Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Fever needs a name

Working with rescue and being a part of naming most of them has taken away some of my favorite names. So I have been doing lots and lots of name grabbing for a while now and have composed a list of names I like and would use on my own dog.

Naming is hard, and when it comes to my own dogs it is much harder. With a rescue it seems easier as I won't have to live with the name for more than a few weeks so it doesn't matter.

Wicca's name was picked out before I brought her home. I wanted a "Magical" name and after searching I came across Wicca. It is perfect, and suits her to a T- she is very witchy :o)

Sam was named when I got him and I couldn't think of anything to call him! I had thought of Spencer as I really like the name but he was Sam through and through.

Vito was Jack when I first got him, and stayed Jack for a while until I realised just how many dogs, and people there are named Jack. So Jack had to go. Vito is the perfect name for him.

Boone was Blair- and well, that had to go for a few reasons- reason #1: I didn't like the name. It was weird. (no offence if you know someone with that name, or like the name)

reason #2: he needed a new start, what better way than a new name! I like the name Boone and had it on my list from way back when

and now I want to get names ready so that when I see my puppy I will just know her name. I want it to be an unusual name, one that is easy to say and pronounce. I have been looking up names by searching meanings, and I have been looking for names that are still with the "magical" type theme.

Here is my list so far:

wiccan deities

Notes: Roman version of Greek goddess Hera, goddess of marriage, retribution, fairplay, fiery and temperamental

Notes: Replaced Gaea, later adopted the characteristics of Cybele.

Female, color - gold, Animal - none
Notes: Goddess of Fire, keeper of the sacred flame.

and other magical names...

Jinx- spell
Nissa- friendly elf or fairy
Brew- (as in witches)

and other non-witchy names I like:


Micah (can't use with Wicca as I think it sounds too similar)

Bryna "strength with virtue"

Cita (Latin) [mf] "happy" " the fast one"


Anyway, those are on my list so far, it seems I find a new one every few days that i like and add to my list so it grows and changes a lot...


the Corgi Girls said...

Moxie's real litter mate sister's name is Juno... it usually ends up as June bug... and was originally picked from the movie Beatlejuice...

We love 'Jinx'.... sounds like it would match the personality you're looking for well!

Brittany said...

I really like Juno, Rhea, and Nissa!

Funny thing, I have never named my own dog! Hobbs and Patriot came named, and I liked their names. I am sure I will be totally lost when I get a puppy and have to name it!

Good luck!

Nicki said...

I love picking names. I had Zodiac and Legend picked out in advance of even getting a dog. Actually we were not sure if we were keeping Zodiac at first (he was a foster) and I didn't want to use "my" name on a dog we might adopt out so for a few weeks we just called him dog or hey you. His name was Zack but he didn't really know it and I didn't want him to learn it in case we changed it! Poor Legend had 2 names prior to coming to us.

Krystal said...

I've been reading the Mysts of Avalon lately, how about Morgaine, Nimue, Niniane, Raven...

doberkim said...

naming is the most fun, and most frustrasting, thing i can do -
i have a word document of about 400 names that i "gather" that i want to use, and i constantly add to it.

berlin didn't have a name for DAYS, and i documented my names in my livejournal - she literally had a new name every hour. ironically, the names i picked out for her prior to her coming home just didn't fit for her, and she got her name off the tv :)


i like brew best :)

Dawn said...

I like Vesta but then I love red cardis, so it seems appropriate. Good luck in your search.

Sarah said...

rhea, as in diar-rhea. sorry.

i like juno.

Cita is cool to.

sakemartyr said...

I like brew or jinx...personally. =)

onecollie said...

after seeing the list my vote goes for Brew!