Friday, October 03, 2008


I love one day trials. You go, you get set up, you run three class, you haul everything back to the car, and you get to sleep in your very own bed. I am excited.

Wicca gets to tag along but she won't be running. She is not tolerating her exercises well, I have to really force the issue and it ends up being a huge battle. She hates to be manhandled but tough luck for her. She is going to be pretty upset going to agility, and not playing. I may have to keep her in the car for most of the day- I am sure that everyone in the building doesn't need to hear her near hysterical shrieks when I run the boys. Poor Girl.

I have Boone entered in all three events. He is in Advanced Gamblers now so I don't have much hope for a Q for him in two of the classes. The other class is a Standard. He has been weaving very well at home, and even out at the field. He is up to 8 poles, which is not 12. So we'll see. I really don't expect him to weave at a trial yet so if he does I will be thrilled. I do expect good contacts though- we have been doing lots of reinforcing on the contacts, and lots, and lots of fun backchaining games. I have been teaching a "go on" at home with my two jumps so hopefully I am able to put that to use tomorrow as well.

And Vito, my goD, I can hardly believe I have him entered. It is just so weird. Anyway, I expect him to stay in the ring with me and have fun. The nice thing about Gamblers is that I can pick his path- so we can avoid weaves, do lots of contacts, and maybe even a mini gamble or two. It should be fun. Worst case senario is that he runs up the judge barking, or he gets the zoomies and runs laps around the ring. Either way, I will have to work hard to get him "back in the zone" so lets home he doesn't do either!

I will be sure to post Sunday about how they did. Maybe I'll even have some video. :o)


Dawn said...

I wish we lived near you-we would come just to cheer on the boys. I am sure they will both do wonderfully, even if its not the judges course, it will be fun.

Sarah said...

i am going to pee my pants when V runs.

but i will try not too :)