Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Best. Boss. Ever.

Wendy is the bestest boss ever.

She surprised me today with a camera!

I have been waffling about buying one.

Root Canal or Camera? Root Canal or Camera? The Camera was winning...

so now I have no excuse for my tooth. (shucks)

She bought Sarah's old one for me- a SLR Pentax istDL. Sarah got a fancier one recently and I had asked her if she wanted to sell the old one to me and she never got back to me...now I know why.

Anyway, I have been playing around with it all night. It is different than the Canon Rebel I've been using at work but once I get used to it- it will be great!

Lucky, Lucky Me! - and you- I will have more photos to post of the dogs :o)

This gift is for me working for her- in August it will be two years since Paws on the Run was created....Oh, and compensation for never being Employee of the Day,Month, or Year! :o)


Kim said...

Wow! That is a great employee appreciation gift!

***So I guess you don't need me to check out the prices of the Rebels for you???

Have fun with your new camera.

dreameyce said...

YEA!!! Congrats!! WHEE!!! I can't wait for the masses of more pics :)

Jules said...

What a super gift! Super boss. Congrats!!

Diana said...

Great gift!! Love the blog header. Diana

miradukesadie said...

You deserve it! Happy 2 years and here's to many more! =)

Paws on the Run said...

So now you need to make sure to pick up more than 6 poops a day.

Robert said...

So has she explained yet how she's going to have you working second shift in her new photography division?
Well, if it were any other boss we'd suspect ulterior motives....