Monday, March 16, 2009

Hail Ceaser....not.

I didn't intend to blog again so early in the morning... (I have a blog scheduled to post at noon today) but after reading Dolittler's post this morning I had to share.

Check it out...great post, and lots of comments both for and against. very good discussion.

For those of you who don't know I hate him and his "methods."

I think that basically he has the right idea but man oh man does he have an ego, and really, really does a bad job with scared and fearful dogs. Almost as bad as Brad Pattison.

In my opinion of course.


Sarah said...

OK Amanda, for someone that has not watched many of his shows (i watch them alot - and you make fun of me - I watch them, not for advice, but for more of informed opinion) I think you use HATE as too strong of a word, I think you should save HATE for Brad Pattision frankly.

For the record, I think you have the same control over large packs of dogs Cesar has - I mean that as a compliment - in a warped way - you can stop 30 dogs at a daycare in their tracks by your presence alone, not something many people can do. Same thing when you worked at the boarding kennel, dogs respect you. And you can do it all with out using "TSSSTTTT"

Not something you learned from Cesar - but it comes natural to you, and as you know it is not natural for alot of people - like the 'victims' on his show. Just some food for thought. You either have it or you don't.

I don't agree with alot of what he does either (TV editing is a wonderful thing).

I just have an issue with the word "HATE". The word "HATE" closes minds and forms harsh opinions. I think there is something to learn from Cesar and Brad, most if which may be - WHAT NOT TO DO, but you still learn from it.

IMHO .......

Jules said...

EXACTLY! Cesar is about force of personality. Most of us don't have that. I had to stop from commenting on that blog post's comments. My blood was starting to boil. I think he lacks training technique - period. But what I hate is that his programme gives people the mis-informed idea they have this very same force of personality.

having a soft dog (well, two now), I also dislike how he floods dogs. So not cool.

manymuddypaws said...

i wrote it the first time with "Strongly dislike" but didn't think it was strong enough :o)

i really, really dislike what he stands for.

people are always out for a quick fix and it drives me crazy that people think it is okay to do what these idiots do on tv.

the dolittlers post was very, very good which is why i posted about it.

i try not to rant on this blog as really I know that I am one of the few people in the world who don't like ceasar- and am not up for an argument.

i dislike him and pattison the same amount- but for different reasons.

it's my blog and I can hate who i want to.



Sarah said...

Hey I certainly do not want to give the idea i like him, or his "magical techniques" and "voodoo", I just have an issue with the word the "HATE" in pretty much any situations - and the connotations it CAN carry , and I think by posting what you posted, you were ASKING for opinions - just like you posted yours.

Sometimes don't you learn more from things when they are bad - like an agility run gone bad You learn what NOT do do.


his name is spelled Cesar, if you are gonna dis him you should spell it correctly.

You spelled Brads name correct - thank god.

Sarah said...

p.s. I forgot to add that the dolittler article was really good, THANK YOU for posting the link!!!!

manymuddypaws said...

sorry for spelling his name wrong. you can see how often I read/watch anything of his.

i know you don't like the word hate- but for me it means something different I guess.

i know that quite often you can learn lots from watching bad- (as in what not to do) but not all people know it's bad!!!

but i get your side, and I understand what you mean.

Sarah said...

i'm just giving you a hard time :)

true not all people know its bad, like my friend who LOVES Brad Pattison, oh my word ....

people take things far too literal - and if its on TV its true Right?

Jules said...

Dr. Sophia Yin chimed in-in the comments sectiosn with some great links to YouTube videos of cesar performing some of the moves his supporters claim they have never seen. Don't know if you cheecke dthe comments again.

Diggy said...

Brad is an abusive asshole period. He should not be allowed anywhere near a dog if you ask me! Cesar's techniques work, but for the wrong reasons. I think he means well, but doesn't understand what he is doing well enough to realize there is a kinder way to change the dog's behaviour. Alot of what you see on Dog Whisperer that looks like the dogs are "fixed" is learned helplessness. The dog is not learning an appropraite behaviour, just shutting down from being constantly corrected. The flooding bothers me as well. However, Cesar's general mantra of excercise, discipline (boundaries and consquences), affection, has value. That being said, I do not think that either he or Pattison is really a good role model for the general dog owner, many of who will immitate their techniques, and not properly. I was talking with a trainer in Calgary, who has been working with dogs for 30 years, who says she has noticed a large increase in biting, and dog problems since Dog Whisperer and At The End of My Leash started up. I see people all the time who try to do the Cesar thing, using the foot correction when walking, or the usually doesn't work, as they don't know how to do it properly and lack his impeccable timing.

You are right Sarah, Pattison is a great example of what not to do!

My two cents anyways. I really want to see a positive training show on TV. I miss Stanley Coren's Good Dog. One of my long term goals, is to start me own training tv show.

Sarah said...

AMEN! You said that well!