Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wicca Update

Concerned 47/52, originally uploaded by manymuddypaws.

Today I took Wicca to Calgary (Dr.Veronica Devall) again for a recheck. The appointment went well.

Her pelvis, spine and neck were all pretty good. Just a few minor adjustments. She got an accupuncture treatment, and another B12 Injection. Veronica is happy witht the improvement but Wicca still has a ways to go. We are still on restricted activity- leash walks only. Trotting in small amounts. Nothing strenuous, no twisting, jumping, or anything crazy like.

She sent us home with two more supplements- Ligaplex is specifically to help repair tendons and ligaments. And Catalyn , which is a vitamin of sorts. This is on top of her joint supplement.

I am very glad for the improvement. Even her attitude is slowly getting better. She is happy again, and is actually using her rear properly. We will continue with the stretching three times a day and have to go up again in two weeks.

I have been giving serious thought about permanent retirement for Wicca. It's sad to think she will never get to play again but if it's in her best interest there will be no question. We are still playing a waiting game as to how long it will take, or what the expected recovery is.


Jules said...

I am glad Wicca is feeling better. I used Ligaplex with Bug when he was recovering from his iliopsoas and his hip injury.

Tucker The Crestie said...

We're glad to know that Wicca is improving and are crossing paws that she continues to do so!

Mary Lou said...

It is SOOOO GOOD to read a POSITIVE update on Wicca!! Indeed, I am GLAD that she is IMPROVING!! :op
RETIREMENT? Wow.... THAT is a HUGE decision!! :)
Take care, Amanda!!