Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Regionals I

I am feeling a bit worried about Regionals. I am not ready at all. I went back in my blog this morning and read through some of my pre-regionals training sessions, and then the actual Regionals weekend post.

Regionals is just two months away now. Two Months. We haven't been on equipment for a month! Wicca is not one of those dogs who does better with a break. She needs the work, and I sure as heck need the practice. But we do have two months- which is quite a lot of training time if you think about it.

There are a lot of things I need to be working on in the next two months- I've made a list, and have a seperate area in my training log for just regionals stuff.

Tighter Front Crosses
Rear Crosses on Jumps
Lead outs- timing of the turn
Threadle- I was getting better, but think that I forgot. Serious.
Push Through-

Contacts- need to proof with me behind (i.e gamble)
Weave entries- lots, and lots, and lots of two/three/four pole work.
Turn- still need to be working on this.
Start Lines- no changing position
Jump Grids- I am going to go back and work some jump grids- each week.
Out- practice, practice, practice.

I need lots and lots of practice running Jumpers courses. That is my total weakness in Regionals, Nationals, and even trialing. My memory sucks, and my handling late. We need to work on that.

Oh, and I am only entering Wicca- Boone is no where near ready enough. Maybe next year!

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