Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sometimes I forget how weird Boone can be. I mean mostly he is a normal dog. And then other times not so much. Last night I brought him along to do the last outdoor class (last week it snowed and we had to cancel) I thought it would be a good opportunity to get in one last training session before the trial this weekend.

We started out good- he even tugged a bit on a new toy, a few jumps, and then all of a sudden he melted. Just like that. Shaking, trying to get away, running away to the crates, wouldn't even give me a nose touch. Ugh.

So I put him away in the xpen for a few minutes and read through an old clean run- watched Sarah run her dogs, and then brought him out again- on leash.

Nose touch?
What's that.

No thanks, I'm too scared.

Happiest Place? I think not.


So we sat and watched the scary traffic for ten minutes. I rewarded him for looking away from the scary traffic and at me. It only happened twice. Ugh.

Some days it is really easy to get frustrated. Which I know gets you no where.

I made him follow me around while I taught the first half of the class- treating him when he paid any attention to me. Near the middle of the class I put him in a crate- and he barked, and barked, and barked. At pretty much anything that went by- he's pretty brave when he's in a box!

At the end of the class while we were packing up I brought him out one last time. Hotdog in hand I asked him to weave- and he did. I jackpotted and asked again- and he did. 12 poles- at the scary field. Who knew such a Chicken could be so brave. :o)

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