Monday, October 13, 2008

Long Weekend

Saturday morning my friend Kim and I went sheepherding at Scott and Jenny Glen's place. I took just Boone and he did great! He is really learning how to read my body language better. He had a great time- I love seeing him boss those sheep around. Kim's dogs- Maggie and Bosley (Bernese Mountain dogs), did pretty good and they had LOTS of fun! I think that Kim should for sure take them out more....once she works on Maggie's self control...that is :o)
Sunday was spent puttering around my house, cleaning etc- we did a little training in the yard but otherwise didn't do too much fun.
Monday- Thanksgiving Day- Natalie and I took EIGHT dogs down to her in-laws farm for a nice run. The dogs had a blast- Wicca did great- no sign of a limp. Vito of course got disgustingly dirty- he LOVES cow poop :o) Boone had fun chasing leaves and running around. It was a great way to spend the morning. I borrowed Wendy's camera and got some great photos. Here is one of my all time favorite ones of Wicca. The group shot...see little white dog- that is Shady, my little foster dog- isn't she cute?

Vito smearing some of the cow poop off his face :o) Gross, I know.

And now I am ready for turkey dinner! The dogs will all get a bath after dinner sometime- there is no way they are sleeping on my bed smelling the way they do!


miradukesadie said...

eight? Vito, Wicca, Boone, Shady, Kato, Ivy, whose the other 2? and how did you transport them! lol!

I want Spike.

Paws on the Run said...

That is a GREAT photo of Wicca!!! I love all the dog bums too.

Diana said...

I love the picture of Wicca. Great expression. Diana

Marcy said...

What great pics!! That photo of Wicca is amazing.

Jules said...

great pics. looks like everyone had a blast!

Natalie said...

We had: Kato, Ivy, Kyser & Bucky (Alana's dogs) Wicca, Vito, Boone and Shady. Only needed three crates and a truck!! Alana is in China for over two weeks. I will be going down to the farm again soon, if anyone wants to meet us down there...? its only a half hour from Leth and worth it, its beautiful down there.