Wednesday, October 08, 2008


So my quirky, groomer friend Jolene is about the funniest person I know.
a few memorable comments from a 15 minute conversation this afternoon
"I have to stop at Safeways" - instead of Safeway
"So today when I was picking up Tate's poop I thought of you....."
"I think I do have some compulsive habits...."
and the kicker- she has a kids coloring book that she got in 1960something...I kid you not. She even had the thing rebound a few years ago. Uh Huh. You can see it on her blog

I can't even find the book I finished reading a week ago- let alone something from 40 years ago!

I do keep some things- like I have my High School Diploma thingy, and a short story I wrote about "The Easter Pig" in grade 6. And that's about it.

I also have kept things of my dogs- things that I will hopefully always have to bring back memories- Tinas' old chewed up dumbbell. (ask Wicca why it's chewed up) her first ribbon from an Obedience funmatch (It's paper!) and a picture fom the first Paw-Z-Tracks/Calgary Agility Association Challenge. It's all in a little box with her name on it. I re-found the box when I had to pack up my bedroom this week for the new stupid carpets.

I also have Kate's Canine Good Citizen Certificate- something that I laugh about everytime I see it. You see, Kate is most definitely NOT a Canine Good Citizen- going into the CGC ring she lunged and growled at a dog walking by, and was constantly a pain in my butt. I still love her :o) though, but really, we did not deserve that certificate. I also have Kate's puppy kindergarten certificate. I mean, how cute is that?

But isn't it a little weird to have something that dates back to your early, early childhood? Who keeps those things, and how do you not lose something like that? Oh, and she also has her Brownies outfit...uh huh.


onecollie said...

ok, you asked for it!!! I am bringing in Boomer for you to see...& if you laugh at him I'll have to get rough!
You have no idea the things I still have from my childhood, including my Barbies!....I think I'm going to become really good friends with Sarah, at least she understands me, so there!

onecollie said...

P.S. it's not a colouring book, I just happened to colour some of the pictures to make them prettier!

onecollie said...
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Dawn said...

My house burned down when I was in high school, so I have very little from my childhood. But, my aunt had a little baby dress I wore, and gave that to me. I kind of do treasure it, so I think I understand. OK, I don't know for sure where it is in my messy house, but its there somewhere....

Elayne said...

The scary thing is I had that exact same sticker book when I was a kid. No, I don't still have it, I've moved way too many times in my life and live in too small a space to keep those kinds of things but wow that sure brought back the memories.