Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Video

I brought all the dogs to work last night and even managed to get some video!
Wicca really needs work on entries- especially when there is speed involved. This is near the end of the session- after I worked on three poles- and a gate. I was overall pretty happy with her. She is such a great weaver- she just has to get in there!

I worked on jump skills with Vito- some one jump exercises aswell as 180's. He did great and was very full of himself. We also worked on some heeling and stationary attention. I used the goodie container to get him to move out ahead of me in a straight line- which of course he loved! He's so cute!

Boone had a great time- I haven't done much with him as I wasn't sure what all I wanted to do with him. At this point I am still figuring out what he knows- and what he thinks he knows :o)
Boone has a few Q's already so he has a pretty good idea of what a jump is, and he loves tunnels. I am working on targeting on the flat to retrain contacts as I want a 2on2off. Last night I asked him to weave for the first time- so I could see what I have to work with. He kind of gets it...but not really. i think he mostly guesses until he gets it right :o)
It is very cute to see him try so hard. I think a month of gate training and he will have decent weaves...I found that he loves the goodie container so we used that last night to work on some basic jump drills...

and Sam got to come out and run through a few tunnels and play catch while I packed up. He was pretty excited about it....

Anyway, here is the video of Wicca weaving. I put the camera on a chair and just let it go. I know nothing about Video editing so there are some "gaps" of nothingness. Sorry :o)
Enjoy it anyway!

For some stupid reason I can't get the code to work.....For now- use the above link!


Katrin said...

Ok I LOVE the last bit where she knocked the camera off!!! LOL!!!

Then, does she always run like that? Tending to use both back feet at the same time, not individually when running? (not necessarily in the poles but coming out of the tunnel or going to the jump after the poles) Almost as a bunny hop?

I've just kind of noticed in my agility travels that dogs who have trouble using each back foot individually when running (and most times the surface caueses this though other times it's structural) can have some trouble getting the right stride to hit a weave entrance.

I would be interested to see a video of the same set up but on a different footing, like grass or dirt and see if she changes the way she runs.

Might not be the case for her, but something to think about if you wish.

manymuddypaws said...

it is mostly the footing- she is always more careful on the matting- but we rarely trial on matting and train mostly outdoors or in dirt- she still pops...Wicca has collection issues- with jumping and weaving...Basically she is in such a hurry she doesn't adjust. I have been working on teaching her and we now have a verbal cue that means adjust...but it is not fool proof yet :o)

Katrin said...

Hmm, Niche has the issue with rushing, wanting to go so fast that he can't be bothered to collect on weaves. Jumps, not so much an issue, thankfully.

Have you done much ladder work with her?

That helped J when he was having an issue collecting at the weaves. He really had to think about each individual foot. I haven't had a chance much to do it with Niche.

manymuddypaws said...

we have done lots of grid work- and ladders etc. when she was younger. The gates are working great and already I am seeing improvement...slow but steady!

Katrin said...

I agree, gates are great!!!

Kim said...

Guppy says he wants to come live with you and be an agility superstar... he says the breed ring is for ninnies!

Brittany said...

I love your blog! I hope you don't mind my linking to it! My plan is to do agility with my guide dog puppy if he doesn't make it as a guide.

the Corgi Girls said...


Come on, come all...

To the Corgi Lounge New Year's Eve into the New Year!

(sleepovers welcome)

Muttsandaklutz said...

Hi there,

Just found your blog today when reading the Days of Speed blog. Your dogs are totally adorable, and I watched a couple of your videos and they can really run! and weave! Awesome! I have bookmarked your blog and plan to visit often.