Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Kim from OtchRah has passed along the Honest Scrap blog award to us! To accept, we need to list 10 honest things about ourselves. In addition to listing the 10 things, we must pass this award on to seven other blogs.

I decided that Boone would be the lucky dog to participate!

Here are Boone's 10 things...

1) He LOVES bones. Like, LOVES bones. His eyes pop out of his head and he pats the ground in excitement. It is VERY cute.

2) He has an abnormally long tongue. Really. it's very long!

3) He has a hernia, and double dew claws in the rear. The hernia doesn't bug him, but the dewclaws do...we've discussed having them removed...

4) I am Boone's second home. He was given up when his old owners couldn't manage his issues anymore. He used to play flyball, and freestyle in his old life. Now we play Obedience, and Agility, and sometimes Sheep!

5) He's actually one of the most normal Pyr Sheps I've ever met. Really. They are all usually a bit odd...I've worked hard to socialise him to dogs and people and it has totally paid off. It's pretty amazing what good, consistent training, and a little bit of patience can do!

6) He loves butt rubs, and will give himself a butt rub against the couch, or a wall, or your is slightly distrubing

7) He is very nosey. He likes to check things out- especially if it is new, or out of place. He pokes things randomly through-out the house to make noise- the mop bucket is his favorite, and the toilet seat...strange eh?

8) He like to hug. It's very cute, and you should consider yourself very special if Boone chooses you as a person to trust.

9) He has a pretty famous brother who has sired lots of puppies- Harley

10) He HATES to have his feet touched. When I first got him we had to pin him to the floor to cut his huge long nails. With training, and treats I can now cut all of his nails myself with no issue or fuss- except for his right dewclaws...I need a holder for that one still...

Now I am supposed to nominate 7 blogs to participate- but really, whoever wants to can!!! I won't force ya! I do think Jolene should do it for sure- I want Kort to be honest about himself... :o)


Joanna said...

Every time you post, I look for Boone. I absolutely LOVE him.

My first purebred dog obsession was with Great Pyrenees; a working Pyr named Scully was my first AKC dog, and taught me why not all breeds are appropriate for all people.

When I was researching Pyrs, Pyr Sheps were JUST beginning to be imported into the US. I remember thinking they were the craziest looking dogs I'd ever seen, but they were fascinating. And of course La Brise was one of the few breeders who had any on the entire continent.

Ever since then I've tried to keep track of what's happening in the breed, and they are part of the reason I have Cardigans now (because I knew I couldn't handle their energy, so I looked at the lower-energy herding dogs). Getting to peek at Boone every few days on your blog is a huge pleasure for me. Maybe SOMEDAY a rough-faced Pyr Shep will be on my couch making me laugh :).

Give him a snuzzle for me!

manymuddypaws said...

They are a very cool breed. I for sure will be getting another one day! I love their personality and with the right socialising, and breeding I think that they are GREAT dogs. I'd like a smooth though- the grooming is a tad frustrating- but you like grooming so probably not an issue for you!