Wednesday, April 01, 2009

What next...

Last week Pixel seemed to be doing great- the inflammation around her eye was all gone, I could see little hairs starting to regrow....and now this week she has been super itchy again. She had her second dose of Revolution on Saturday and I am wondering if that has something to do with it. I wash her eyes and face twice or three times a day and have been religiously giving her the antibiotics, and immune booster supplements- I was really hoping that this would all be over in two weeks. I have my doubts at this point.

Oh- and to top it all off I found a wart on her lip while I was bathing her. It wasn't there yesterday. It looks to me like a typical puppy type wart- and from what I've read and been told about them it should just fall off- but again it can be contagious. Poor Pixel.

I have her spay booked for April 14th, but have a call into the clinic- I am not sure it is a good idea for a pup with obvious health problems to have surgery. I'll keep you all posted. Geesh.


dreameyce said...

If she were my dog, I would wait to spay her anyways. I'm not personally a fan of early altering in ANY breed, esp not Cardis who are going to do performance work. JMO of course :)

Hopefully the health kinks work out very soon! So weird she's having these symptoms! She's too cute to be hairless, and bumpy!

manymuddypaws said...

I have an agreement with her breeder- but won't spay her if her health isn't good. I am still waiting to hear back from the clinic.

It is very odd that she got this in the first place- I mean, she appeared to be a healthy pup- and it's not like she is 12 weeks old either, no new stresses or anything. My breeder suggested it could have been her "growing up" that is causing her lower immune system. She is due to come into season soon I would think. So that could be partly it.

The wart is weird- she has been confined for more than two weeks now- so have no idea where she would have caught it from. The internet articles I found said it is usually 2 weeks after exposure that you see it.


penni said...

I'm with Emily on spaying before your girl is fuly grown. Until she's gone through her first heat cycle you know part of her isn't all grown up. I try not to spay or neuter until the dog is at least a year old -- yep, it's a pain keeping them separated, but in the long run, you are certain they are done growing.

In any case, I wouldn't spay her until she is over both of her recent ailments.

miradukesadie said...

Hey - I know your being extra cautious with her but washing her face multiple times a day can be quite drying and irritate the skin further - just a thought.

dreameyce said...

Ya know on the drying thought, when we have pet rattie mite issues (happens on occasion as mites can come in on bedding and wild rodents), I use olive oil on their ears, and tails to help sooth them, while using revolution on their bodies.

The olive oil not only kills mites, but keeps the skin conditioned, and from cracking. May be something to consider for her. :)

Jules said...

When Bug came home to me he grew a two GIANT CVPs after he was with me a month or two. They just continued to grow and grow - I ended up having them removed due to the fact that I was showing him.

None of the dogs I knew had CPV -the virus was latent in his system until his immune system crashed hard enough they could spring out (he had a VERY high Lyme titer and the stress of a new home).

A few months later two popped up on Ike but they were gone within a week - and I wouldn't have noticed them (due to the beard) except I was scaling his teeth and had his mouth wide open!

Are you giving her a supplement with colostrum in it? that might help. There are a few dog specific products out there: Solid Gold Life Exxtension being one, but I think they might have discontinued. Dog Farmacy also carries one, I think.

if I were doing it over I wouldn't have put him under to have them removed. He was very lethargic and vomited a few times after being sedated and our schedule ended up being so that we didn't show again until months later anyway. Hindsight is so 20/20!

poor Ms. Pixel and poor mum.

manymuddypaws said...

so I talked to my vet this afternoon and she thinks that the increase in itching is probably due to a reaction from the dying mites- she said I could give her benadryl to ease the itching a bit but that it is actually a good sign.

I have an appointment on the 8th just for a recheck and stuff so will decide then about the spay.