Thursday, April 30, 2009

Terry Simons

I am off to another seminar this weekend (well, part of it anyway).

Terry Simons is in Calgary and I signed up for a full weekend of workshops.

Pixel is going to do the puppy session on Friday morning, and I have Wicca in Saturday. All day is a "Can You Handle It" seminar. Which is super cool. It is a real trial- with four runs- and afterwards Terry will help, and pick apart the stuff you had problems with. We will get a chance to go back in the ring and fix the messed up stuff with Terry's help. How fun is that?!

I had Boone entered in Sunday morning, and Wicca again in the afternoon but things didn't work out as planned and I am coming home Saturday night. Poor Boone- always misses out!!! I am still going to take him along though- I will have all Friday afternoon to do nothing- so we can do some obedience training, and other little stuff.

We had Terry here a few months ago and he was great- He is a very funny instructor, and likes to keep things simple. As long as you are consistent, and it works he doesn't critisize your methods. But if it's not consistent, or it doesn't work then he always has lots of great advice. I am pretty excited about it.

Vito is going to have another sleep over at Wendy and Marlins...lucky guy!

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onecollie said...

well Boonie won't miss out in Medicine Hat!!! you can count on that!