Wednesday, April 08, 2009

News from the Vet

Pixel had an appointment this afternoon for a few reasons. One, to talk about her spay. And Two, to talk about her mange and the wart.

Basically she left it up to me to decide about her spay. She doesn't think that the warts are an immuno-suppressant type of thing, and the mange is pretty well cleared up and should not be an issue. She did say that if there lots of warts, and if her mange wasn't better that it would be a good idea to postpone. I have a week to decide.

On that note I also got a quote for her spay. One quote is for $695.07. Yeah. Can you believe it??? No wonder people don't spay/neuter their pets!!!! The other quote (the basics) is $295.00. I know that Veterinarians need to make money, and I do know that things are expensive but seriously. There is something really, really wrong with a $700 spay. I also know that it doesn't cost nearly that much to do the actual surgery- when I volunteered with the rescue I know what we paid- and it wasn't even close to the second amount!!!! But like I said I understand that we are paying for their services aswell as the stuff.

I spoke to my vet about the benefits of laser surgery (an elective) and she said it was microscopic- generally in large breed dogs, or dogs who are over the age of three it will also help reduce blood loss. In a young dog like Pixel it isn't neccesary or really going to be much difference. Bloodwork also is elective- and not neccesary- and dental xrays??? Pixel has all of her adult teeth coming in on her own thank you.

Anyway- I have decided that Pixel's spay will include IV Fluids as the only elective part and of course the actual surgery, and and all that entails. I am skipping the blood work, the laser, and the dental x-rays! It will bring her spay cost to $357.00 plus taxes. Which is still a pile of money considering she is a small breed dog!!!!

Good Grief.

Anyway. The second part of the visit was to get Kendra's opinion on the mange and the wart. She said that her face looks great and by all appearances it does look like it is clearing up. She said to give it one more week to be on the safe side, but after that (providing she doesn't get all itchy again!!!) she will be good to go (and so will everyone else!!!) The wart she isn't worried about at all. It has grown and she said that usually they fall off within a month. They are contagious- but again the information isn't concrete. Most puppies, and young dogs get them at some point in their life- and it doesn't hurt them or cause any problems unless there are so many of them that the dog can't eat properly. Right now Pixel has one.

So- One more week and then hopefully she will be back to normal. I can see a light at the end of the tunnel now and that makes me very, very happy.

I am undecided about the spay. I could put it off for two more weeks- but with my luck she will come into season between now and then. I have the Kim Collins seminar in two weeks so regardless she will probably be unable to go if I postpone it. I do want her to be as healthy as she can be though... Decisions, Decisions.


Sarah said...

dental x rays, that is totally laughable, seriously.

well what if her teeth come in crooked and she needs braces ?? or has an over bite like Gyp, maybe you should LOL!!!!!!!!!!

glad she has a good bill of health!

if it were my dog and i had the choice i would hold off on the spay, but i know you would have to talk about that with the breeder.

Diana said...

Thats a lot of money for a spay. I cant beleive it. No wonder people dont spay. Miley's was under 200.00. Diana

Jules said...

WOW!! That is an expensive spay!

Glad you were reassured about the warts. Mostly they are just ugly!

Rohan Shelties said...

Holy Canoli, that IS expensive!! At the hospital where I work its about $400 (3-something...close to 4 anyway) and it includes EVERYTHING needed for surgery: anesthesia, monitoring, meds, the proceedure, the over night stay in the 24 hour hosp, etc. The only things that may be additional are a buster collar and if they need pain meds after they go home. Oh, and the presurg bloodwork and microchip are optional and the owners let us know that morning at check in. Whew! Good luck though, no matter what you decide and when =0)
Take Care,
Sheltie Hugs,
Sheltie-Mom Jenn, Heidi and Shelby

cali said...

wow that is a pricey spay! Misty is much larger then Pixel, and the quote I got for her spay(getting spayed on the 22nd) was $240. I just do the basic spay though, nothing else. do you have any tiny towns with vets within an hours drive or so? they are usually cheaper. I dunno the layouts in Alberta, here going to the little town vets for cheap spays is easy, may not be that simple out there lol

SquirrelGurl said...

We ran into the same problem with my brother's two dogs - a lab and an English Bulldog. The vet quoted $200 for the male and $275 for the female!


Luckily- a local shelter was doing a spay/neuter clinic the same week and we were able to get both done, along with a rabies shot for $19 each!!

Vet care is getting a little crazy!

manymuddypaws said...

I don't have a problem paying for good quality vet care though- don't get me wrong. i am not looking for the cheapest price. I do really like my vet, and do think she is worth a few extra bucks- but saying that the 700 spay was a bit out there!! I was pretty shocked to say the least!

Sue said...

That seems awfully high. I had four spays and a neuter last year including blood work and it wasn't nearly that expensive.

Lauren said...

I paid $500 for a spay - I had to get all the fancy bloodwork for who knows what. But I don't regret it and I didn't worry about her at all. Plus Lizzie had a reaction to her stitches and I had to take her in multiple times. It was all covered as post-op care so that was a plus.

Nicki said...

$700 is high. I wouldn't do dental rads on a puppy whose teeth are coming in normal. I always opt for IV fluids on all my personal pets so I agree with that aspect. Bloodwork-always a good idea to do but realize that less than 10% of puppies will have abnormalities. Paying for a good vet/clinic to to the surgery is always worth is though. You often get what you pay for at the cut rate places (no gas anesthesia, no monitor, no pain meds-not the way I'd want my pet handled).

Anonymous said...

I agree Nicki- I do want to pay for good service. I do know of other clinics that are less expensive in some of the outlying areas- but do like the relationship I have with my vet...

thanks for the advice on the other stuff!


Dianna said...

That is a huge price for a spay. As someone who works at a vet clinic, I would highly recommend the bloodwork really is worth the money..especially if they were to find something. Most of the timeof course, nothing is found on a young dogs blood work, however in the rare times something is found, it is important information, which may change the anethesia used on your dog. Just my opinion.