Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Fever Continues- What I am looking for in a Puppy

A Girl- Wicca is out numbered and I really do like a girl dog personality more than a boy.

A dog with an edge- I want the bad puppy, the one that gets into everything, and is trouble from the start (Wicca was that dog as a baby...oh who am I kidding she is that dog now!)

Blue, Black, or Red- I am not a brindle person, and from the photos I have seen it seems that the brindles are bigger...There are always exceptions though and color is on the bottom of my list. Blue is my preference.

A Small Dog- I really don't want a big boned Cardi- lots, and lots, and lots of those out there, mostly those seem to be the ones that are bred purely for the conformation ring, I want an agile corgi. So a small female is high on my list of priorities.

A Multipurpose dog- although above I said I don't want a big boned dog I would like a dog that I can do anything I want with and if the fancy strikes me to put her in the show ring then so be it. I showed Wicca briefly- no competition and I gave up. It was kind of fun...

A dog that is sound- here is the catch 22- I want a dog that is built well. Wicca has a bad top line, and although as of yet it hasn't hurt her performance or athleticism I would like a dog with a nice topline, a good front, and of course one that is a good mover...

A dog that will fetch- toy drive is very, very important and I need to have that in a puppy right from the start, it will make training that much better.

And most of all I need a good work ethic- I need a puppy who loves to learn, and wants to play.

That shouldn't be too hard to find....right?


penni said...

I hope you find exactly what you're looking for. BUT I must tell you I have one of those big, brindle boy puppies. He is the most athletic dog I've ever owned (including my GSDs). He does all agility obstacles at a dead run, he's a tracking fool, and he's a love bug. So I don't think it's the color or the size. If the dog is physically sound, then it's all in the head.

Diana said...

Your wants in a puppy are things I saw in Miley when choosing her. I was very lucky and got the pick of the litter. I watched them for 2 days when they were 8 weeks old. Miley ran every where, no walking for her. She loved to run and jump over my legs while I was watching the puppies. Also , when I took each puppy outside by themselves, she was the only one who could still play with toys. The others would still follow but werent interested in toys. She has turned out to be a dog that loves agility just to run agility. I am lucky. I do think you can find exactly what you want. Diana

the Corgi Girls said...

So glad someone else notices that conformation corgi lines are getting on the beefy side... I just don't think it's good for the breed, but that is IMHO.

Anyway, both Mox and Iz are small for cardis... we wish you lots of luck finding the right pup and breeder!!! Keep us updated on the search, we're always interested in hearing about good breeders!

Kim said...

A new puppy! That is very exciting.

Don't worry, the perfect puppy will be out there waiting for you - a smart and sassy, drivey and bad, give Wicca a run for her money, puppy.