Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nine Months...almost

Pixel is going to be nine months old in a few days!!! Wowsers.

I have a hard time describing her personality because really, she's a bunch of things!

She is a serious dog, and is a thinker. She always thinks things through before jumping in, and is a great problem solver. The smarts that this dog has is pretty amazing.

She is independent. I forgot that Wicca was very much the same way at this age. But wow. Some days I'd like to throttle her. Come means nothing to her. Unless of course we are training and then she is perfectly attentive.

She doesn't like to be touched. Really. She is friendly- all wiggles and excited to see you, the minute you reach out. Gone. Busy, doing something else, thank you very much. We are working on this...she is a little strange.

She likes to be pretty. She is way more of a girly dog than Wicca. Pixel likes to be brushed and groomed. She could skip the bathing and drying though, but everything else she's game for.

She loves to learn- training her is LOTS of fun. She is always throwing new behaviors at me, and really enjoys training.
She has sure grown up in a few short months!!! It's hard to believe she was this little!!!

She is a great little dog- cute as a button with lots of atttitude!!! Pretty and Perfect!


Dawn said...

That last shot is just lovely! What a pretty girl she is.

Diana said...

Pixel reminds me of Miley. Miley really doesnt enjoy touching, but she will play forever. I call it the sheltie shuffle. You reach out to touch them and they dodge your hand. Chihuahuas dont do that. Funny. Diana

Sarah said...

Instead of saying "that dog is Gyppie Cute", we might have to start saying "that dog is Pixel Cute"