Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weigh In..

Last week I had to take all of the dogs to the vet to get weighed, and to pick up a dose of revolution for each of them (more about that later)

Anyway, I was kind of surprised at how the dogs compared. The short dogs are all around the same height (give or take a few inches) and they all eat the same food, and even around the same amount. I am feeding Acana Pacifica and they are doing great on it. I have been feeding Acana for over 2 years now and am very happy with it.

Anyway, on to the break down!

27.1 lbs
Vito is l-o-n-g, and is my thinnest dog. He has a hard time keeping weight on, so I was surprised that he weighed so much. He stands 12.5ish inches tall. He is a very "light" looking dog and does not have a lot of bone or substance. Because he is always on the lean side I am feeding him 1.5 cups/day

26.8 lbs
Wicca is a stocky little dog- and stands at 11.5 inches tall. She has moderate bone, and is pretty much at her ideal weight right now- not too ribby, but thin. She tends to pack on the weight pretty quickly so I am very careful about her food/treat intake. Right now she eats 1 cup/day.

22.5 lbs
Boone is very willowy- tall, and gangly almost. He stands 15.5 inches tall, and wears his weight well. He is very hairy so it is hard to tell sometimes- but his ribs aren't easily felt or visible when he's wet. He is a bit on the thick side right now and I have been cutting his food back. I think he needs to lose around 2 pounds. He is eating 3/4's of a cup per day. (He was eating 1 cup)

19.2 lbs
Pixel is just filling out, and is around 10.5-11 inches tall right now. She has broadened in the chest, and it wasn't a surprise that she weighs nearly 20lbs. She has a lot of hair- but under all the coat is at a good weight- not chunky at all, and not thin. She is eating 1 cup/day.


doberkim said...

isnt it weird that all your dogs combined still eat less than just one of my dogs (any one of them, take your pick!)????

ive never heard of acana... off to google it... i dont feed kibble often, only the old lady eats it, but i like to keep abreast of newer kibbles.

Deirdre said...

Pacifica is the one we just switch to - going to see if Cricket does better on this then the previous Wellness (whitefish and sweet potato). She has had chronic ear infection all winter and realised it was the food. So after a potato diet cleanse we are on Acana now. Cross your fingers that it works for her.