Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Great News

Name: Boone
Breed: Berger Des Pyrenees
Microchip: 982009105845364
Number: PEN29000014

CKC here we come!!!!

I got the best mail ever today. It totally cheered me up.

Boone recieved his PEN number in the mail today. I am so excited.

The Performance Event Number will enable Boone to participate in CKC Performance Events- Rally, Obedience, Herding, Scent Hurdle etc.

I applied a while ago and had my fingers and toes crossed that it would be approved. Getting a PEN number is not easy- you have to have a pretty good reason why the dog wasn't registered in the first place. I simply said he was a rescue.

Even though I wouldn't have been able to compete in Rally with him if we hadn't got the number I still have been training. I think he could easily be ready for Novice Rally in May at Medicine Hat. I'm going to fill out the entry tomorrow.

Woohoo! Boonie!


Sarah said...

very cool!!

fingers crossed for Gyppie's too!

Jules said...

That is GREAT news!!

Brittany said...

That is wonderful!!

onecollie said...

Medicine Hat will never be the same! LOL!!

Sue said...

Great news. Good luck, Boone!

Alana said...


GeeRome said...


Now Gio and Boone can be "PEN-pals".

*cue lame joke music*

Don't forget, you guys can rock out in CARO rally-o as well. I actually prefer CARO to CKC when it comes to rally, anyways.

But YAY for new venue opportunities!