Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Busy Dog Day

Today was a busy day, but in a good way. The rescue had a fun meet and greet this morning at a local, very busy park which was great. We had a decent turn out and some very serious potential adopters so that's great. Fingers and toes crossed that they follow through with an application!

After that I ran home to get my own dogs and headed to a different park to do some training with a small group of people. It was great!!! The rain mostly stayed away and I think everyone had lots of fun. The park set up was perfect- distraction, but close parking, and lots of space to spread out.

Kim and I put each other through and Open routine. Oh My. Pixel was awful. I think she failed everything but her heeling. Her fronts are worse instead of better, and her drop was horrible. The only thing that was perfect was her heeling- oh, and the broadjump!!! Woo Woo for the broad jump! In any case I am really, really, really glad I did not enter her in any trials anytime soon. She is certainly not ready.

Kim put Wicca through the rally course which was cute- Wicca is a super heeler- but like to forge. It was funny to watch. I was so busy watching that I just realised I forgot to put my own dogs through. lol. I meant to put Vito and Pixel in. Funny. I did work Brit- she was focused as always. She can heel for three or four steps now which is great. She is making good progress.

We ended with some scenthurdle racing- Pixel was right every time. Even with the makeshift box (I forgot that I'd leant it out to someone who couldn't come today...duh.) In any case the practice went well. The newbie dogs are coming right along which is great. We are racing in just a week now. I am getting nervous. lol
okay, so not Pixel obviously. :) But it's hard to take photos and run your dog at the same time.
Instead I wanted to show you all how CUTE the other height setter on our team is.
 This is Crawford. :)


Taryn said...

Cute picture of Wicca in the crate.

Wilson knows how to unzip his soft crate and let himself out so I absolutely have to use the little zipper-hook when he's in there. Many a time I've turned around to see him following me as I walk away!

K-Koira said...

Adorable crate picture. And once again, I have to say that scenthurdles look like a ton of fun