Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday and a Neutrotic Dog Mom..

I am off this weekend with Sarah to an agility trial. It is a very, very full trial- so hopefully doesn't go until 8pm each night. There are 50 dogs on the waiting list to get in. Crazy eh? Anyway, thankfully we got in. Boone and Wicca are both entered in full trials. Should be fun!

I have high hopes for both dogs. Boone is going to get all of his contacts- and he is going to get more thatn 80% of his weave pole entries. We are going to stick together, and I am going to stay in his head to ensure that happens. Wicca is going to listen, and I am going to handle. Period.

Vito is going to Wendy's house, and I am leaving Pixel at home for the first time. She is staying with my friend Cindy- who has a Cardi named Su'nar. I know that Cindy knows about puppies, and corgis...but I still worry a bit. She's the baby. I love her. I will miss her.
But- it is good for her to have a weekend away. She'll be fine.

Wish us Luck!!!

Here is the email I've sent Cindy about Pixel's care...because I am neurotic....
I share only to give you a little early friday morning humour....



Okay, so I trust you, and I know that you know about puppies, and I know that Pixel will be just fine. But she's the baby. So humour me.

She gets 1 cup a day- split into two meals. She eats in a crate and will run to it and wait for me to put the bowl down. She eats fast- and will guard her food from the other dogs- so if you don't feed her in a crate, feed her in a different room than Su'nar. She will try and steal Su'nars food if she is done first. She only tried once with Wicca- but she is a pushy little thing and will try with Su'nar. She likes chewies and bones. She's had raw beef bones before. Never chicken though...She likes to swallow big pieces...

She sleeps in a crate at night- but I know she is going to sleep loose at your house. I hope she doesn't pee. If she does, I'm sorry but it's your fault. We wake up around 6- but in a crate she will go back to sleep on weekends or sleep in days- let me know how she does out of one!

She is housetrained and hasn't had an accident in weeks- hopefully she doesn't pee in your house!

She will eat poop if given the chance. She is sneaky, and fast. We are working on it. She is much better and will now leave it if I am with her- but if I am not out with her you bet she'll get it. I know, gross. Especially your raw fed dog poop. That stuff is a delicacy apparently....

She will eat stuff- paper, kleenux, anything like that- shredded. She adores cardboard.

She is not barky normally, and is very good on walks- she doesn't pull and knows to sit at the corners.

She is not reliable off leash. She is okay at the dogpark but really is just following the other dogs- she is easily distracted. I will send along a retractable leash for you if you take her to the park. (because I am neurotic)

She loves to fetch toys- and will de-squeak, and de-fuzz a toy in minutes. She likes to eat the arms and legs off. Toys must be supervised. She loves to tug the most- and plays well with toys with other dogs. She loves kitties- and will try and kiss yours. :o)

She knows how to sit to get her leash on. Off means get off of me. Kennel is her crate command. She won't leave the crate unless you say okay.

She is friendly- but she's a corgi- she doesn't like to be cuddled and hates to be grabbed at. Food is the way to her heart.

I know you know all of this...but she's the baby. And I will miss her. My cell number is ##### if you need me. You can also call Wendy if there is an emergency (like the kitty claws her eye out after she attempted to kiss it) Her number is ###### or #######.

I will be back on Sunday night- hopefully not too late. I will call you when I get back into town and come and pick her up.

Have a good weekend!!!


Jules said...

Good luck. Way to go with the positive thinking!

I hope Pixel has a blast with her Auntie.

Sarah said...

you call that neurotic ..... LOL

i have a good feeling about this weekend too!

Kim said...

Good luck this weekend - I know you will do great!

...and Pixel will be fine :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck this weekend...and yah Pixel will have fun with Cindy..


Judy said...

Too cute....I can hardly wait to hear Cindy's side of things. Good luck at the trial!

Jenny Glen said...

Groan! You are as screwed up as I am!

Nicki said...

i'm that way when I leave my dogs!