Each trial he is better and better. All the hard work and training is really paying off, and the results are astounding.

I don't really trial all that often. We have at most one trial a month in the area, and I don't make it to all of them. This year especially I missed more than normal. I went back in my blog and counted trials we went to and realised we only made it to 6.5 trials. (not including regionals/nationals)

January- Training Troop
Feb- none
March- Training Troop
April- none
may- Flashing Canines
june- regionals
july- nationals
august- none
September- Flashing Canines
September- Kimberley
Oct- one day Calgary Agility
Oct- Training Troop
(i don't think i forgot any!)

So in 6.5 trials Boone qualified in 16 runs. At the beginning of the year he wasn't even running full trials. It is only in the past few months that I've started that. He earned three titles, and is one Q away from another. He has come so far, and is running so well. It has been a lot of work, but has been well worth it.

Wicca qualified in 19 runs. Only one of those was in jumpers, and six of those were in Steeplechase. She finally earned her MAD (a VERY proud moment for me) aswell as a few games titles. Last year we ended at 20 Q's- but this year we've missed more trials due to sickness, injury, and not getting in :o)I am happy with the progress we've made, and to be honest most of the runs I remember and think of as great ones aren't even the ones we've Q'd in!

I am looking forward to the next year of trialing. Courses are getting harder and harder, which means that our training also has to improve. Each year we get better and better- I am excited for the opportunity to put my training to the test- that is really what trialing is about for me. We have a few months now of just training and each dog (and me!!!) has a list of things to work on between now and then!


Sarah said...

you had a great year, and the improvements were amazing!!!! your handling has improved and it shows with wicca. your training has paid off and you've adapted better to boone's style and found what makes him tick which so OBVIOUSLY has paid off ... being that he has almost caught up to Wicca in one year :) hehe (GO BOONE!!!!)

i had to go back and count how many trials i did too after i read your post (including this one coming up is only 7 full trials and 3 one day trials + reg. and nats.) WTF!!! it seems like way more like you said! imagine being somewhere you could trial 2 or 3 times a month, NUTS!!!!

hey and remember, the 5 weekend seminars we did!!! 3 kim - 2 terry - i guess that is why our handling is getting better too :) .....

here's to a great 2010!!!!!!!!

... p.s. you forgot to add the Terry Simons Masters Day Trial in May :) just to be the anal one, you know :) i never forget a thing ....

Papillon Penny said...

You should be very proud! You've done such amazing things with your dogs & you are one of the trainers I always ask for advice! I can't believe how Boone has improved - he's a totally different dog now thanks to you!

manymuddypaws said...

the seminars will be a post all on their own. :o) They could actually be a book! haha

Natasha said...

An incredible year! Congrats on all the accomplishments!


Natasha said...

To answer your question on my blog, we don't have any indoor places nearby (same place as the fun matches will be held), so we'll just leave the training for the fun matches once a month. Thanks for commenting :)