Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nice Walk, Crappy Photos

I took the dogs for a nice walk in the coulees tonite- it was beautiful! Birds singing, the sun was shining, no wind, and best of all we didn't run into any other dogs/people until the end of the walk.

The dogs had a GREAT time- Vito and Pixel raced around like crazy- barking, and wrestling. It was very cute. Boone was off like a shot sniffing around, and doing his own thing. He is pretty good off leash- and is checks in with me throughout the walk. Wicca was mostly crittering. Birds, Gophers, Deer...her tail was going the whole time just being excited about the smells.

I took the camera but mostly got crap. I need lots of practice apparently.

Pixel has HUGE ears.

Wicca- crittering...

I was calling her...can you tell by the ear flick?? :o)
I really like this photo for some reason though. Maybe it is the lighting.
Too bad she wouldn't look at me...

Vito had the mad zoomies but the long grass got in the way of all my photos. I like that I caught his back legs in full extension though.

My dad came along for the walk. He looks happy no? He actually did have a good time- this is his version of "smile for the camera."

Oh- and I didn't get one decent photo of Boone....
Practice, Practice, Practice and I should get better....right?


onecollie said...

your dad totally made me laugh!! Like, take the damm picture already!!!
Love Vito's back legs!!!

miradukesadie said...

lol! OMG your Dad has the balls shirt on!!! He is so cool =)

manymuddypaws said...

Haha Sandy- he actually really likes the shirt. Funny eh?

Elf said...

Better photos than I got with my point'n'shoot the other days on our walks. Says "motion? huh. can't focus, sorry, won't take photo." But, yes, practice practice practice. And take billions of shots.