Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Open Update

I have been training obedience every day. And it is going great;

Her broad jump is much improved and she isn't cutting corners and has a perfect front. I have to dig up my rule book though and double check to see where exactly I am allowed to stand. In the middle? A foot away? I have been varying it just in case.

Her retrieving has always been her strongest point- she loves to fetch, and jump! We've been proofing for bad throws though- I purposely will throw off to the side and still expect her to take the jump going, and coming back. She thinks it is a great game!

Her stays are improving- though I am still a little worried about them. I need to be taking her to other places, and I really need to be doing it in a class setting. I am going to bring her to the class I teach and pop her in the long sits and downs just for some practice in a group.

Heeling is great. She is forging less, and I have been doing lots of random rewarding for sits. They are fast, fast, fast. Which makes me happy!

Drop on Recall is not perfect- her down is not as quick as it used to be- But- I have speed and excitement on the recall so I am not fussing about the down. I am doing straight recalls mostly- with just the odd Drop- she tends to become patterned really quick and gets slower and slower on the recall...this way I am still getting a fast recall- but just a mediocre down...It's not super slow or anything- just not as quick as it has been in the past.

I set up the broad jump and the high jump in my yard to do a full heeling pattern and was surprised at how distracted she was by it. I will have to work on that- with the Recall too I bet.

She is a great little worker and is loving the training. Jealousy is a very strong motivator for her. She is always last- and higher than a kite by the time her turn comes around...

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