Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Half Empty

So in real life I am most definitely a "glass half empty" kinda girl. I do try to keep positive for important things but my general attitude is a bad one. I blame my fathers side of the family and my own demons. I am quick to think the worst. Especially when it comes to my dogs.

This weekend Wicca and Brit tagged along while I taught agility. We were in a barn, and it was cool, but not abnormally so.  Wicca came out of her crate Saturday at noon and wouldn't put her foot down for a few minutes I was worried. I walked her out and she seemed to loosen up a bit. I put her back in the crate with her Back on Track coat on. When I took her out of the crate a few hours later and again she would not weight bear, and in fact kind of acted like the foot was asleep I instantly went into OMFG mode.

 Saturday night she was in obvious discomfort- she was restless, I slept like crap. I massaged and rubbed her leg for hours. All I have thought about since Saturday is that if Wicca has a back problem I might die. Serious. Not sure I could handle going through that again. Now keep in mind I haven't been to the vet yet. I can't get in to see my specialist vet for two weeks. Which is too long. I have sent her an email begging for an earilier appointment. I need to know what is wrong with her, or at the very least start with some solid findings. Sarah gave her a nice massage tonite and found lots of ouchie spots, it doesn't seem limited to one area.  It could be muscle strain or a pulled something or other. Or a combination of arthritis, how cold it was Saturday, and the fact she barely drank anything all day. Maybe it was just a muscle cramp. Or maybe not. It's the maybe not that is killing me.

 I am a mess. Since Saturday I've been distracted, frazzled and aggravated. I need to chill out. To get in the right mind set for my other dog this weekend. But I can't.  Wicca is wondering why I am freaking out.  I've given her a million massages since Saturday. I am sure that she wishes I'd stop touching her.

I hope I am over-reacting, and that it's not a big deal. Just some muscle strain, or at the very worst a pinched nerve. But what if I'm not?


K-Koira said...

I always do the same thing, at least when it comes to my dogs. Pallo started limping Sunday morning after his first race of the day at a flyball tournament. Just a bit of a limp and a weird twist in his walk. I pulled him from the tournament and spent the rest of that day and the next terrified that he had an ACL tear. Finally got to the vet, it was a muscle strain, two weeks limited activity, he was right as rain.

At least, when you worry so much, the news is almost always good news when you finally get it. Sending good vibes and good wished to Wicca.

Taryn said...

I've just gotten over something similar with Wilson (or at least I hope it is over!) Do you have any Metacam (prescription anti-inflammatory) on hand? My vet put Wilson on a week of restricted exercise and Metacam (I always have some as Wilson is often a gimpy boy). No steps, no jumping up/down from furniture/car, short walks, etc. I also got him adjusted by my chiro vet including some cold laser treatment, followed up by a massage this past Saturday. He feels so much better, I've had to tell him to settle down out in the yard for fear he will hurt himself.

Hopefully, Wicca just strained something and it will resolve with rest and massages. I know how scary corgi backs can be!

Diana said...

Man that sucks! I hope you find out something soon.

I need orange said...

As someone with the same tendencies, I offer you a few thoughts.

The primary one is -- freaking out NEVER helps. Things are what they are, and freaking out about it won't make it not happen (and is a huge waste of time/energy/life! if it wasn't happening in the first place....). Our ability to cope with a real emergency is lessened if we freak out, and it is so hard on our bodies, our minds, and those around us when we freak out.

We do have some control over whether we freak out. When we see it happening, we can close our eyes, take a deep breath, and relax every muscle in our bodies. When we know that we are freaking out, we can decide to avoid as much of that as possible by staying as relaxed physically as we can. Deep breath. Let it out slowly, consciously relaxing every muscle. Another deep breath.....

Keep telling ourselves that "Everything most often turns out ok."

Nothing is a magic cure, but for me, knowing that I had at least some control over it (freaking out not an inevitable one-way street!!!) makes a huge difference. I still worry too much, I am sure, but I am better than I was.

Knowing that I don't HAVE to slide right on down into the abyss -- that I can put on the brakes and choose a less-fraught path, has been so helpful to me.

Hoping right along with you that it is something easily dealt with!

Anonymous said...

That's when we wish dogs could talk - then Wicca could tell you exactly what was wrong.
I totally understand as we're in pretty much the same 'freak out' boat right now!
Sarah B.

WigglyZack said...

I am just like you and worry too. Hope it is nothing - hang in there. Wicca is a tough cookie I am sure she will be fine.

Mary Lou said...

Oh Amanda.... I AM SO SORRY!!
Hopefully Wicca's condition is nothing BLEAK.... And PLENTY OF REST will ENABLE her RECOVERY!!
I dislike uncertainty as well, so KEEP US UPDATED!! ;-}
To Wicca: GET WELL SOON!! ;op

Nicki said...

I always do the same thing when it's my pet. Freak out and think every thing is life threatening, etc. And I am the vet. I had a total meltdown on my kitchen floor after Legend's first seizure. So I think you are very normal. But I do hope it's nothing.

Kathy said...

Please keep us updated on your girl. My girl has bicep tendentious with some of the same symptoms and if I run a USDAA trial with 5 or 6 runs she is lame before the end of the day. This is one of the reasons I pushed her back to preferred and veterans.

Laurie in Alberta said...

I hope your little spitfire recovers quickly and it is nothing too, too serious. I can hardly bear when my cardis have problems, but try and stay calm for Wicca's sake. Just a thought, you mentioned arthritis... I have two of my cardis on liquid Syn-flex -- one little gal has a dysplastic hip and my boy a very crooked front leg, so some related shoulder issues. The Syn-Flex has worked wonders on them. I buy it via eBay as the only place you can get it in Alberta is through one pharmacy in Edmonton and it costs a lot more than shipping it from the States. I give it every day to all my cardis.