Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final Regionals Results and Wrap Up

The regionals results were posted last night.

There was an adding error at the Awards ceremony- Wicca actually placed third, not second. I am still super stoked about the whole event though. Second place was great of course, but I'll take a Third.

I've emailed the real Second place winner and we will do a ribbon exchange. The difference is just a few points, but I know I'd want the correct ribbon!

Wicca's end score is 473.56 which is the highest we've ever had I think. I am still just so proud of us. It certainly proves that she *can* be as awesome as I think she is. :)

Pixel's score and placement is just like I thought. An awesome second place finish to a world team dog. I really shouldn't say it again but really I am so, so, so proud of Pixel. She is still so young and inexperienced. We have a lot to learn together still!

As I talked about a while ago on my blog we won't be going to Nationals this year. I am in money saving mode, and it is just so expensive!! Even the entry is expensive, nevermind the flights, the hotel, the vehicle rental.....Next year Nationals will be in BC, which is awesome as I have family there. We'll make a whole vacation out of it. :)


onecollie said...

wow!! look at those scores, super awesome!!!
#rd place is fantastic as well, & yes, "I" would like my second place ribbon if it was me :), you didn't fold it did you ? LOL!

Taryn said...

I don't have a clue what all those numbers mean, but Congrats! on such good results!

Nat said...


Lani said...

Congratulations on such a great Regionals showing! You and the girls did Cardis proud!