Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions and such...

So it is the 31st today...the last day of the year and although I don't generally like to do the whole New Years Resolution thing this year I do have some specific goals...

General Resolutions
1) Be Healthier- I tend to have not great eating habits, haven't gone to the doctors in forever, and am just generally too busy to take care of myself
2)Get my ass in gear and behind the wheel- self explanatory I think
3) Save more money...

General Dog Resolutions
1) Train more often
2) Be a more patient trainer

Wicca's Resolutions
1) Get a CDX
2) Get into the Rally ring
3) Win her height division at regionals and place at Nationals

Sam's Resolutions
1) More tracking (see below post)
2) Send for PEN # (it's the procrastinator in me)
3) Keep up with the physio

Vito's Resolutions
1) Teach him to weave
2) Get into the Rally Ring
3) Get him out more into the general public- increase his confidence with people

Boone's Resolutions
1) Cutting ALL of his nails without fuss
2) Be okay when I leave him for a weekend (a post about that coming soon)
3) Get into an Obedience/Rally ring

Kate doesn't really have resolutions....the joys of retirement and couch potato life! ;o)

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Katrin said...

I don't know that your 'saving money' resolution fits in so well with your ones for the dogs 'getting in the rally/obed ring, getting a CDX, etc' LOL

Have a great new year!