Tuesday, June 07, 2011

The Entertainer

Boone had a blast at the last two agility demonstrations we've done. He is happy, excited, and working through all sorts of distractions and normal stressors. It's amazing. And makes me very happy. We did some demos last year too, but I don't think I realised just how much he enjoyed himself.

For such a nervous dog I didn't really expect him to really enjoy demos. Often it is crowded, in strange places, and noisy. But he seems to be able to work past that. I am looking forward to the summer- we have quite a few demos planned and I think it may be a good way to bridge agility training, and trialing. He's been on a bit of a break for a few months- only playing in the yard. I was seeing lots of stress at training and at trials, and didn't want our relationship to suffer for the sake of agility.

We've been rebuilding fun into "hard" agility and I am hoping that soon we will be able to return to normal training and a few trials. I'd like to be able to get his confidence up at trials, and maintain a connection throughout a whole course....

In any case I think that demos will be a fun thing to do with him this summer. We've been working hard at some new tricks, and he is very cute and charming for the spectators. Demo's may just be his "thing."

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