Monday, June 13, 2011


If I had to choose one word to describe the regionals weekend it would be incredible.

the site itself was gorgeous (minus the landfill on the left )
the weather was almost perfect (a little cold, a little sun, no extremes)
the courses were fun and challenging
the company was great (we stayed at our friends Jan and Dave's who are the most amazing people)
and the host club did a fantastic job.

Oh, and my dogs were awesome and I didn't have a freak out. :)
the go dog go gang at regionals- photo by Sarah Novak
I am so proud of all of the Go Dog Go students and friends. Our group is very tight knit and it showed. We supported one another all weekend and there was lots of encouragement and applause after a run. I am proud to be involved with such a fantastic group of people.

I am also so very proud of my dogs.

Pixel is all heart and I am so grateful to have such an amazing little dog. She may not be the speediest but she is accurate and steady. Two traits that I've never had in a dog before. She just blew me away this weekend. She only had two faults all weekend! One was mine (an off course in a standard), and one a refusal at the weave poles (which is just her inexperience). She got both gambles which just blows my mind. I went knowing that distance was not her strong point, and expected to get a few minis but as soon as I saw the main gamble I knew she could do it. And she did. Both days. That alone is pretty awesome for her. But to run clean in both jumpers, and a standard aswell is something I don't even know how to put into words. She earned 450 points this weekend. We needed 350 to qualify. She placed 2nd in the 10" Regular height category. A class full of speedy little papillons and itty bitty shelties. I am still trying to absorb this weekend. I love my little Pixel no matter the outcome but moments like this are just the icing on the cake.

Wicca started out in typical Wicca style. A little crazy, and very fast. The steeplechase Friday was a disaster. I actually picked her up and walked off the course. It was pretty upsetting.  I was feeling pretty nervous about the dog I would have to run regionals with. Saturday morning started with a gamble that quickly went south. She was out of control for the most of the run, and did not get the gamble. After a stern talking to the rest of our weekend was incredible. I am very grateful that we started with gamble on Saturday morning. lol.  The best moment of the whole weekend was running the Saturday Jumpers clean. Clean! Jumpers!!!!! I am so proud of us. She placed 2nd in the 6" Specials category. I was so surprised that it took a moment for it to sink in when our name was called. I don't remember how many points she got- I am going to be obsessively looking at the website until the results are posted. lol. I do know that it was one of those weekends where teamwork between Wicca and I was there for almost every run. She tried hard, and I worked my ass off to be in the right place for her. Some of the runs weren't perfect, but I am happy. Wicca is an incredible little dog. I love her even when she is naughty, but when she is good- well the feeling is indescribable.

I will have videos tonight or tomorrow. I took the day off work to catch up on housework, laundry, and to just hang with my awesome dogs. Oh, and to process all the video. lol


Jules said...

Fabulous! I am so happy for you and your girlies!

Dawn said...

WOOHOO Congratulations it sounds like an perfect weekend.

Diana said...

Whoohoo, congrats. It must have been those special cupcakes! LOL

Cornerstone said...

I rarely comment anywhere but I'm always watching and always proud.
WOOHoo!!! You amaze me! thank you for always sharing your experiences it is awesome!

Michelle... Ava, Blossom and Storm said...

You had such a fabulous weekend Amanda! It was great to sneak in and watch some of your runs, your girls are pretty spectacular!!!

Judy said...

Way to go Amanda, Wicca and Pixel! Congratulations!!!

andrea said...

well done!! Two twos is amazing!!!

you doing nationals?

Nicki said...

Congrats! That's fantastic !