Sunday, October 05, 2008

One Day Results..

First off I have to tell you all how unhappy Wicca was- to get there, and be all excited, and then be banished to a crate and not allowed to play. She protested, loudly.

The boys had a good day though, and it was really nice to get home at a decent time last night.

The first class was Gamblers- Boone is in Advanced and did a really good job. He had good contacts- his a-frame was much better this time around, and he had very good jump commitment. He didn't get the gamble- you had to turn them off the dogwalk (from a few feet away) into a straight tunnel about 15 feet or so. He wasn't having any of that :o)

And then little Vito got to play in Starters Gamblers. He did pretty good- and kept doing the dogwalk over, and over, and over again :o) He realllly wanted a cookie! But he didn't get nervous about the judge, or anything like that and I think had lots of fun- even though he was freakin' slow!

The next class was a Standard- Boone was entered and did well. He had a few moments of no focus, which led to an off course, and he jumped off the table, but overall he was a good boy. We really have to work on our table.

The last class was another Gamble. Boone did great and I was very, very proud of him. The gamble had a set of 6 weaves and I wasn't very optimistic about it but he got the entry! I was so excited for him. Of course he didn't weave the other four but he finished the "hard" part of the gamble with no problems.

Vito was one of the last dogs of the day and he was sooooo cute! We had to wait on the line so I flipped him over and rubbed his belly- which he hates, but it totally got him pumped up. He was super fast (for Vito) and we had a great start. He got spooked by a pole setter who peered around a corner at him, but recovered enough to do a mini gamble- and then he promptly ran out of steam. The end. I couldn't get him to even take a jump... :o) But he was still cute, and we ended on a tunnel and lots of pets and cookies so I think he had a good experience.

The worst part of the day was measuring Vito- he had a pretty bad experience and was very scared. He even pee'd poor guy. And, he measured over 12 inches- so I ran him at 6" FEO but he'll have to eventually run 10".

The best part of the day was Boonie's warm up. He did a whole warm up with just a tug- no cookies. I was thrilled. He was a tugging machine, and was super excited. What a good boy!!!


Sarah said...

hey, in V's defense he wasn't that slow! Not all dogs can be as fast as Wicca! haha!!!

The Boyz did great, it was fun seeing V run, and Boonie just keeps getting better and better!!!!!

Diana said...

Sounds like everyone had a great time. Diana

Jules said...

Hey, even with Vito's speed it sounds like you made your goals for the weekend. Congratulations. Wicca must have been furious!

Kim said...

What a great day you had playing with the boys! Vito was the cutest! I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him when he was running the course - and wow, can he run when he wants to. What a cutie!
Boone gets more and more confident every time I see him. He is such a good boy.