Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let the Fun Begin...

With the good weather comes busy, busy, busy dog weekends!!! The next few weekends are packed full of dog stuff- I feel a little overwhelmed by my lack of practice and training lately- but I am sure we will be just fine!

There is an agility trial this weekend but I couldn't go...but a few friends and I are going to head to Calgary on Saturday and check out the Pet Expo. Should be fun! I've never been before.

April 25-26th. Kim Collins Outreach. I have Wicca in both days, and Pixel in the puppy session on Sunday. I have been doing really well with Pixel's training and am confident that she will be in line with the other dogs in the puppy session. Wicca is going to be a bit wild- but that's her normal anyway! Kim always has lots of great advice, and our outreach group is great- it's super small so we get LOTS of training time.

May 1,2,3. Terry Simons Seminar. I have Boone, Wicca, and Pixel in a few things. I am very excited about the Course Analysis portion with Wicca- that is one of my weakest areas. Terry is a great instructor- very fun, but still will push you to try your hardest. We just had Terry here a few months ago and it was great- I am looking forward to it!

May 8, 9-10. Medicine Hat Obedience Trials. Wicca is entered for two rounds of Open. And three Rally trials. She only needs one more Novice Q to move to Advanced. I am hoping she will get it. Boone is entered in two Rally Trials. It will be his first time in an Obedience ring. :o)

May 16-17. Medicine Hat Agility Trial. Wicca and Boone are entered in full trials. This will be the first trial since our "downtime" and only the fourth trial this year. I was sad to have missed so many- so have high hopes for lots of Q's to make up for it!!!

May is a busy month!!!!


Diana said...

Wow, that is a busy month. Have fun! Diana

Dawn said...

Sounds like a busy, but very fun month. Enjoy!