Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Neighbor Dog

Two summers ago my neighbor got a cute little lab/rotti cross pup.
Ultra cute pup, a little shy, but very cute.
The puppy spent lots of time indoors- and I rarely saw it.
And then one day it started barking.
My guess is that it was "old enough" to live outside now.
The puppy was sad, sad, sad- and barked a lot.
He learned to guard his yard, and as he grew older,
and less socialised he became louder, and more forceful.
It wasn't long until he was slamming into the fence at the sound of my door opening. Soon they had to replace the fence-
he could ALMOST get over.
Teeth bared, force barking,
my non dog friends were reluctant to walk through my yard.
The fence was replaced.
Now the fence is taller- he can't jump over and see anymore.
But He still barks.
The dog still lives outside, and rarely leaves the yard.
He barks from the minute I open my door, until the minute I bring my dogs in.
It is a pain in my ass.
Vito hates him.
With a passion.
I've had to put up a second fence, and even then he will still try.
He is obsessed.
We are working on it
But the barking next door frustrates me-
I can imagine how my dogs feel!!!
I don't hate many dogs-
and mostly I feel sorry for him
but shut up for once.

Vito- eyeing up the neighbor dog....

The Neighbor Dog


Lybertygirl said...

Oh Man - I have been there. A few years ago our neighbors decided to "raise" pitbulls. Soon they accumlated 8. They had them all staked out throughout their back yard on 6 foot logging chains with weights around their necks. It was horrible. Tey were obviously raising them to fight but we could never prove it. The shame of it all is they started out as sweet puppies and were turned into viscious manics. We could not go into our fenced in back yard, much less let the dogs out to run without one of us with them. It was a nightmare. I carried a handgun when I went out with the dogs in case one broke free and jumped the fence. We called our local Animal control but they could do nothing, the dogs were fed, had water and houses. Finally the son who was "raising" them ended up in the Federal Pen (25 years) for drugs (Shock, Shock) and most of the dogs have been given away or have died. There are 2 left, but now they just have lifeless stares and bark only when they are hungry.

Alana said...

Print off some ads for bark collars and leave it in the mailbox. Not that it will help. I hate people.

Sue said...

How sad for a promising young dog to have his life wasted like that.

Can you e-mail me at
I'd like to use a couple of your agility photos in our group blog.

Anonymous said...

I've got exactly the same thing happening next door to me. I've complained to the landlord but he's done nothing except say he
won't renew their lease - 3 more months to go to peace and quiet.


Brittany said...

How sad. That dog doesn't deserve to be neglected like that. I don't have any suggestions for you about the barking though.

I guess animal control could suggest something to you. Good luck!

^..^Corgidogmama said...

How sad for you, and your cres...but very, very sad for the barking dog, to have been "made" into this barking, snarling monster that nobody wants. Why do people do that to an animal? Stupid, stupid, stupid!

manymuddypaws said...

i don't think they are awful owners- I've definitely met/seen worse- but they really need to do something about the barking. How can they not hear it!!!!

Cindy Donaldson said...

Amanda would you like to try the bird house at home for a week or so? I can drop it off for you at daycare.