Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Great and The Good.

The Great:

Boone!!!! I was completely stunned. My plan tonite was to bring him out of the car three times and play the "Look at that" game with the cars on the highway. Maybe get in a few basic nose touches, sits, downs etc. I brought him out the first time and used the jackpot toy with canned food. I got a few sits/downs and even some really solid nose touches. I rewarded Five times and then put him away. The second time I brought him out was right before a very high, fast, loud Border Collie had a turn- Boone gets SO excited when this dog runs. I used that excitement to get focus, and rewarded him for ignoring the traffic. The third time he came out I did a few quick sits/downs and then a few jumps. Each Jump he got the jackpot toy- he was stoked! On the end of that turn I took a chance and did an a-frame. perfect. 2on2off. no hesitation. What a good dog! His fourth and final turn was a recap of the look at that game, and then weaves. Rhythm and Speed. Huge Jackpot. I am SO impressed with him. I expected much more in the way of anxiety. Wow.

The Good:

Wicca. She was on. Even with her excitement through the roof! (remember she hasn't seen equipment in a month or even been to the outdoor field at all this year!!) Tuesday night is the Regionals Prep class- each week we set up a past Regionals (or Nationals) course. This week we chose to do a standard. I ran it three times- and each time was better and better.

Run #1- I chose to run it with Wicca on my right. I want to rear cross the tunnel so that I would be in a good position to direct her for the wrap (#5) The weave entry although looked challenging wasn't an issue at all. I waffled on how to handle 9-13. Initally I was going to do a landing side front cross at 12. Sarah and I talked about it and decided that ideally it should be a take off side FC. I didn't think I could get there so chose to keep her on my left and "sweep" her across my feet and rear the teeter. It worked out pretty good, although I was late the first time and resent her. I was worried that she would shoot out of the tunnel and take the number five jump so over rotated and she bit the wrong tunnel mouth. Geesh. Stupid Handler Moment! I used a go on for 15-16 and then again "swept her across my feet" and reared 18. It wasn't a bad run but a bit choppy. I rewarded her on all the contacts, and when ever I asked her to come in to me- her time was 1:29:34

Run #2 - I wanted to see how it would be to start with her on my left- it was a wreck. It puts you in a bad, bad spot for #5 and she bit the tunnel, not once, but twice! The rest of it I ran the same- I pushed for more speed and distance onthe DW, and through to the pinwheel. Time- 1:26:03

Run #3- For this one I went back to handle her on my right at the beginning. I do think that was the best way to handle it. I really wanted to try to get in the front crosses- at the take of side of 11- and I did it!!!!! With time to spare even. It was much smoother and way tighter. No knocked bar either! I also wanted to try and front cross 16-17 for a tighter line. I almost missed it- but I got there! Again- she was MUCH tighter out of the tunnel. Time- 39:40.

What a difference eh?


Sarah said...

Wicca rocked and so did Boonie

..... so next time if you are asked "You can do it, right?" you will reply with "YES, I can" and you won't reply with "we'll see" :)

Diana said...

So how did you keep her from going off course to that #5 jump when you were running #13 to #14? thanks, Diana

Jules said...

WOW!! That's awesome. What a difference in the times.

manymuddypaws said...

Diana- just by pulling laterally away and telling her tunnel.